A Little Less Conversation

If you go into the woods today, you're in for a big surprise...

The red cape, essential for the woods

Yes, dear friends.  I'm packing my little red hoodie and heading towards the english countryside for a wee break this evening. Little Miss Chatterbox will transcend into Little Miss Serenity.  Outdoorsy activities, BBQs, Spa days, Writing, Reading, Napping, Sleeping...  I promise to try my upmost at enjoying all of this, in golden silence.  So, it'll be a little less conversation from me for a week and a lot more relaxation.  Yes, I wish I could take you all with me! 

I'm going there...
photo credits via tumblr

A/N: Hello Lovelies, we've witnessed some very surreal scenes in London this week, I couldn't begin to describe the emotional side of it.  Things are calmer now and I'm happy to take time out for a few days, though there may not wifi or network coverage where I'm heading. Le sigh.  I shall be back 22 August.  Happy scribing, and where ever you live in on this beautiful planet, I wish you a safe and peaceful week.  Talei xox


  1. wow, sounds so relaxing! I could go nowhere cause it's raining all the time ;D but you take care of yourself and relax as much as you can :)

  2. I wish you a safe and peaceful week, too. I thought about you with all the riots going on.

  3. Have a beautiful, relaxing time! And take pictures. :)

  4. Have fun! LOVE the pictures you chose, btw!

  5. Have loads of fun and gets lots of rest!Hope you have lots of champers or some other drinks to top off the R&R with your usual style, my friend!*clink, clink* ~d

  6. Have a great trek into the wilderness. I used to go camping in the woods a lot, but I don't know if I'd be much into these days and I know my wife wouldn't even dare to try it.
    But you have fun!

    Tossing It Out

  7. How wonderful! It's also called recharging your batteries. May you have a peaceful time! :)

  8. I wish you a safe week too little miss riding hood.

  9. Hello! Hope you're having a great time away. Can't wait to hear all about it.


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