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We spend hours online these days, reading, networking, shopping, writing, and yet we don't often comment back on stories.  Is it our lifestyle being moulded by technology?  What's acceptable these days when flitting through blogs at a great rate of knots?  We can stumble across a gem of a story, with triple digit hits and maybe a handful of comments. Are we shy?  *shakes head*  No, we are not.  So, what is it about a story that entices comments?  Here's my top five reasons:

1.  Connection - what you say will get you comments.  I need to feel a connection, yes it's soppy but it's true.  Chemistry in your writing makes me want to comment.

2.  Humour me -  I LOVE to laugh, it makes me smile, it gives me that warm happy feeling... and without hesitation, I shall comment!

3.  Short and Sweet - I've got A LOT to say.  I do.  I really, really do.  But sometimes, what's left unsaid is best.  Sometimes if you waffle....people forget what you were trying to say.  

4. A Little Visual Stimulation, if you please.  No, don't strip off - unless of course, your genre and site requires this.  Personally, I like the pretty pictures.  Not every post but here and there - find the perfect balance.

5.  Voice - Yes, darlings...even for blogging.  Work that voice.  Don't be the blog that sends people to sleep. That's what lullabies are for, non?   If I love your voice, you could talk to me about the futures market on Himalayan Mountain Goat Droppings and I'd sit up straight.  Pick stimulating topics, points of interest and in the words of that great Drag Queen RuPaul 'Werk it!' 

A/N:  If you enjoy what you read online, show the writer some love, even a couple of words will do.  Go on, make a Chatterbox smile today.  And, please do share your thoughts! What makes you hit the 'post comment' button? 
Have a lovely week! 
Talei x


  1. Great post. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, because I read many more blogs than I comment on. For me, the key thing that makes me stay and read an entire blog post is the connection. But I'm not sure if even that always leads me to post something.

  2. I like pictures too, and voice is the real pull. And humor.

    But mostly content and title pulls me in and gets me reading . . . unless the post is long and rambling. Then I skip it (unless the blogger already commented on my post.)

    Great post!

  3. For me, it's usually a cool photo of some sort and humor.

    Goat droppings?! That would have to be some kind of connection. ;-)

  4. On blog posts, I almost always leave a comment. The biggest reason? Because I'd like that person to visit my blog and comment back so we can build a blogging buddy relationship!

  5. I know #4 is very important for you. By the way, your blogs stand out for not only the writing but the well chosen pics.

  6. Very good advice! Especially voice--I can't connect with a blogger if they don't have a voice in their writing!

  7. 1. Connection is pretty important to me. I will generally comment on the people's blogs that I LIKE the most.

    2. Content: If the content is interesting to me, then I will comment even if I don't generally comment on a person's blog. And I might continue to follow them if they maintain good content.

    3. Humor is great to get me to read but doesn't always get a comment out of me. Same with great voice. There has to be some content behind it that draws me to want to say something UNLESS I have connection with the person and then I will always comment.

    4. Great writing ALWAYS draws a comment from me.

  8. Oh and long and rambling is a negative!

  9. Great advice, Talei. I also like pictures, and humor always works. If I take the time to read a post, I take the time to comment, too.

  10. Very very true, Little Miss Chatterbox! I love the connection. :)

  11. Yes, all those things. Great post. Especially about blogs with no voice. Snore.

  12. Andrea, I hear ya. I think its a combination of a couple of things that gets me to comment.

    Stina, good point - titles and content! ;)

    Liz, me too. I'm very visual so photos pull me in. And goat droppings? ITs an emerging market, why didn't you know? :P

    Melissa, definitely building a relationship helps, keeps me coming back for more. I find twitter also useful for this.

    Lisa, why thank you! I do try to choose my photos takes me like, FOREVER sometimes. ;)

    Danette, good point dear. we don't want to be reading long winded posts. (I'm getting better at this, I promise:))

    Lyn, me too! I want to invest time to comment, especially if I genuinely liked the post.

    Talli, Cheers darling! xx

    Carol, haha. I can always count on you for a laugh! *winning smile* x

  13. I think all those things make me hit the post comment button. Sometimes people cover a topic SO thoroughly, I feel like there's nothing left to say.

  14. I think you got the inducements to comment down perfectly here! Connection is a very big deal and that's what i felt as I read this and the one above it.
    Yay for lots of comments, it just feels SO good doesn't it? Guess we all need some stroking and validation huh?


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