Book Review: Craving Perfect

How many of us have slogged it out at gym sessions, chasing that perfect body?  It's hard work, all that sweat and tears, and it all comes down to our perceptions of what's acceptable as the perfect body.  Personally, I think the ideal body, would be something in between Rosie Hunting-Whitely or Jessica Alba, but the reality is, genetics is a bitch sometimes.  Yes, there's always surgery, but where's the challenge in that?  What we should be doing is loving ourselves for who we are, and how we look, -we're all beautiful in our own skins.  Methinks.  Just being yourself, thats who people love.  And, that is, in a nutshell at the core of ' Craving Perfect', a contemporary romance novel by the lovely Liz Fichera.

Grace Mills is just like the rest of us, her family life has its own dramas, she's seeking love for herself, and she wants that hot guy at the gym where she works out religiously.  The only thing is, when the opportunity arises for her to have exactly what she wishes for, well, she finds herself in a dilemma.  Grace's tale is a great reminder that sometimes, beautiful lives don't bring you happiness, and that the Adonis you seek, is standing right in front of you. Oh, and if you don't know what sopasillas are, you soon will, my friends!  Do jump over to Goodreads for more reviews on Craving Perfect!

Happy Monday all!  It's a little crazy here right now.   Do check out Liz's books.  She has another fabulous book, Captive Spirits, which I will also review at a later date.  This week, writing wise, I'm shuffling paragraphs, the deep dive edits continue.    Have a lovely week!  Talei xox


  1. Never having been a stunning beauty, I learned early on if people didn't/don't like me as I am then they weren't/aren't worthy of me. :O

  2. I dont often read adult books...I think I must have an adolescent brain...but this looks great. I crave Jessica Alba's body. I think that came out wrong. I crave having her body for myself. You knew what I meant!

  3. Nice review, Talei. This book sounds great. I think we can all relate. The older I get, the more comfortable I am in my own wrinkled skin, so aging does bring a bit of wisdom. And surgery? Uh-uh, way too chicken for that. Bawk! Bawk!

  4. Ooh! This sounds like a great read. And it's true: people love people who love themselves. I don't think that it's so much about our looks as it is about our self respect.


  5. I struggle with my body image on a daily basis. It's so, so hard sometimes.

    You'll have to find me over at Goodreads and "friend' me!

  6. Sounds like a fun read. I've long ago given up on the concept of a perfect body because it doesn't exist.

  7. I don't read adult books often, either. But this sounds awesome!

  8. Bish, *high fives* people who base friendships on looks are sadly mislead. ;-)

    Jessie, haha! Yes, I know what you mean. Her and Rosie, life must suck for them both... ;-)

    Lyn, love it! Agreed, the older we get, the more comfortable we should be. After all, we're going to be our skin for a while - may as well LOVE it, non?

    Misha, Oh yes! Good point. And if you don't respect yourself, firstly - then, why would anyone else? ;-)

    Melissa, I shall find you on Goodreads! I don't struggle daily but there are moments when I think... God, I wish...

    Lisa, cheers. A perfect body is really up to the individual and are we ever satisfied?

    Peggy, no worries! Also, check out Captive Spirit! And thanks for stopping by!


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