Make It Sing - Finding Inspiration with Marie Claire

It was our usual London evening, tropical grey, humid with intermittent rain showers throughout, but nothing could dampen my mood.  I skipped through puddles, dodged tourists under dusty railway bridges and every so often, consulted my all-knowing-rain-splattered iPhone for directions.  Yes, I'm a girl like that, sometimes I do check.  I was heading somewhere pretty exciting, - the Marie Claire UK headquarters, for their ' How to Get Published' event, and a fine evening it was too.  Kicking off with cocktails and nibbles, followed by inspirational talks by a panel of talented ladies in the publishing industry.

Women's fiction author, Lindsey Kelk spoke about her journey to publication; Charlotte More, Deputy Editor for Marie Claire inspired me with her talk about having a brilliant idea.  Agent Rowan Lawton, of Piers Fraser & Dunlop generously gave us great tips on submissions; Kate Bradley, Commissioning Editor from Harper Collins provided wonderful insights as a publisher.  Here are a few points that I found particularly inspiring:

 "Keep pushing on finding the agents, until you find the right one for you." - Lindsey

"Who is the woman that wants to read that story?" - Charlotte

"Make it sing before you send it."  - Rowan

"Never say never."  -Kate

A/N:  Have a wonderful weekend Lovelies!  Lets hope our Sun Goddess returns to London soon. My plans? Hunting for that perfect holiday house, perusing local markets, and editing my manuscript.  What's on your diary?   Talei xox


  1. I like "make it sing before you send it."

  2. I like 'never say never'. I'll be planning my next story. Have fun looking for the perfect holiday house :)

    Happy Friday!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful evening! Wish we had more events like that here in my town.

    I plan to do a lot of editing over the weekend, too. Let's hope we are both very productive! ;-)

  4. Much celebrating! It's hot and sunny here and I have a unpaid (*boo-hiss*) day off which give s me a LONG weekend! YAY! *clink, clink* Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  5. Liza, me too! It's sings to me!

    Carol, thank you, I hope I find something suitable very soon. And good luck with your next story,dear lady! ;-)

    Melissa, it was lovely, great to have the opportunity to attend these type of events in the city. * High five * on the editing, you and me both, -lets do it!

    Danette, hot and sunny - sounds perfect, at least you guys have air-con, huh? Enjoy your LONG weekend, sounds splendid! * clink clink *
    I must put some champers in the fridge now. x

  6. Ooh, that sounds fab! Glad you had a good time!

    And it looks like the sun is finally making a reappearance.

  7. my weekend plans have been all about reading and relaxing, I'm just out of the bath after a deliciously long soak. So I'm doing well so far lol. hope you have a lovely weekend too.

  8. Wow, what a neat event! Thanks for sharing some of the takeaways. Fingers crossed that the fabled sun made an appearance!


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