Much Ado About Dotting and Crossing

"There is nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." - Ernest Hemingway

Writing With Intentions

This is me...well, not really but figuratively speaking.  I am buried beneath edits for my manuscript which I so long to finish.  There is much ado, to do, for me, I'm dotting the i's and crossing the t's, reworking chapters, and making those awful decisions, -which ones to keep, which to delete?  That was the question that plagued my mind over the weekend.  

This weeks 'rogue' was my Chapter Nine, -I'd written a whole 'swag' of dialogue, which I was loathe to throwaway.  Perhaps it was vanity or naivety, but I spent the best part of last night, rewriting scenes which I'd deleted earlier.  Yes, Mr Hemingway, sir... there was much cursing, bleeding and cups of tea spilt.  Now though, its a better fit.  I love it when writing comes together that way.   And I 'm pleased I kept it in.  For now.  

How's your writing project coming along?  And do share any tips for editing, I will swap you - a martini for a tip...its fair.

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  1. Editing is the worst. All those little lines I know are brilliant, that don't quite work. It's why my current project is sitting there looking at me with disdain in it's inky eyes.

  2. I finished the rough draft in record time, which is a real switch for me, as normally that's what I labor over for so long. Does this mean revisions will go even faster, or that they will be the super hard part now? Will let you know! And I know what the problem is for the writer pictured. She is not dressed properly for writing. Pajamas not evening dress are much more effective.

  3. Haha, I totally wear an evening dress when I write. Sure. Good luck with editing! I'm at the same stage, and I'm about ready to tear the whole manuscript up and walk away. But I won't. :)

  4. Ah...editing! When I think something needs to have a big rewrite I might open a new document so that I can cut and paste. Thus, I am starting afresh so that I am not looking at a page that looks/feels "finished". Sometimes I put the stuff I like into a new document so that I can use it elsewhere just to ease the transition... it makes me feel better anyway. :) Have fun and glad you got a lot done!

  5. Talei, As for the picture...... Ooo la la. Depends on what you're writing but that dress would put you in the mood for something. :)
    I don't write but I just know that editing would be the worst part. I can't spell or punctuate any more and sentence structure would drive me wild.
    Good luck and cheers. You're the best

  6. oh yes, revisions are great fun. Ok maybe not but I'm starting not to hate them. And I did find a way to transform an info dump into a memory so that the information came up more naturally. I was able to cut thousands of words.

    love the quote from Hemingway.

  7. WTG, Talei! I'm so glad all your hard work paid off and you're happy with the results. Woo hoo!

  8. TS, I'm loving those inky eyes. Who says our manuscripts aren't alive?

    Karen, haha! Definitely my edits are getting faster with each one. It could that theres less to edit each time, or that I like to wear my underwear whilst writing... you know, makes me write faster. ;-P Good luck with your drafts, my friend.

    Meredith, oh no you don't! Definitely keep at it. I want to know what happens with Birdie. ;-))

    Danette, thanks lovely. Yup, cut and pasting - there's a folder dedicated to pages of 'saved content'. Happy writing with your new work!

    Manzanita, Thanks! I find writing in my underwear in hot weather - helps.. no. really it does. I blogged about it last month. ;-))

    MsHatch, cheers. Hemingways quotes are tres inspirational for writers me thinks. Also, I like the idea of transforming words into a polished scene.

    Lyn, Yah! You know when you've written something good and you high five yourself... lets see what happens. ;-)

  9. I just got a lovely rejection letter from an agent I subbed to, explaining how my MC's voice wasn't coming across very well (not modern enough). So I'll be going back over the story trying to bring my eleven-year old young lady into the twenty-first century. I'm really graceful for the advise and direction. I wish that everyone I sub to would be so helpful.

  10. Sounds like you're having fun!

    OK, some tips.

    Get different colored pens. I have a package of real pretty ones in pink, green, silver, purple & gold. For each draft make your changes in a different color.

    READ YOUR WORK OUT LOUD. It does make a difference.

    Remember the old adage: writing is rewriting.

    When you're really tired of editing, either work on another writing project or go shopping.

    Hope this helps! :)

  11. Editing is so tough! I've been reading my wip out loud too. It's helped me find all the places where I've goofed up or something didn't fit. Good luck! I hope you get a ton done.

  12. That is TOTALLY what I look like when I edit. :) And I love your quote.

    Hmmm.. Tips... I think it's SO HARD to focus on everything when editing. I think it's helpful to go through it while you're focusing on just a couple. Like plot continuity, pacing, description, dialogue, sentence structure, removing words, etc. Attacking it all at once is too overwhelming!

  13. I'll take the martini, but I don't have any special tips. And I keep avoiding my manuscript. I thinking a lot about it, but not doing any writing.

    Tossing It Out

  14. I dont have any editing secrets unfortunately. But like you, I am willing to pay on the black market, in martinis, IOU's, or my soul.

  15. Lisa, colourful pens and reading aloud - works for me too! Cheers, lovely!

    Carolyn, thanks! I'll be one very happy camper when edits are finito!

    Peggy, hahaha! * high five* Glad to hear it, and I agree. Each draft seems to focus on different parts of the story.

    Lee, haha! You have have the martini anyway - because you rock!

    Jessie, good to hear. We martini ladies must to stick together!


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