Ghosts of Roman Past

If you were a historical romance or paranormal writer, it would be difficult not to find inspiration in this city, and indeed the countryside.  At each corner of a dimly lit historic building, down cobblestoned lanes, along old riverbanks and through the winding country lane...there is a tale waiting to unfold.  It just needs you, the storyteller to weave your magic.  Last weekend it rained.  Yes, I know! Surprisingly, England does get wet on occasion.  Alas, my Sunday BBQ plans were cancelled at the last minute, and I looked elsewhere for entertainment.  I found it!  The Roman Villa at Lullingstone in Kent.  If ghosts of Roman past did not wander by me here, then where else?

Mosaic at the Roman Villa, Lullingstone.
Water Nymphs in the 'Cult Room'.

Decorated coffin, the remains of a young man found within.

The old kitchen, perhaps?
The Hunter or the hunted?

Has the storyteller in you awakened?

A/N:  I love that our rained out BBQ led me to these ruins.  Thank you Rain Gods!
Photocredits courtesy of Scribe Snr.


  1. Very cool! I've been to Bath, but that's the extent of my Romans in England experience. Of course, nothing is as raw in bath as it is in your pics. It's all built over and, well, Georgian. :)
    I don't know if I could write historical Roman era. The culture is so distinctly different, I wouldn't be able to relate enough to be believable. I think I could write about a Roman ghost though. :) It would be a fun project.

  2. Hi Erin! It was pretty cool. Bath is great. Its one of my top places to see, I always send my visitors that way too for a daytrip! ;) This villa is really well maintained, its under cover too so rainy day - perfect! I was inspired by the young man's coffin decorated with scallop shells and rope. It was found with another of a young woman in the mausoleum (which is have been left covered). Very intriguing, definitely worth a ghost story or two methinks! Thanks so much for stopping by. ;))

  3. Cool stuff! Always nice to find inspiration on a rainy day.

  4. How interesting! Nothing like that here in Texas. If our BBQ is rained out, we move inside or huddle on the patio.

  5. Hi,

    Fab pics, and still so much Roman stuff kicking around in the UK no excuse for historical writers to be lacking inspiration for this time period re GB, let alone wandering off abroad.


  6. Those are inspiring photos.

    I love seeing old pieces and entering ancient buildings. It is inspirational. For paranormal, the magic goes back hundreds or thousands of years. I always think about the root of it.

  7. Oh, I love it! Stuff like that always gets my brain churning with ideas. I loved my visit to Bath, but didnt get to see that. What a gorgeous place it is.... I have a pic of the big Roman bah on my wall in my kitchen.

  8. Actually the words Roman, England, and Rain all made me want to get my pens and paper and shut the world out.

  9. @Tara - I love rainy days really, but it is nice to get out and see these ancient sites. Thanks so much for visiting and for following. ;)

    @ Carol - You made me laugh so hard!! Love your sense of humour. Dare I suggest, you can always create your own ruin under the patio and explore? ;))

    @ Francine - Absolutely, this is just one place. There's so much more up and down the country begging our Inner Muses attention. ;)

    @Theresa - Thank you! I like how you think. The magic does go back many years, and these places are so inspiring. ;

    @ PK - Bath is lovely isn't it? Next time you'll have to pop down there. Its has a little activity sheet for little kids too. ;)

    @KarenG - Love it!! When your muse wants to shut the world out, you know its serious. Thanks so much for visiting too. ;)

  10. Very cool.
    And, yes, curse it, inspiration just occurred. Not helpful. I do not need more characters jumping up and down in my head going, "Pick me! Pick me!"

  11. Way cool! How lucky you are to be able to see these things live and in person!

  12. That is such an amazing place to find inspiration! I'm sure the story you get out of that is going to be incredible. Good luck!

  13. @Dominique, Oh you know you can't resist those whispering voices. "Go one pick one!" ;) Thanks so much for popping in! ;)

    @ Bish, Oh its Way Cool! Its something I like about this city, there's alot of old and new places to see and then there's these amazingly ancient sites which I wouldn't normally get anywhere else. Feel very lucky too. ;)

    @Meredith, its a great place. Thank you, I'm pondering on an idea for story. *whispers* I just have to sneak it in between my main WIP. ;)

  14. I love discovering places like that. Europe has so much more history than America. We always knock things down and build over them instead of preserving what's there.

  15. What gorgeous photos!

  16. I've never been outside the U.S. I'd love to visit England.
    N. R Williams, fantasy author

  17. Sounds like your rainy day was better than mine! I'll have to jump the channel (wearing Chanel) and kick my butt to Kent.

  18. I often find that research and history works so well in building a story, giving it authenticity at the same time. Clicked over from N.R. Williams, enjoyed browsing here ...

  19. How awesome Talei! It looks like despite the rain your mood was not dampered! I love being a storyteller and seeing your picture of Medusa only made the urge to write all the more stronger! I'm competing in NaNo this year and it just so happens that my novel will be based around Greek Mythology!!!

    How fitting :)

  20. @ Solvang - Hi ;) Don't worry I think this city's also guilty of pulling down national treasures. (sadly)

    @Kelly - thanks!!

    @Nancy - I think you'd love it! ;)

    @Samantha - jump in the channel in Chanel??? Mon dieu! Coco would roll in her grave, elegantly of course. ;) Worth the swim though my dear. LOL.

    @OOh Nancy - I'll be right over.

    @Joanne - thank so much! Its great if you can see/feel the old buildings and where the surroundings. I always like to imagine what they looked like way back when. ;) Please come visit again. ;)

    @ Jen - thanks hun! And Greek Mythology - look forward to hearing more about your story. Happy NaNo writing my dear!

  21. I adore Roman ruins: my highlights were the abandoned-by-the-roadside ones in Side, Turkey, Fishbourne and, considering where I live, St Albans/Verulamium

  22. The hunter is lovely.

    Thank you.

  23. @Elaine - I must check out St Albans! ;)) Turkey sounds amazing, the other place I'd like to see are the ruins in Libya. Thanks for stopping by. ;)

    @ Ruma - I quite agree! Thank you too. ;)

  24. How wonderful to live near such a historical place!

  25. Oh Lisa,its lovely! Hope you are well dear lady! Looking forward to reading more on your upcoming book. ;)


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