Pumpkin Love

Call it Autumn, call it Fall, I just love this chilly season with its beautiful blue skies one day and charcoal grey with pink hues the next.  A prelude to the winter months when we get to snuggle in, light the fire and ignore the howling wind outside.

I don't normally post on a Sunday but there I was trying to sleep when daylight slithered in through the  windows. Thank you Mr Benjamin Franklin.    Alas, my Audrey face mask has slipped, so sleep eludes me and I am now up and about...which is fine because I can share some pumpkin love with you all.   Yesterday, I laboured for hours on these babies, and I now have a playlist on my ipod 'Music to Carve to!' 

Right, I hear the whisperings of my Muse, she's insisting I dive into editing my WIP!  Silly girl, stop pouting, and put the coffee on.  I shall be down in a jiffy!

My Little Pumpkins

What do you do when you can't sleep?

A/N: Photocredits courtesy yours truly.
I'm looking forward to Trick or Treating this evening, in the meantime my muse and I shall be editing my WIP.  Oh and walking the hound somewhere in between!  Happy Halloween my dears


  1. Happy Halloween and those jack o lanterns look expertly done.
    Just like my butt in chair method if i cant sleep i just lay there and daydream till sleep takes me away.

  2. Happy Halloween, Talei! :D

    I usually lie there in bed when I can't sleep; sometimes I'll get up and walk around a little, though.

  3. How on earth did you carve a whole pirate ship? That's incredible!!! Happy Halloween! And happy autumn (it's my fave season!).

  4. These are beautiful pumpkins! Glad you took pictures of them & shared your talents.

    Sometimes when I can't sleep I get up & make notes by hand. If I turn the computer back on then I'll get tired & fall asleep right in front of it! :)

  5. Happy Hallowe'en and good luck with the editing! I've been having loads of problems sleeping lately - I just get up and tool around on Twitter! :)

    Oh, I sent you an email about 5 mins ago. :)

  6. They are adorable! Happy Halloween.

  7. OMG your pumpkins are amazing! You are a very talented pumpkin carver!

  8. Love your pumpkins! Happy Halloween!

  9. Very cool pumpkins! When I can't sleep I read.

  10. You've got me intrigued - what kind of music do you listen to when carving pumpkins? Nice job BTW. My iPod is my answer to insomnia.

  11. Happy HAlloween! I find myself brain storming at times like that.

  12. Joanna, thanks! And daydreaming is one of my fav past times! ;)

    Golden Eagle, happy halloween! Mine one went off very well tonight. ;) I have to get up once awake, the slumber goblins usually won't let me drift back to sleep.

    Meredith, ah the pirate ship was the hardest to carve! Took me ages. And I found out tonight my neighbours were threatening to steal it last night! LOL ;) Autumn's fab isn't it? I'm sad to see it to go tomorrow.

    Lisa, hello dear lady! Glad you liked the pumpkins. ;) I used to read a lot more in bed before I started writing, now if I'm awake I tend to march over to my PC and start tapping away.

    Talli, thanks! Oh I agree twitter is great for insomnia...tho me thinks it causes mine at times. LOL. Thanks for the email, I look forward to reading!!

    Ellie, thanks. ;)) And Happy Halloween!

    Elizabeth, why thank you. ;) These were my first serious attempts are carving something more elaborate vs the the 3 triangles and mouth. ;-)

    Melissa, thank you! ;-))

    Quinn, cheers! And happy halloween!

    Bish, thanks! If I can't write early in the morning, I'll definitely pick up a book or go for a walk. ;)

    Elissa, music to carve by included, Florence & the Machine, Linkin Park, Gaga, Breaking Benjamin, Opera, and even some Yoga chants. ;)) It was like cheap therapy really. LOL.

    T.Anne, brain storming? Brilliant. I think early morning is perfect for that!

  13. Great Pumpkins!!

    I did one of those fancy pumpkins...once. This year, by poor pumpkin hasn't gotten carved at all.

  14. These are incredible pumpkins. So now we know that you also weil a knife [facts to be kept in mind for a mystery].
    I have created (grandiose word for the results) a typical pumpkin face but have never attempted the more artistic pumpkins.
    Can't sleep? Depending on how awake I am, I might get a cup of tea, curl up in bed and read. If sleepy but just can't sleep, I watch tv.


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