Summer Haiku: Sweet Butterfly

A warm breeze chases
Bees atop pretty roses
Sunday afternoon

A sun-kissed face sleeps
Peacefully on summers grass
Sweet butterfly stay

Sweet Butterfly - T.Loto © 2011 All rights reserved
Photo courtesy via weheartit

A/N:  Hello everyone, is it just me or are these days are complete blur of late?  This weekend, I managed to edit 3 more chapters of my manuscript, plus I finished reading a novel which I started several months ago.  Pretty sure, that productivity is worth two gold stars.  
This week is especially busy, my dear mother arrives for summer, yes the remainder of the season.  I'm looking forward to her visit, really...ahem, deep sigh. I'm thinking about asking her to read my manuscript too, that should knock her stockings off.  May have to remove the 'love' scene though.  Happy writing!  Talei xox


  1. Congrats on the edits ... always seem to be the toughest part. LOL on removing the love scene for your mom.

  2. 3 gold stars I'd say. lol
    I can't stand to have my mom read my writing.

  3. So glad you got some editing done! I made some good headway on my manuscript, too.

    Enjoy your mom's visit!

    Lovely haiku, too... :-)

  4. Missing moments, thanks! And, yup - somethings never change, I have to hide the 'love' scenes I write, from her now.

    TS, thank you! I'll take that third star! Its funny, isn't it with mothers, what we can and can't share with them. My mother is one of the reasons I write though, she's a storyteller and is fond of writing herself. I think she'll be surprised at the rest of the story though (fingers crossed) ;-))

    Melissa, cheers, lovely. Good to hear you made headway too. * high five*

  5. How 'bout 3 gold stars! You need to reward yourself for writing.

    & yes, the days of summer are always a complete blur. Some things from childhood don't change!

  6. I think that is great that you have gotten some editing done. You inspire me to get some writing done myself.

  7. Lovely haiku. Yay for getting that editing done. Gold stars, for sure! That's funny that you'll have to take out the love scenes for your mom! Haha! I can let my mom read anything I write. doesn't mean she likes it, though. Now, my kids are another story, even though they're grown! Haha! I think it's the hot hot days that make summer blurry.

  8. Congrats. Today I dusted off the novel I've been wanting to write for a while. Thanks for the inspiration. -Lola at

  9. Lovely Haiku! Perfect for the season! and you're right of course the summer is flying by, actually blur is an understatement!!! I realized last week that my son would be going back to school in LESS than a month! YIKES!!! Savor the rest of summer (I know I will!) and congrats on the edits. I know your mother will adore your writing! Scandalize her a little and let her read the love scene!!! LOL (enjoying an Alize tonight, a passionfruit liqueur...) Here's to writing and summertime! *clink, clink*

  10. Three chapters! Good for you. And I'm just trying to get my characters from one place to another. They are (or should I say, I am?) stuck.

  11. Lisa, *high five* Thank you! I'll take those 3 stars and raise you 3 too! ;-) And, yes...some things will never change.

    Regina, aw, thank you too. Happy writing!

    Lyn, cheers. I think my mother could read the rest of it, not sure she'd cope with a couple of my scenes. (not that they're spectacularly erotic) but she has balked at Mills & Boons being too hot & sexy. ;-)

    Lola, good for you! Get writing, you won't regret it. ;-)

    Danette, haha! Lordy, it would scandalise her but I've plenty of writing material she can read for entertainment. Alize sounds fab, why have I not heard of this drink? Indeed, here's to writing and summertime! *clink clink*

    Liza, thanks! And good luck. I hope you become unstuck soon. Some characters need a little push. ;-)

  12. 3 CHAPTERS?? Wow, I'll give you 4 gold stars. Good job.

  13. Love the Hiaku. It fits the picture perfectly.
    Good luck with edits!

  14. Jessie, *high five* thank you so much!

    Misha, aw, I'm chuffed. It took me ages to source the right pic. Thank you! ;-)

  15. Congrats on the productivity! That's awesome progress.

    And I have never wanted to drag a mattress into the forest more.

  16. I love the picture and the poem goes great with it.


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