Writing With Distractions

My dear Writing Goddess,

I've written thousand upon thousands of words, revised countless opening lines; parted lovers with closing sighs.

I've dwelled on cliffhangers, erased characters... and sat distracted for hours.

Dare I mention wistfully watching the weather.... whilst pulling together words of prose?  Or re-writing my plot umpteen times.  Of course there's also the structure which I've de-constructed...reconstructed and sometimes even left interrupted.

My voice is in a sub-junctive mood - and yes, I still do believe in writing this story.

Its just well...if you could just help me finish these final chapters, I shall be eternally grateful.

Your ever faithful servant,

Ms Ascribe

Ancient Greek Muse

My reply from dear Writing Goddess:

Dear Ms Ascribe,

Its really very simple...

Sit down at your desk, turn on your PC and go directly to your WIP.  Do not select another window! Do not sneak peeks at your internet browsers. 

Do not answer the door to the postman...thats what a letterbox is for.

Do not answer the phone...who answers the phone anymore? Besides your mother already thinks you ignore her.

And stay out of the kitchen.  You do not need all that caffeine running through your temple.  Nor do you need another chocolate-cookie-muffin-fix.  More importantly, side-step any chores...thats what your significant other is for.  Thanks Honey!

Now - WRITE like you've never written before.

Your ever so supportive,

Inner Muse

PS: I'm replying on behalf of our dear Writing Goddess who is far too busy checking twitter right now.

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Can I say hello to all my new blogger friends I thoroughly enjoyed meeting this weekend - Hello!  Blogging has opened up such a huge support network for me in terms of writing, I look forward to chatting with everyone!

I also would like give a great big girly SHOUTY CAPITALS SHOUT-OUT to KarenG, our lovely hostess - what a fabulous BBQ party this weekend!  Thank you lovely lady for organising such a great event!

PS: If you're wondering which outrageous truth was laid bare on my previous post for the Creative Writers Award, it was actually... number four - on a dare, I did munch on exotic bugs well presented on a platter with a glass of bubbly.


  1. This was wonderful and fun to read. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Summer, you're welcome - am glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Ooooh, you should check out The Practice Room, which is Tina Laurel Lee's little brainchild. It's a perfect way to concentrate your attention for a solid hour of writing.

    I doubt blogger will let me post a link in this comment, but I've got a link on my blog.

  4. I need that, thanks!

  5. You mean all I have to do is write? Revolutionary!

  6. Hi Dianne, thanks for the tip! I shall be over to check out the link. I'm usually pretty good, discipline wise but its these last couple of chapters on my current WIP - I'm trying to finish up so I can move onto the next phase.

  7. Ha Vicki! It's true, I just doublechecked with my inner muse and amazingly I can sit still, remain focused and it will come...the writing that is. If you focus..it.will.come.

  8. Procrastination is the evil that tempts us all.

    Thanks for visiting my little blog party; I am very happy to return the favour.

  9. You're on the last chapters! Woohoo!!! I must confess, last chapters are the easiest for me. I know how the story ends even before I begin writing. It's the beginning and middle that I find the hardest.

    Love your letter to the goddess, and it was sweet of your inner muse to answer. We can always depend on them. Now, go show that last chapter who's the boss.

  10. Ah Donna, so true, so true!

    Thank you also for hosting a fabulous blog party too. I did find you via Karens BBQ, you ladies both know how to throw a party! Lovely to have you visit and thanks so much for following back. ;)

  11. Shellie,

    You're an inspiration - are you working with my muse? I love that 'go show that last chapter who's the boss'! Its just the sort of kick I need to hear sometimes. ;D

    That's great that you know how the story ends from the start. I did draft out a plotline and have tracked pretty much so far aside from a wee derailment.

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments and for following. Have a lovely week! ;)

  12. Ha! I think that's her standard reply. Because I got the same answer when I wrote to her. LOL!

  13. Haha! Oh Jennifer, that muse! She's a green muse and likes to recycle her replies! This is what happens when the Writing Goddess outsources her work. ;D

  14. This was fun! I love that the Writing Goddess was off checking Twitter:)So many distractions get in the way of the simple act of sitting down and writing.

  15. A big hello from across the channel. After reading your post, I must obey the inner writing goddess in me and get back to my WIP.

    Facebook? Twitter? Blogging?

    So many distractions, so little time.

  16. Ha! Funny. The end is always the toughest part!

  17. Haha! Loved this, Talei! Especially the Twitter bit. So true. :) Hope your muse behaves!

  18. Oh, the blogosphere is awesome, but so tempting! I have to use unusual amounts of will-power to keep my writing time sacrosanct. :)

  19. How did I miss you from the BBQ??Hmm. Problem solved now.

  20. I get that same response!!!!! I'm with Jennifer, I'm beginning to think it's the standard reply, it's starting to irritate me.

    Fun post!! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Hi Talei..pleased to meet you. Thanks for the follow and the comment on my blog. I have added myself to your list of followers. Looking forward to connecting with you.

    Your Writing Goddess or shall I call her your Muse has given you wonderful advice. Write like you have never written before.

    BTW..I enjoyed this post a lot. I love these conversations with our muses.

  22. Hi Terry! Indeed too many distractions can take us away from our WIPs. Although the Writing Goddess does consider twitter as a good tool for writers. If we're tweeting, does that count as writing? ;)

  23. Hello Samantha, Welcome! How are things across the channel? I'll be right over for a virtual blog jump shortly, and thanks so much for the follow. ;)

  24. Hello Kristal,

    What a lovely name you have! ;) I got through the first part of one of the final scenes last night - it was tough...and yet very rewarding.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for following. ;)

  25. Aw, thanks Talli! Always love your reading your comments. Muse is behaving today! ;)

  26. Hi Susan, I agree! We must give our writing the upmost focus is deserves! I've always got good intentions on that, but sometimes I do get led astray. Naughty twittercat!

  27. Hi Candyland, lovely to have to here. I was in the carnivore section gobbling chicken and shrimp...LOL Great to meet you! ;D

  28. Hi Jen! Yes, its that Green Muse recycling her replies again,...I may need to bribe her with some chocs for more favourable answers from the Goddess. Thanks for stopping by Busy Lady! x

  29. Hello Rachna,

    Welcome ;) Conversations with our muses are the best, although mine has this habit of pouting and eyebrow raising when I want to do something else.

    Thanks so much for visiting. Looking forward to talking with you too! ;)

  30. I so loved this!!!! Now get you butt moving

  31. Don't you hate it when you ask your Writing Goddess for help and she is so succinctly honest, and makes it seem so obvious. Oh well, you ask, she delivers, you follow.

    Did you partake of the bubbly beverage with the choice exotic morsels, or did you have many glasses before? A dare would not have been enough reinforcement for me to sample these crawling invertebrates.

  32. Ha! Christina, am getting the butt moving now! ;)

  33. Ah Mya - yes, bubbly was had before and after the exotic tasting bugs. My significant other found them at Selfridges and decided we needed to taste them. I'm just pleased he bypassed the jars of tarantulas.

    My Inner Muse has been smiling these past two days, I've been hitting my writing goals. ;))


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