Paris Bound

If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, 
then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, 
for Paris is a moveable feast.
- Ernest Hemingway

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A/N:  Lord Byron famously said "If you ever tire of London, you tire of life."  I doubt I'd tire of London but for me, Paris is another city whose soul calls to me, a spiritual home to add to a growing list of far flung destinations, only this one is less than 3 hours away.  Tomorrow, I am off for a few days break.  My Inner Muse is practically delirious with anticipation.  I'm staying at a small boutique hotel in the backstreets of St-Germain-des-Pres, and its one where the wonderful Ernest Hemingway stayed too.  Lets see if I can find his room.  Ready to drink it all in?  I hope so.  Happy writing, dear friends - I shall be back at the end of this week... possibly feeling a little less drunk on life - but perhaps not.  Soyez bon, mon lovelies!

Talei xox


  1. OOoooh, enjoy the city! Welcome to my end of the woods! Don't forget to hit up Montmartre and the Place du Tertre behind the sacre coeur. It's one of my favorite places. Oh and if you are on the champs elyesees- stop at La Duree for the most delicious macarons you'll ever have:)

  2. Oh you lucky! Have a fabulous time and if you happen to see Ernest's ghost tell the old sot hello for me.

  3. Have a beautiful time! I want to live in London and/or Paris soon--there's just so much to see and experience there!

  4. Have a great time :-))) Lucky you!

  5. I am jealous! It all sounds wonderful, hope you post pictures :)

  6. I hope you have a fantastic time! It's so exciting!

  7. CQG - merci! I love Montmarte, shall definitely try and get there. Laduree - theres a wee shop right around the corner from where I'm staying. ;)

    Melissa - thank you!

    Bish - absolutely, I shall give Ernest, your best regards!

    Meredith - do it! You'd love it, am sure.

    Agnes - thank you!

    KarenG - of course, I shall post pictures when I can. Will also tweet if I can.

    Carolyn - cheers, I've visited before but I always get excited about Paris. Some places have that effect. ;-)

  8. I hope you have a wonderful time! :)

  9. Golden Eagle - Cheers!

    MsHatch - thank you too! Some days, I do feel lucky. ;-)

  10. Soooo jealous! Have a lovely time! lots of drinks and long languorous evenings, my friend. *clink, clink*

  11. I hope you've had a wonderful time in Paris!


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