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It's been an incredibly busy week and I'm grateful that we have arrived at Friday.  Fabulous.  Frivolous. Friday.  This week, my blog received the 'Irresistibly Sweet Award' from the lovely Ann of 'The Book Gatherer.   *curtseys*  Thank you, Ann!  And, in the red envelope? Le rules on accepting this award, I must reveal seven sweets that I cannot resist.  Sound the cream cornets!  My top seven sweets, puddings, desserts, devilish delights are:

1.  A sexy warm Chocolate Souffle...oozy, gooey...mmm, did I mention the chocolate?

2. The hotly contested (Kiwis v. Aussies over ownership) Pavlova... think enormous meringue, slathered in cream, lovingly covered in kiwifruit, strawberries and ooh, passionfruit...true love.

3.  Desert Wine, 'stickies', a couple of my favourites, the St Leonards Semillon Late Harvest, and De Bortoli Noble One.  Do indulge!

4. Coconut lollies, as made by my dear Mama.  These treats are an old family favourite, rarely made as cooking is not my Mothers me.  She's terrible in the kitchen, and I mean that kindly.  So, when she does make them, we do savour the moment...

5. Creme brulee...a favourite with all the supermodels!  It's true.  They gorge themselves and then go home and take laxatives...but hey, they have Ah-Mah-zing taste in dessert! 

6.  Chocolate Eclairs...need I say more?

7.  Cactus enjoyed from a small vendor in the backstreets of Nice.

* I am passing this sweet award onto five lovely souls *

Mooderino @ Moody Writing
Lyn Kelley @ Lyn Kelley Random Acts of Writing
Baiba @ Baibas Blog
Kimberly Krey @ WriteGirl-Write Girl
Savannah @ Savannah Foxx

A/N:  Hope you are all well and enjoying your Friday! Plans for this weekend?  Relaxing, kicking back, writing, a birthday party and catching up with friends.  How about you? Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are on this lovely planet!
Talei xox


  1. What a fun, yummy list! I'm craving some creme brulee right now. And cactus gelato sounds so intriguing...

  2. Creme Brulee is one of my personal favorites.

  3. Sounds delish! Chocolate any time and a Creme Brulee to die for! I'm ready to ready to dive in!!! Lovely pictures of them too!

  4. Hi Talei, How exciting to receive my first blog award! How did you know I have such a sweet tooth? All of your fav desserts look mouth watering, and the photos rock. I love Creme Brulee, too. And Cactus gelato, wow, who woulda thunk? I wonder how they came up with that!

  5. Thank you, very sweet of you to think of me (see what I ddi there?).


  6. Oooh Talei. There should be a law against posts like this! Creme brulee is one of my many favourite desserts and i'll be looking forward to eating lots in France next week!


  7. Talei.... I haven't had anything with sugar in almost four months....

    How can you do this to me? One soon I hope I will be able to enjoy them again...

    Have a wonderful weekend...

    I'm having a few friends over for dinner tomorrow night. Our desert, something a bit healthier: poached pears....YUM.

    Then I should do some editing.

  8. ahh, I love sweets, so this is perfect :D

    Thank you so much! :)

  9. Thank You Talei! How delectable and sinful and fabulous! I'll be considering my list ALL day! Hope your Saturday is a sweet one :) and thanks again for thinking of me!

  10. Meredith, cactus gelato rocks! Definitely recommend going to Nice for it though. ;-)

    Karen, mine too!

    Danette, cheers lovely! Teamed with champers if you will. ;-)

    Lyn, you're welcome! I don't know many writers who can say no to a sweet treat!

    Mood, you are clever! ;-)

    Denise, I DO envy you France next week, enjoy my dear!

    Michael, darling those poached pears sound wunderbar! We need energy for editing, you know! ;-)

    Baiba, you very welcome! ;)

    Savannah, hope your weekend is going well! We must have some fabulous sinful sweets in our lives, right? * winks*

  11. Chocolate eclairs AND Creme Brulee???!!! :)

  12. Thank you for the sweet blog award! And for whetting my appetite with the delicious mentions! Creme brulee is one of my personal faves. I haven't made it for a while, but I may just have to do that today. Yum!


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