Ackroyd's Ark Book Launch

The Tusk Trust is an organisation that provides funding for wildlife conservation and community programs across Africa. Earlier in the week, one of the trust's co-founders, Sir Timothy Ackroyd, launched his second book at famous London auction house Christies.  Several drawings, doodles, sketches, photos, even a few poems that were contributed to the book were auctioned off to raise funds for the trust.  An evening of champers on a school night?  Fantastic!  Monday night never looked shinier.  I grabbed my trusty BFF, and we headed over to Christies in St James.

We were greeted by men carrying trays of bubbly...well, it would be rude to refuse.  In between long sips, and petite mouthfuls of delicious canapes...we were quite well-behaved.  Betty Draper would've been proud.  We scouted the rooms for art, and found several interesting characters.  Many of the artists who contributed to the book graced the room.

During the live auction, I tried not to make sudden gestures, touch my neck, scratch my nose, wink at the auctioneer...for fear of taking home something I didn't mean to buy.  I have to mention that Sir Timothy Ackroyd's opening speech was snort-rippingly hilarious and had the crowd holding their sides in laughter.

BFF and I decided to try our hand at the silent auction and it got nail-bitingly close in the closing 45 seconds, when two small pieces I had bid for, were still under my name.  One was a Blue Zebra print; the other - a beautiful Tiger.  It was perfect! And wouldn't you know it? Some devil turns up and spoils my party; I was outbid in the last 10 seconds.

And if I find out who took the Blue Zebra home...I may, ahem hunt them down and prod them senseless until they willingly give-up the picture.   The good news is I had the final winning bid on a very beautiful tiger print by Gary Hodges.   Tigers eat Zebras anyway right?    

Here's a few pictures from the evening.

Waiting for the live auction

BFF and I were quite taken
by these objects.
Cinderella may need her clock
back by midnight
The Tiger who came home with me - isn't he beautiful?

The Tiger's breakfast.
Oh okay, it got away!
I'm quietly simmering here

A/N: Photo credits courtesy yours truly.
I know I've said it before but Art and Charity are my favourite kind of events...especially on a school night.


  1. What a grand event! Canapes, entertaining speaker, and watching all those super rich people buying art. I've never been to one of these events, it was fun hearing about it!

  2. Hi Karen! It was a fun evening, thoroughly enjoyed it! ;)

  3. It was a splendid evening ! Worth the journey from Manchester to be there to see my daughter sporting her 'contributer' name badge. How often on a Monday night can you find yourself talking art with an HRH, renoun writers, actors and actresses, and lots of enthusiastic art lovers.
    I didn't come away with any purchase directly, but to hear my daughter describe the day as "the best day ever" was more than money could buy! At twenty one she has time to make even better days too!

    Dave, Proud father of Naomi Smith (if you have the Tusk book)

  4. Hello Dave, how wonderful! Congrats to you and your lovely daughter for her work. I do have the book at home and will definitely look for Naomi's art work.

    It was a fabulous night! You're quite right, not often do we have the opportunity to meet an HRH and many wonderful artists at one event - so many great people contributing to a great cause. I'm looking out for another evening to top that...could be awhile though. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. ;)

  5. The tiger IS stunning. So glad you snagged him. Sounds and looks like you had a great bubbly evening!! I love it when bloggers post pictures!!!!

  6. I LOVE your tiger - much better than the zebra. Much. It's a good thing you're in London and not San Antonio. I might try to make a trade :)

  7. Oooh! Love this! I have a thing for tigers since my daughter actually wants to grow up and help save these majestic beasts someday. She is big into wildlife at the tender age of 10 and is also an artist, so I'll have to show her this book. :-)

  8. Hi Ann, thanks! I'm very happy I snagged the tiger too! ;)

  9. LOL Carol, thanks! And, out of curiousity what would you trade? Not that the tigers up for swaps - he's mine!!

  10. Ah Melissa - how wonderful, and very noble to that your daughter wants to save them. They are amazing creatures. The book is full of lovely artwork, am sure you'll enjoy it! ;)

  11. Talei,
    Yes the tiger is beautiful. I'll bet you have the perfect spot for him. I read your post through a couple times to fully imagine being there and walking around looking at the art. I like the zebra that got away, too. It looks more primitive but the tiger is bold and majestic. Good choice.

  12. Outbid? oh darn! Love the tiger--beautiful!

  13. I'd be exactly like you in the sitting still department so I didn't accidently bid on something ;)

    I do love your tiger - it's absolutely stunning!

  14. Hahaha!!! Tigers eat zebras:) It's always those last ten seconds and they go way beyond what you wanted to spend.

    Sounds like a wonderful time and bubbly too!

  15. Thanks Christina! He's grrrreat! ;)

  16. Hi Manzanita, thank you. The zebra was very pretty, but its okay I'm over it now LOL. ;)

  17. Jaydee, I was so tempted to raise my hand for one particular piece in the live auction but I didn't! I stood quite..still. *whispers* for a change. ;)

  18. Ha! Terry - of course tigers eat zebras...right? ;) LOL. Yes, it was a lovely evening and we did enjoy a few glasses of bubbly.


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