Orange Wellies

A pair of Veuve Clicquot wellies.  That's all I could think about....  Bestie and I held a jug of Pimms, carefully balanced drinks on each arm and were navigating a rain-sodden path to our seats, when two ladies in black uniform, VC orange wellies and matching aprons strode by.  Neigh, they practically skipped by in their super orange footwear.   Flaunting their ability to run through the rain and mud without hinderance.  Our eyes locked on the boots, and we both nodded approvingly.  We want!  If our hands and limbs weren't already handicapped by drinks and espadrille wedges, we may have tackled the ladies for a pair.

Yes, it rained at the Polo, it rained in the early afternoon, and all the way home, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and I managed to snap a few frames during the matches.  All I can say is, well done to all the players who got out there in the wet weather.  Team Abu Dhabi was the overall winner, though Team New York may have won the hearts of a few spectators.  Devils on horsebacks, thundering down sidelines, breaking mallets, all under the coverage of a grey-rain-sodden-afternoon.  Call it dedication or madness, either way, it made me smile.  We writers understand that crazed, hungry look, right?

Team New York v. Team Moscow
Yes, that is a hat to the left...

Stomping le divets
A/N: A fun day at the Polo in the park, London.  These pictures don't quite do justice to the speed of the sport, it's really exhilarating to watch. Thundering horsemen, indeed.  I definitely recommend it for a fun day out!  Have a lovely week!
Talei xox

Ps: For those who are wondering what the devil 'wellies' are...check these boots out!


  1. Oh looks like it was a fantastic day out - and where would a summer's day at a polo game be without a spot of rain! It is the UK summer after all! I love my wellies - although I couldn't bring myself to ever wear them down Oxford St.

  2. And to go with your wellies... there's a little award at my blog for you :)

  3. What a fabulous day out!!! How fun! I always love that they continue the tradition of wearing fabulous oversized hats. I think I would have a pretty woman moment if I ever took the time to attend such a fabulous event!

  4. There are some fantastic wellies for sale here in the States - I've been so tempted to buy some as they're adorable. But I don't often go muck about in the mud, though if I actually HAD a pair, I might!

  5. Glad you liked the little award :) NZ is home - where we call wellies "gumboots". But we lived in London for four years and have only just moved to Canada - I miss London terribly!!!!

  6. I've never seen a polo game live. Wellies have really caught on here!

  7. Sounds terrific! I am soooooo jealous! I love horses and can just imagine it to be a grand time. And having Pimms and Ponies- well, that might just about compete with the Kentucky Derby for my heart if I ever got there! Glad you had such a good time and the Wellies would look marvelous on you!

    Such fun!!!

  8. How fun and sophisticated! My sunglasses are Veuve Cliquot--I got them for free at a swanky hotel pool at a bachelorette party. I wear them with pride. :)

  9. Sounds like a fun day.... The pics are fantastic!

  10. I love the British. You guys make it sound so posh and easy with your Polo matches and Wellies. :) Looks like a great time!

  11. Horses + Gorgeous men = Sounds like heaven to me!

    And that rain and greenery makes me swoon! I see so little of it where I live.

  12. Except for one day, we haven't had rain in about eight months. I'd have to use my Wellies to plant cactus in.

    Happy Weekend.
    Send rain.


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