Remind Me Again, Who is That Girl?

Dreams are wonderful.  In 2010, at 22 years old, Miss Bonita Norris was the youngest British female to climb Everest, and she's a great motivational speaker.  Last Friday, I heard her speak about how she followed her dreams to conquer the worlds highest mountain, and it struck me that everything she said could be applied to my own personal writing aspirations.  And, I'll be brutally honest, after 4 hours sleep, and an early flight from Milan,  - listening wasn't at the forefront of my mind, however I found myself sitting upright and smiling.  Sometimes, in the middle of your circus-like existence, you receive a push from the outside, reminding you about your own dreams.  These points struck a chord with me, long after Bonita stopped speaking.

1. Inspiration.  You must have find inspiration everyday, go out and look for it.  Be inspired!
2. Goals.  No matter how small they are, you must have goals and follow them.
3. Mentors.  Find a mentor who has achieved what you are striving towards.  I think for writers, -this one really resonated with me, we should all have mentors to help us along the journey.
4. Work hard.  It's very simple, you must work hard each day! No excuses, you have to get out there and work.  
5.  Never ever stop believing in yourself! This is key, you cannot give up your belief in your ability to accomplish what you want.  You can do it.  Never, ever give up your dream!

Every journey begins with a single step,
but you'll never finish if you don't start.

photocredit via weheartit

A/N:  Hello everyone, hope you're all well.  This week is all about catching up, - on my writing, blogging, editing and shuffling chapters in my WIP.  Who knows,  I may reduce my Vampire hours and catch up on sleep.  Yes, I can hear muffled giggling down the back...  Have a lovely week!  Talei xox


  1. Finding the time to do those things would be a major victory for me!
    Good post and thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Some advise never grows old. The words change a little, the setting, but the core meaning is the same. And it is always nice to be reminded.

  3. What a fascinating trip, Talei... No wonder you were inspired. I admire your perseverance to seek out an inspiration person and travel to another country to hear them speak.

    I LOVE your adventuress spirit... I TOTALLY agree with your post. We do need to WORK hard and strive for our goals. That is really what life is all about.

    You have inspired me today .... Thanks.

  4. Believing in yourself is so important. I don't think I'd have kept writing this long if that wasn't at the core of my being. :-)

  5. Talei, this is such a great post. Thank you so much for sharing the insights; they're very helpful and something I don't think about enough.

    Hope you catch up on your sleep!

  6. That's a powerful message! THanks so much for sharing it :)

  7. Glad you're back home safe & sound, Talei. Writing a novel is definitely as challenging as climbing a mountain.

  8. I adore this post...I gotta bookmark it and look at it everyday.

  9. What an awesome speaker to hear! I bet that was amazing. I love all that advice! It's something I totally needed to hear.

  10. I suppose our goals are every bit as high as that mountain... but at least you can sit at home with a rug round you when the weather's cold. I never understand how people can push themselves to do extreme activities in extreme weather.

    I think I'd like to take away the reminder to never stop believing in ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Pat, you're welcome! And, I hear you on the time factor, always seems like theres never enough hours in a day, weeks, months. I grab time to write when and where I can. Happy writing, my friend. ;-)

    Bish, true! And this was a great reminder for me.

    Michael, thank you! You're too sweet. Actually, I heard her speak back in London late Friday. I was tired but after her opening words, I thought -hang on, this is worth listening to. ;-) So glad you are inspired too. Go get em!

    Melissa, that is the most important one, I feel. Got to have that drive and keep on believing! Happy writing!

    TL, thanks and you're welcome. I'm hoping for some zzzs. This Vampire needs her beauty sleep. ;-)

    Jemi, thanks and you're welcome too!

    Lyn, thanks, lovely. Good to be back home. And definitely its a mountain that we all can help each other on.

    Jessie, aw - I'm chuffed! Thank you!

    Peggy, awesome! *high fives*

    Rosalind, extreme activities are 99% mental ( in my opinion), fitness is key but it really doesn't come down to your state of mind - and of course believing in yourself. And, yes - I do like a warm blanket on a snowy day. ;-)

  12. I'm impressed w/ any1 who can manage to get anywhere near the top of Mt. Everest!

    All on the list are important & the hard work is the tough part!

  13. I really appreciated this post. I often feel inspired, I don't shy away from the hard work, I've got plenty of mentors and I try hard not to stop believing. The one thing I'm lacking is the goals. Even the small ones along the way to keep me going. Thanks for the reminder. :)


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