Five Favourite Words for the Literacy Builder Award

The fabulous Francine from Romancing the blog came dancing my way and bestowed us the Literacy Builder Award.  The dear Lady Hermit and I are both very chuffed!

1.  Tell us your five favourite words and why you like them.
2.  Pass the award onto three bloggers who you think are excellent literacy builders and link to their sites.
3.  Contact the bloggers you nominate and let them know about the award.

Now, this may surprise you....or perhaps not.  I uncovered five of my favourite cobwebbed words in a previous post called Foliage, Midlands and the P word.   I'm posting three of the original five here and adding a few new ones.

1.  Soliloquies  - Dramatic monologuing and reflections?  I just love how this word rolls of my tongue!  

2.  Pudendum -  Ahem, well how should we describe our lower regions?  I'll be honest.  This one makes me giggle like a silly school girl.  I loved it from the first time I heard it roll off the tongue of delightful Dame Judy Dench....that Dame has a way with words!

3.  Discombobulate - confusing, befuddled, stupefy, bewildered...well its a mystery to me but I highly recommend inserting this little baby into the next conversation with family or friends...just to see the confusion on their faces...whatever does that word mean? 

4.  Salacious - I'm writing Women's Fiction -there will be plenty of scenes where characters lust over each other.

5.  Vivacious -  lively, high spirited, sprightly.  *Sigh*  This pretty much sums up my MC right now.  She's a darling really!

* I am passing this award to three lovely bloggers whose musings make me smile whenever I stop by *

Jason RM @ A Writer's Words
Krista Lynne Jensen @ Krista Lynne Jensen

** Have a lovely weekend everyone!  Hopefully we can all sneak in a few writerly moments! **

 * Do you have any favourite words you love to roll off the tip of your tongue? *


  1. he he ur words are really hilarious congratulations to the awardees. am chatting with my dad am off to use a new word cheers

  2. Pudendum - yup I'm giggling too! But my favorite is salacious. I can admit it. :)

  3. Thank you, Talei! I feel so honored! Off to think up some lovely words...

  4. susurrus- a soft murmuring sound; a whisper.

    It sounds like it's definition <3

    also, resilient. Because the "z" sound makes it sound strong, again, like its meaning :)

  5. Congratulations on the award.

    Soliloquies - awesome word.

    You're the second person to choose discombobulate. I don't remember if I used it for my list, but I like it too.

  6. Oohhh, good words! And congrats on the much deserved award!

  7. congrats. one of my favorites is perspicacious- having keen judgement. i never use it, but i like to say it.

  8. Congratulations!
    I'm going to use "pudendum" in a sentence today. I hope I don't get slapped!

  9. All great words, especially salacious. I love that one.

  10. @Joanna - Ha! Do tell us which word you tried out. ;)

    @Susan - It's funny isn't? One word and we're back at school. LOL. I love salacious too!

    @Krista - Hello! You're very welcome and all the best for your upcoming book! ;)

    @Jude - Ooh good words, me like! I've not heard susurrus before so thats a new one for me. Resilient is fab, I quite agree.

    @Theresa - thank you dear. Soliloquies is lovely. Discombobulate - I remember sitting down one day and just trying to work it into so many sentences. Alas, it dominates any paragraph it sits in. Still love it though.

    @Nathalie, thanks so much!! :))

    @Michelle, thank you. Perspicacious - I love it!!! ;)

    @Pat - thank you!! Haha. Please do tell how you fair with 'pudendum' - I hope there's not too much slapping. LOL.

    @Kelly, thank you my dear! Salacious is quite fabulous. ;))

  11. Congratulations on the award! :)

    I love saying "deoxyribonucleic".

  12. I had never heard pudendum. My favorite word is discord.

  13. I always use discombobulate too when asked about my favourite words. It's got such a great rhythm :)

  14. THose are great words! I've never heard pudendum eiter. learned something today!

    I love hullabaloo, tomfoolery, shenanigans, bamboozle. :)

  15. @ Golden Eagle, Oh I like your word there - it took me a few tries before it rolled off my tongue! Thanks so much for stopping by. ;D

    @Quinn, Discord - fabulous. Gosh, that conjours up so many different images for me.

    @Jemi - I agree, with most of these words, its the rhythm! ;)

    @PK - love your words, especially tomfoolery - now I can definitely slip that one into conversation today. ;)

  16. TALEI ~
    Oh, gosh, there are so many words that just tickle me. Unfortunately, few of them are coming to me at the moment. (But when I need them, they'll be there.)

    One of yours that I like a good deal is "Discombobulate". I don't get to use it often, but I do like it. (I once heard an athlete call it, "Discombooberate". I might like his version even better!)

    Some others that would make my long list of favorites are: Bourbon (I like how it looks, sounds, smells, and yeah, it doesn't taste bad either); Sheboygan (a small town in Wisconsin); Cadillac; Chartreuse; Pachuco; Palooka; and Sazerac (it's an old-tyme cocktail - I had one once and it was pretty good but not as good as its name).

    Of course, there are also some words I don't like, but I won't go there now - this is supposed to be a happy blog bit!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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