Confessions of a Wayward Writer

Oh the life of a disciplined writer.  Each day, we sit at our desks, writing, composing, crafting..and then its lunchtime.  We always achieve our daily writing goals, 'high-five' each other, share tissues over rejections and toast our successes.  Sounds wunderbar!  But, lets be honest here, are we all really writing so diligently every day?  Yes.  No...well, confession time.

My dear Writing Goddess,

It's been a while since my last confession...sometimes when I'm writing, I get distracted and what I actually do is this...

1. Sit at my writing desk, stare cross-eyed at my latest WIP for the longest period of time.  I sit without moving a limb, transfixed by the white screen and thousand word count.  *blinks*

2. Gaze wistfully outside the window, conveniently located next to said writing desk.  I watch the squirrels steal strawberries from hanging planters. I watch cats chase squirrels.  I watch foxes chase cats who chase squirrels.

3.  Open up as many Safari windows as possible.  Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Gmail, Online Shopping...easily distracted, what are you talking about?  I am writing.

4.  Stalk My Favourites...I mean, I check out all my favourite follows on Twitter - oh yes. I do.  * Cue Theme Music from Psycho Shower Scene *  After Twitter,  I hit Facebook and repeat the same action.  And, then its Bloggers turn...see, this is a timely process.

Satisfied with stalking, its now mid-morning and ooh, coffee...anyone?

7.  Tackle the most important decision of a writers day - what/where to have/for lunch?  And, if I'm out for lunch, it gets dangerous, there are shops and I am weak...

8.  Having satiated shopping needs, I return to staring at my WIP, composing several wonderful always feels good after that so I high-five myself, hit shuffle on my playlist and turn the volume up! And, if I ever over achieve my daily word count?  Well, its time for a pony dance across the floor.  Just before cocktail hour...

So, you see, dear Muse, I am in need of assistance.  Please send PA-Secretary-Housekeeper-and supplies for at least two months, so I don't need to leave the house.

Yours forever,

Ms. A M Writing.

PS:  And, dear Muse, you know this is all hypothetical, right?  Good.

A.N:  Please feel free to unburden your writing confessions here.  I want to know, if you are always so diligent with your writing?
Have a wonderful weekend!
Talei xox


  1. Oh wow, I could totally have written this letter. Though I'm doing better these days and letting revising take up most of my time. My muse is being very kind to me right now!

  2. Awesome. Good to hear Meredith! :)

  3. Oh so terribly familiar! I have recently set up my own separate Writing Space in a back room of my house and it is helping me to think of it as "going to work now". Puts me in the right mode I guess.

  4. Haha, Talei. Have you been spying on me? I shamefully confess my pathetic writing schedule in the interview on Heather Kelly's blog, posted today. I really need to get crackin'. Love your wit. Have a great weekend.

  5. It's like you're inside my brain.

  6. It's fortunate that Youtube doesn't beckon with one video after the next or I'd be a gonner for hours... (oops, did I admit that???) Maybe a few more glasses of champagne will make writing a little esiear! *cilnk, clikn,*

  7. Ah right - you know you are in trouble when you start to arrange cat hairs by size as well as colour

  8. Brenda, gotta have your own writing space! ;-)

    Lyn, haha! I suspect we're all in the same boat?

    Liz, I am!! Well, the Muse is. She's very versatile. ;-)

    Danette, aha! Youtube, add that to the list! * clink clink *

    Cat, miaou... and also cat stripes and patches? :p


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