Keep Calm and Curl Up with Bradley Cooper

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I ended up where I needed to be - Douglas Adams

Could we possibly fit more drama into our lives?  Probably.  Hope not.  This week, I've been firing on all cylinders...wait, does that sound weird? In my writing world, I've been busy with chapter rewrites, - how much can a girl edit?  How long is a piece of string?  And outside my window, in the larger universe, we've witnessed several jaw-dropping moments, some outstandingly great, others devastatingly awful. In case you've been hiding in your editing cave sans WiFi... here's a snippety snip-snip newsflash for you:

Revelling Rebels Take Tripoli
Dictators On The Run
East Coast Earthquake... say what?
The Iconic Steve Jobs stepped as CEO of the Apple tribe...
Devastating Hurricane Irene
Mr & Mrs Will Smith Split
Lady Gaga wears normal clothes...
Local News
A Rainy Friday

Deep exhalation, so much drama...  Tonight, I'm unplugging the 24/7 news channels and closing the shutters.  Candles are lit, cushions plumped, and I've snaffled a copy of 'Limitless' starring the dashing Bradley Cooper.  I can't deny it, there may be much drooling in this little corner of London.  This is where I need to be tonight, safely curled-up, foetal-like, on my my happy place.  How about you?


  1. keeping an eye on the hurricane, seeing as how I live on the coast of Maine. of course, I'll still be writing, regardless - unless the power goes out. Then I'll light a candle and read :)

  2. Ohhh but I couldn't agree more - I was taking a nap the other day when the earthquake hit - the bed shook and rattled me awake - I flew out of the room; now, we hunker down for Irene - we'll probably be without power...if so, I'm not going to miss this daily news grind - it's waaaaay tooooo much! What a mess, eh?

  3. Hi, Talei,

    Sounds wonderful in you little cocoon. I just finished packing for a ten day trip to Canada from Chicago. My first stop is to meet Hart, the Watery Tart, Johnson in Ann Arbor, MI.. Then over to Niagara Falls for a few days.

    Jumping back in the car, motoring to Montreal for three days. Next stop Quebec City for another three days, and then spending a few nights in Toronto before heading home.

  4. It's so meaningful that you have a "happy place." My home has become that since I'm no longer the social person I like Happy Places. They feel safe and fuzzy. We can close out the world and eat fruit and tuna from a can. Who needs a kitchen when you are in your happy place?

  5. Wow, when you put it like that it one small does seem like a lot of news to handle at one time. I need to curl up with Bradley Cooper now. *ahem* I mean curl up with my husband and watch Bradley Cooper:).

  6. You forgot the earthquake in colorful Colorado my dear! It was south and west but still caused quite a stir as we are not supposed to really get them either! And the hurricane, well, that is ongoing drama du jour! Even as I write NY is beginning evacuations. Amazing! Although my life has had plenty of drama without the rest of the world horning in. Could use a STRONG drink! Cheers! *clinks bunches of times*

  7. MsHatch, ah - as much as I love candles, I hope you didn't have to use them. Stay safe!

    Kittie, hope you're okay. Earthquakes, not matter how small - are still pretty disturbing. I remember those from Tokyo. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Michael, you jetsetter! Have a fab time at Niagara Falls - and so great to meet fellow bloggers, you've been doing well this year!! Enjoy your motoring through Canada too! Look forward to hearing all about it! I am off to Paris for a few days next week too. ;-)

    Manzanita, I always have a happy place to hide out. All I need is a cosy corner of the sofa...and a fire...and something to read or watch. Definitely no rules on the snacks either.. Its all about comfort. ;-)

    Jessie, haha. Well Mr Coopers indisposed right now, sorry... but at least you can cuddle your hubby! ;-))

    Danette, ah, - I read about Virginia but I didn't see Colorado, its incredible. I hope you are safe, dear friend! * passes a strong brandy, clinks in the darkness*

  8. Meant to prowl by sooner and say that ending up where we are meant to be sounds good to me!

  9. What did you think of "Limitless"? Hubby and I watched it over the weekend, and I have to say, I didn't like Bradley's character. I felt like he got away with it, y'know?


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