Doing It Milano Style

There's something about being in a foreign city for the first time, that sense of adventure that comes with discovering new favourite places to eat, shop, drink in... Love, love, love it!  Milano has one of the loveliest old quarters to stroll through, and I did that in the evenings.  I'll be honest, the shopping is outrageous, as in luxury brands at each turn.  One might go crazy deciding where to start...  I lost my willpower in the Hermes store... can you ever have too many of their lovely scarves?  I think not, dear friends.   If you do visit,  I recommend, - several cards, or a sugar daddy.  Oh, and a personal driver, translator and shopping bag boy.   

Aside from the shopping, there's the galleries, museums, incredible architecture.  All good for your Inner Muse and I will be back, am sure.  Here's a little photo montage from my Milano wanderings... along cobblestoned lanes.

Loving the vespas...oh and look there's Jimmy Choo!

My favourite colour...

As if you need a reason to buy...
I WANTED those boxes.

Hmm just keep walking....

Tempting... but keep walking... quickly
And don't look back

Beautiful shopping arcade...
Look carefully, the most luxurious
Golden Arches.

Prada that...
Fab shoes for men methinks.

Photos courtesy: Yours truly, apologies for the quality but these are taken from my iPhone...still I like them. 

A/N:  Happy Friday! I hope this week has been good to you.  I'm a little under the weather this weekend.  So it'll be a quiet detox, polishing chapters, BBQ if the sun plays nicely, and oh... drafting packing list.  Yes, I'm that retentive.  I'll be away at end of next week for some R&R in the deep dark woods.  There may be clay pigeon shooting...   Whats on your diary?  Talei xox


  1. Love all these photos. I think I need to save much more before taking a trek to Milan. I absolutely love the shopping arcade. So lovely.

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Great pictures. The place just screams decadence.

  3. What a beautiful place to inspire the muse! I love window shopping. :) I hope you feel better, and have a relaxing time in the woods!

  4. The deep, dark woods sound fabu! May you get much R&R.

    I finally posted my fave seven sweets but I added a little bit of sin too ;) You'll have to stop by and check it out. Thanx again for the award!

    Happy Friday!!!

  5. absolutely love that first dress.

  6. Ahh, Milano. I was there nine years ago---and was much to afraid to even step into one of the shops. Ah, but I did grab a gelato and spin on the bull's testicals beneath those golden arches (Eh, hope you know what I'm talking about or I'm going to sound like either a loon or a perv).

    Thanks for sharing these fabulous pictures. Have a restful weekend and have fun w/ that list.

  7. Talei, you certainly do get around. Such wonderful shopping trips you take. Is this for business or pleasure? It always seems like pleasure by the way you spin your posts....

    Feel better and enjoy our week in the woods.

    I would LOVE to join you one of those shopping trips. I could certainly use a new pair of Prada loafers. It's been ages since I bought a pair.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Terrific photos! Milano sounds tres fantatastique! I'd love to go there. Perhaps it shall have to go on to "to be seen" list along with Alexandria and, of course, London! If your not feeling well, don't be in the sun too much and hopefully by Sunday you can enjoy a Mimosa or something a bit stronger! Cheers! *clink, clink*

  9. Carol, the ceiling on that arcade was beautiful. Still shaking my head at the golden arches below though. ;-)

    TS, decadence fits the shopping streets perfectly. And people watching in that area, even better. I recommend. ;-)

    Savannah, cheers! Yup, I am looking forward to some downtime in the woods.

    MsHatch, its fab! I'm in love with that orange dress. ;-)

    Nicki, thanks! Its a lovely place to shop, though I can't recall the bull there, was it a statue? I did however partake in a little, ahem, gelato. ;-))

    Michael, if we're ever in the same city - we are SO going shopping for shoes! I loved the mens summer Prada espadrilles this season. This trip was business but I did manage some shopping in the evenings. Have a fab w/end too! x

    Danette, merci beaucoup! Ah, the 'list of places to visit?' How long is a piece of string? There's so much to see in this world. *clink clink* (with H20 today) ;-))

  10. I so love coming here and getting a glimpse of another world! Very extremely far from a Northern California suburb house on the corner!
    Thanx for sharing!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I love cobblestone streets. Not too on spending a lot on clothes. I'm lucky my sister is a shopaholic and passes her clothes on to me when she gets tired of them! Wow, some of those fashions are wild. Glad you kept on walking! Scarves are fun to buy, though. I love the silk ones. I enjoyed your pics. Hope you're feeling better. And R&R is always good.


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