Diving In

It's a sizzling 27 degrees in London today, a trifle hot, shall we say? 

 I would rather be...
Swinging in this heavenly hammock
Reading my book
Feeling the ocean breeze
Rush over my skin
As I indulge
In a siesta
And sip coconut juice

Instead, I am...
Diving into edits of
 My beloved manuscript
I could be a while...
Bombs away! 
And DO
Watch out down below!

Photocredits via weheartit and tumblr

A/N:  Hello from a very summery London, we are awash with picture perfect blue skies and the sun gods are indeed, smiling.  What to do when its unbearably hot?  Well, I've indulged in a swim and it felt luxurious, I did not want to leave the water.  Deep sigh.  This afternoon, I'm diving into the editing pool before a BBQ for my mothers birthday.   How are your writing projects coming along?  Talei xox


  1. Oh, these pictures are heavenly! It's a rainy day in Utah,so staying inside to do edits on my book isn't such a hard thing to do. Good luck with yours and have fun at the BBQ! Enjoy the sun for me! :)

  2. I am so eager to dive into my own edits but my son's wedding is next week. Guess it will have to wait! (the edits not the wedding LOL)

  3. Wish diving into my WIP felt as good as diving into water!

  4. Dear Talei,
    I'm happy you are taking some time from your work to celebrate your Mum's birthday and enjoy the soft breezes of summer. A lovely time.


  5. I'm about to dive in my own. The crit's should have my manuscript back to me today and I look forward to it... sort of. Though swimming, BBQ's, laying in hammocks, that sounds magical. Maybe I should change my plans... then again I can't exactly hop a plane and head to Jamaica... jobs still exist.

  6. Katie, they are fab aren't they? I SO want to be in them, right now. Good luck with your edits!

    Karen, enjoy your sons wedding - how wonderful! And a perfect occasion to skip out on edits, puhlease. ;-P

    Jennifer, totally agree. I love the feel of water on my skin. Not sure paper quite cuts it... oh... ;-) Happy writing!

    Manzanita, thank you. I have the day off today. A luxury for me. "-)

    Jen, Jamaica will always be waiting, but we can always travel virtually, this is what a writerly mind is for, non? ;-P Good luck with your editing, my friend. ;-) x

  7. To heck with work. The BBQ sounds really good though...

  8. I want to be in that hammock, too! I'm in the planning stage right now and delving deep into my characters. It's exhausting.

    How I'd love your 27. Our temp is 103F. I found a converter, and that's 39C.

  9. Hi,

    I've been immersed in edits for a week, plus trying to keep abreast of blogs and blogfests, one of which I fluffed on. Terrible to be a week late in posting for a blogfest. Could have swore the original date of blogfest said August 1st. :o

    Unusual for us the weather is cooler on the West coast, but getting hot again for tomorrow. So a little sun sea and sand beckons: it's only eight miles down the road. ;)


  10. Way to hang in there or dive in there to do what needs to be done :)

  11. Love your poem and those photos. That hammock is calling to me, too. Wow, a blazing 27 degrees. I mailed you a jar of sunshine the other day. Did it arrive yet? Happy birthday to your mom. Have fun celebrating. Cheers!

  12. ...lovin those pics. That water...yep, diving in sounds good to me ;)


  13. I'm enjoying every minute of summer. I know I am glutton for punishment but perhaps my post today? This week? will explain why I can be so in love with summer (aside for my loathing winter!). Had a good writing day and had a big picture breakthrough which is exciting! Glad your enjoying your mother! Hope you have lots of champers for her birthday!! Enjoy!*clink, clink*

  14. Glad you got in a swim! It's scorching, isn't it? Finally! :)

  15. Pat, hello! BBQ was really good, a splendid eve for it too.

    Carol, 39 C???? * faints * Well, you have my sympathy, that is TOO hot pour moir. Good luck with the planning!

    Francine, you are lucky to be so close to the coast, enjoy!

    Josh, cheers - has to be done, that is key!

    Lyn, thank you! The hammock is in high demand this week. I wish I had one in my garden. That would be fab.

    Elliot, diving into THAT water would be wonderful. ;-))

    Danette, thank you dear and * clink clink* back at you! It's SO hot right now, even after the rain showers.

    Talli, oh yes... scorching is the word! ;-)

  16. I'm writing...but not on what I should be...that water looks lovely!

  17. It was so hot on Monday that it literally felt like being in an oven. It was our hottest day in five years. BLECH.

    I can't wait for autumn!!!

  18. Oh what gorgeous photos! I don't know which is better the hammock or diving in the cool water.Not to worry though, it doesn't matter. It's so hot here in Houston all the thermometers broke at the same time - they all stuck on 250 degrees. Hahaha, just kidding.

    I stopped by to see how you are, what you're doing and to wish you a happy Week.

  19. Liza, oh yes. And we have rain this morning - which is quite lovely after yesterdays heat. ;-)

    Taio, muchas gracias!

    Melissa, Oh I LOVE Autumn/ Fall - probably my fav season.

    Dellgirl, hahaha 250 degrees? * faints just thinking about it* Have a lovely week, my dear! ;-))

  20. If I was diving into edits right now, I would break my neck. My wip is a half full pool of murky brown water. Maybe not that bad...

  21. I'm getting ready to dive into my own also. There is so much to edit!

    btw, that last picture makes me want to go swimming. =)


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