Short, Sweet & Flirty in Milan

Buongiorno! My taxi driver beamed at me from across his seat.  He was a happy chappy, full of vivre and a demon at the wheel.  Brakes? Brakes are only used when elderly Italian mamas stroll out onto the road. I landed in Milan this afternoon and within two minutes of sitting in his cab, I wondered if I'd survive the trip to my hotel.  I did. Just.  And I'm glad I did because I learnt five important things within the first five hours of my trip.

1.  Caldo = Hot in Italian  (very useful for describing the weather and like...)
2.  Volto perplesso = perplexed face (very useful for tweeting...)
3.  Caffe alle ginsang = very sweet, short and tasty coffee (try it! )
4.  Via della Spiga is the shopping street in Milan! explanation required.
5.  Italians have the loveliest smiles! Oh, and for the record, -yes, all Italian men openly check you out...yes my dears, shameless but amusing all the same.

'il meglio delle migliori...'
 the best of the best..
Photocredit via yours truly, snapped en route to supper tonight.

A/N:  Happy Monday!  I'm posting late but am on the fly today.  Happy Birthday to my lovely friends in America, trust you all celebrated well!  And have a splendid writerly week where ever you are on this beautiful planet.  Ciao!
Talei xox


  1. Sounds like you are off to a great start on your working week! You've learned all the most important things- well, except you didn't say a thing about the drinks! I'm perplexed! ;) I trust you'll figure that out soon. And dear, all work and no play... in anticipation, "clink, clink*

  2. Yes, those Italian men are not afraid of the cat call. Not bad for the self-esteem. Sounds lovely so far.

  3. I'm soo Jealous!

    Italy is like my favorite place on earth. I hope you have an awesome time! :)


  4. Danette, I did have a lovely wine last night with supper, and a little shot of limoncello! Very sweet, strong and lovely! ;-)

    Jessie, ha! yes, thats true! Its such a contrast from other cities where people hide behind sunnies. And, everyones very jolly with their greetings here. Love it! ;-))

    Baiba, Oh you are so close to Italy! Lucky girl! Its been hot so far so lots of melting on my part...though a good excuse for a gelato in the afternoons. ;-)

  5. Looks like you learned all the *really* important stuff. Have a great trip!

  6. I agree with Peggy, you really did learn the important stuff. Hope you have a wonderful time, enjoy!

  7. French & Italian are the 2 most beautiful languages. All I can do is wish you the best time there & I hope you take lots of pics! Oh, & have fun w/ those friendly Italian men! :)

  8. Peggy, ha. thanks! I tell you, I am learning a lot about coffee right now too. Who knew there were so many ways to brew the wicked stuff! ;)

    Dellgirl, thank you too. Every day on this earth, I intend to learn something new. ;-)

    Lisa, ciao! I will have to take more pics in my downtime here, there's some lovely parts of the city to stroll through in the evening. I like! ;-)

  9. Sono invidiosa! Divertiti a Milano!

    I speak fluent Italian, and have never been there...ironies of life :)

  10. Lucky, lucky girl! I still am bound and determined to visit Italy soon. My Italian relatives live near Turin, in northern Italy. Someday!

    Hope you had a lovely time. :-)

  11. Hope you've enjoyed your trip!


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