Writerly Wednesday: Daniel's Snowcave

View from the old Sheppard's cave

Daniel peered out from the opening of the small cave; nightfall had swept quickly across the fields covering the land with its melancholic robes. Small tracks led away from the rocks below, probably a fox. He could sense the small creatures stirring in the nearby woods; gripping the rifle in his hands, he moved back inside the cave, towards the crackling of the fire they had built in the small pit in the centre of
the earthen floor. He was grateful that they had stumbled upon the old Sheppard's shelter, elated at the sight of the dry wood pile left by the previous tenant. The fire had warmed their bodies, eased the tension from their weary limbs, and chased away the damp chill that had hung heavy in this old shelter.

Daniel crouched low, half kneeling to push another log into the underbelly of the fire. He wrapped his long coat tightly around himself before leaning back against a small smoothened rock, watching as fiery shadows flickered, dancing across the ground, dragging themselves onto the rugged walls. His eyes followed the dancing shapes as they shimmied across the floor to the small makeshift bed where Della lay exhausted. She had succumbed to sleep within seconds of resting her head; Daniel had draped his large woollen cape over her. She won't like that, he remembered her insistence that he keep his cloak; that her own riding clothes would be warm enough to stave off the chill of the night. Insolent tongue. Beguiling woman. His eyes lingered on her soft lips as they parted with each breath; he would watch over her until light, when they would make their way out into the snow once more. His bone-weary body relaxes, drawing him into a half-conscious state of sleep. Yes, the sooner he delivered her home; the better. 

** Happy Writerly Wednesday All!  I hope you enjoyed this snippet. **  

A/N: This little scene popped into my head when I came across this photo.  I have to thank Ann from Ink Pots and Quills for sending me over to Olive's writing exercises at Creative Writing Ink.  Olive posts a photo each Monday for inspiration, it's up to you to write a few words, a poem, lyrics, a short story - whatever you would like and you link it back to the site.  Photocredits via Creative Writing Ink
Della - A Brief Interlude © 2010 T.Loto


  1. Ha ha good luck Daniel her lips have already mesmerized you, there is no way you are giving her up and you know it.

  2. @Joanna - oh but he will try and deny it for as long as possible. ;)

    @Bish - thanks honey! ;)

  3. Oh thank you Writing Nut! ;))

  4. beautiful. thanks for telling about the writing prompts. i think i'll try one. plus their website is a great resource.

  5. This is very sweet. I like it!

  6. Hmmm, nice fade out? Will there be a continuing snippet? Can we vote on that?
    I am left in this moment, and viewing the scene looking over his shoulder.

    Answering one of your questions from your Oct. 6 post about superpower - I think I will just swap any superpower for those kind of long legs.
    actually I think long legs are superpower

  7. @Michelle, thanks sweet! I enjoyed this writing prompt,and the website is a great help. I quite agree! ;)

    @Kelly, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.;)

    @Mya, hello dear. ;) I can be enticed to write more, very happy you liked this one.

    And yes long legs are a superpower!! I just need a pair of those with the wings and all will be well with the world. ;)

  8. I enjoyed reading this! You are such a great writer! I like the idea of making a story from a picture!

  9. Loved that snippet! So evocative and beutifully written.

  10. @Poppies & Sunshine - you are too kind! Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it. ;)

    @Talli - thank you dear lady - so happy you loved it!! x

  11. Just popped back over to let you know that I have an award for you at my blog.

  12. LOVE Ann and Olive! This was a great snippet--such tone and tension. :o)

    Well done, Talei!

  13. IS IT JUST ME, OR DID IT GET CHILLY IN HERE?! Hehe the atmosphere totally comes to life :)

  14. @ Kelly, thank you dear lady, I shall be right over! ;)

    @Jackee - thanks so much, I'm so very glad you enjoyed it!! Makes me smile!

    @Jude, ooh it's chilly outside but the fire in the cave will keep our lovely characters warm, for now. ;) Thank you for the lovely feedback too! ;)

  15. Remenber the Insolent tongue beneath those soft parted lips. Oh, but he won't. Great imagery. Great writing. Have a peaceful Sunday.


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