Five Jollies for Friday

Why am I exceedingly ecstatic today?  Well, lets see - it's Friday, and I am a lady of leisure today * air punch, oh yes! *    So, what to do?  When time is my own, here's five of my favourite ways I like to get my jollies!

1.  A Darn Good Sleep-in.   Leave the shutters closed until midday, pull on an eyemask, and ignore the doorbell, when was the last time you did that?  Lately I've been keeping the hours of a Vampire but I do like a good lazy lie-in on weekends, where possible.  Must try harder.

2.  Indulging the Creative Muse.   For me, right now that's crafting my own manuscript, reading my blogging buddies books, shooting photos, or watching a good flick!  I like to switch off and let the muse takeover...

3. Crimping and Pimping.  After several hours (days-weeks) of hard work, I think one deserves a good pampering, so it's straight to the beauty spa, hair salon with you.  Just do it.  Or, have them come to you.  Even better.  It's the simple pleasures in life, I like to swim and steam myself silly.

4.  Feed Your Body, Mind and Soul...  I'm easily pleased, a Dim Sim lunch would be make my day.  *chopsticks at the ready*   Bring on the basket of little goodies, and the extra chilli sauce...

5.   Canapes and Cocktails... Friday drinkies are always enjoyable and so much more with good friends and tantalising gossip, ahem... I mean, canapes.  I love my drinks trolley and my name is not Betty Draper, although that lady often steals my look   *mutters to self*

Now do share, how do you like to get your jollies?
A Glamourous Eyemask Essential for Snoozing! 

photo courtesy via tumblr

A/N: Hello!  Another topsy-turvy week and my 'to-do' list has evolved into something otherworldly.  There's much to be done in the next few weeks.  I'll be posting reviews and interviews for several lovely and talented authors.  *loud applause* (for them, not me!)   Also, continuing final chapter edits on my current manuscript.  Have a lovely weekend all!
Talei xox


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate a day off! Happy Friday! And good luck on your edits!

  2. I love Saturday mornings where I don't have to get up for work, but can just lay there and relax. And I really do need to get to a proper hair salon and get my hair cut!

  3. You sure know how to spend a Friday. Agreed with all. I'd perhaps throw a spot of retail therapy in perhaps and might make the watching of a flick take place in a little Everyman theatre with glass of vino in hand! Enjoy x

  4. I love #1. And I love days off.

  5. Enjoy your break! It's good for the muse:-)

  6. Vampire hours... those Are relaxing to me.

  7. Since summer started I've come close to vampire hours...which is kinda nice.

  8. Meredith, -thank you! Nearly done. ;)

    Melissa, I love a good old fashioned sleep in! Alas, holidays are usually where I catch up on zzzzs these days.

    Book Gatherer, makes perfect sense! I'm sipping bubbly now whilst watching a crazy flick... ;-)

    MsHatch, cheers! Me too!

    Cinette, good point! And, what makes my Muse happy, makes me happy! ;)

  9. TS Hendrik, I come alive in the wee hours of the morning...Vampires always do. ;-)

    Tara, I hear ya on that one! Longer daylight hours are keeping me awake too. ;)

  10. I'm so glad you had a day for you! I blogged about this subject last week.

    We all must have a day off from the daily grind.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. Now that Mr A has retired it's really difficult to get up promptly during the week and have a lay in at the weekend. I'm being quite disciplined about it but it's so easy to slip. That's the rotten thing about working from home.

  12. Sounds like a lovely day. Especially in London Town. I just found your blog. I can see why you've won a bunch of awards. Keep up the good work.

  13. Michael, darling, I totally agree - WE all deserve at least one day off to ourselves! Have a fab weekend!

    Rosalind, ah I see your dilemma. I vote you get to lie-in and as Mr A has retired, he can get you breakfast in bed!? ;-)

    Jessie, hello! Lovely to meet you. Its FABULOUS day in London, non? Glorious sunshine and its evening too! Thank you so much for your lovely comments! ;-)

  14. I love #2...I wish I had real time over the weekend to indulge my creative muse..:)

  15. Except for the primping, it all sounds good to me. I'm not really a good sleeper, so I'm usually up before 8. Sometimes, well before 8.


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