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I am nearing the end of my main WIP.  Oh yes, I know its within reach and I am savouring every minute I get to write these past few days.   And as much as I love to spend time away from my WIP, there's a little resentment that creeps in.  Deep breath.  You can leave your PC for a few hours.  WIP will not die.  This is true, however without barracking my door and ignoring all contact with the outside world, I fear I may not meet my self-imposed deadline.  The lifestyle of a recluse is so appealing to me right now.  I would love to unplug the phone and just write.  Reality however, has other plans.  

Last night, I went to a Jean Michel Jarre concert, without a clue who this man was.  I spent the duration wondering about my closing chapters.  It's not that I didn't enjoy the concert, my eyes and ears shall recover, in due course.  Let me put this delicately - the man is a musical genius, however all I could wonder was, what it would be like - living with someone so wonderfully mad, so talented, so deliriously happy.  *Whispers* Frenchman and eccentric.  I could picture Mr Jarre jumping about in the early hours playing loud music 24/7 in his studio at home and not being disturbed...because well, he's clearly working, really.  I left the concert feeling enlightened about his keyboard skills and wishing that I had spent the last two hours banging away at my own. Ahem, keyboard, that is.

So, how do you do it?  Juggle your real life with your writerly needs?  And oh there are so many writerly needs.  

Are you embracing your Inner Hermit?

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  1. he he nice gaga really nice.
    I just call everything I do research, although lately I find I am becoming more of a recluse, the only reason i go out now is grocery shopping and taking the toddler to the playground

  2. My hubby calls it my ego. He says a writer's ego is pretty huge, and he thinks it's because we get so deep, intense and involved with what goes on in our head. I was offended at first, but now I see what he means, thankfully I have 2 very busy kids and a grounding day job so my "ego" only makes an appearence at certain times of the week!!! xxxx well done with WIP!

  3. @Joanna, hi! Oh yes, I love Gaga's own brand of madness. :) And, it's amazing how writing takes over many aspects of our 'real life' now, I'm constantly reworking chapters in my mind whilst out and about too. Thanks for stopping by and happy writing! ;)

  4. @Karen, thanks so much!! Ah and your husband's right. We may get so involved with our MCs life that we neglect parts of our own. I've had a few distracted conversations lately, if we could just switch a button to move us between the worlds we create and real life without looking too dazed. ;) Have a lovely week my dear!!! ;) xxxx

  5. I'd love to say that I've found a way to balance things, but unfortunately, I'm still working on it. I'm with you about the button to switch us without looking dazed. That would be incredibly helpful!

  6. I have so many different projects going on that I'm having problems juggling them alone. Throw in the "real" world and I can't tell one from the other. I feel rude sometimes, because while people are talking to me, I'm thinking about something I want to add to a WIP, or a short story, or a poem, or my blog...

  7. I LOVE being a hermit - especially during the fall and winter months. I just wish I got to do it more, but that pesky 8-5 job gets in the way!

  8. Love the pic of Lady Gaga!

    Juggling writing with my real life usually ends up with my real life losing.

  9. I could so easily become a recluse hubby has to come check up on me to take a break, get up and breathe, go sit on the porch, take a drive....

  10. I don't know if I'm a hermit, but I know I could type better in that hat.
    Thanks for stopping by Sanity Fair - it's so fun to "meet" you! I'm looking forward to reading more.

  11. I know how you feel. There are times when I'm out somewhere thinking I could be home writing! I think it's normal for writers. =)

  12. I definitely need to be more a hermit than I am right now, but there are just so many fun things to do and so many friends to hang out with!

  13. @Kelly - The 'dazed' look is a good one here! Hope you find some balance! Some weeks are good, others its like juggling in a circus. ;)

    @Pat - You're in good company, I think we're all doing the same thing. It's only when you get caught drifting off that it gets a little awkward. ;)

    @Melissa - Haha! *Pouts at pesky job* And Fall & Winter - perfect writing seasons!! ;)

    @Quinn - good man! We like to hear that, though RL may sulk for a while. ;)

    @Bish - Aw, how sweet is your hubby, checking up on you like that. ;) See - every recluse needs a buddy like that too.

    @Sanity Fair - You would look fabulous in that hat!! Maybe we should have a day for wearing hats whilst writing. Thanks so much for visiting!! ;)

    @Carolyn V - absolutely! We are the normal ones here right? ;)

    @ Meredith - I'm sending my Inner Hermit to hang out with your friends too! ;)

  14. I went through the hermit phase last year. A few pounds later, I discovered too much of anything is not healthy. Balance is key to success. Now, I work out four days a week and write a few hours a day (except weekends). I find my second draft is much better for my time away. Also, I outlined everything before beginning my re-write...It really helps with organizing the story.

  15. We finally gave it up and paid for our house cleaner to come back. She rock and rolled and even organized our closets. Sometime you just can't do it all yourslef.

    Stephen Tremp

  16. Lady Gaga and a silver lobster. Ha, love it!

    There are so many writerly needs. I've been in the hermit stage before and I may be heading there again. Most of my non-writer friends are use to this by now though. I'm sure they whisper about me behind my back.

  17. Hi,

    Great you've almost finished present WIP, but then comes the worst part the read, the rewrites, and then the grieving begins for the characters that must be let go.

    Just been there and done all that with last historical, I'm now kicking off with a new historical so it's all go go go at the mo, but it links to the previous novel (not a family sequel)and allows for cameo appearances of previous characters. ;)

    I really dropped by today to say there's an award awaiting collection at my blog. It's on the "Award Page" listed directly below my profile. Five Words in exchange is all that's required to post it on your blog. ;)


  18. I hear ya! Sometimes I'm tempted to put the little ones in their beds with a dose of Benadryl just so I can write more. But I never succumb. Really, I don't. Never. :o) lol

    Have a great day, Talei!

  19. I'm SO embracing my inner hermit now! Especially now that I'm in the final stages of The Hating Game edits... it's all I can think about, so I HEAR YOU!

  20. It's difficult. Yesterday was appointment day and tonight we're having people for dinner. To say nothing of two energetic dogs 24/7. I need to go on a writer's retreat, but that's so not likely.

  21. You bet! I am a total hermit at heart

  22. @Andrea, that sounds like a very balanced approach dear lady, thanks so much for sharing your great tips! ;)

    @Stephen, could I borrow your cleaner every second week? that would be lovely! Thanks very muchly. :)

    @Karen, Ha! I usually find the humming helps to block out the whispering. ;) Love my friends, really I do. Thanks for stopping by and for the follow!;)

    @Francine, thank you. 'The End' of said WIP is nigh. And congrats on finishing your historical piece and starting another!!
    I shall pop along to yours very soon. xx

    @Jackee - does Benadryl work? *makes mental note* LOL. Don't worry we believe you! Happy writing to you my dear!

    @Talli - oh wow final edits! Good luck!! Embrace that Inner Hermit and finish that book. ;)

    @Carol - I would love to go on a writer's retreat, please let me know if you do find one! Suspect the only retreat now would be in my mind. Real life eh? *deep sigh*

    @Jude - ah welcome, come join the fellowship of the Lady Hermits! ;)

  23. I'd love to be a Lady Hermit. Can I start it with a long nap, though? Trying to do it all sure makes you tired.

  24. Hi Mary Anne! Of course, please join us - would you like the chaise lounge perhaps? Perfect for long naps! ;)


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