Wading Into Murky Waters

Its raining, it's pouring
The old man is snoring
He went to bed and he bumped his head
And couldn't get up in the morning
-Nursery Rhyme derived from the 1600's

Whilst treading precariously through the daily quagmire that is twitter, I've noticed a recurring theme of late on several posts - 'E-publishing, Self-Publishing, Authors leaving Agents, Publishers leaving out Agents,'mmm pass me the smelling salts dear lady, all this change is making my head spin.  

So what is going on?  Publishing, we know is undergoing a few wardrobe changes. Ahem, more bloomer switches than a witch on Halloween!  Technology and economic pressures are moulding many changes.  In fact is it all a lot of fuss and nonsense?  Like that nursery rhyme above, which just popped into my head when another post on the changing face of publishing swept by my window today?

Shall we wade through the murkiness together dear friends?  I blogged my thoughts on 'e-publishing previously here, the focus was Short Stories but fundamentally my stance could be applied to all novels.  E publishing is ultimately another format for delivery.  The good news is it provides choice of format to your readers.  Self-publishing vs. Traditional Agent-Publisher route...that was the main question until recently, nowadays savvy writers can self-publish and still be picked up by a fabulous Agent and big name Publisher.  Are you ready for another twist in the game?  Penguin opened its slush pile doors for submissions from unpublished writers for a limited time only, completely bypassing the Agents.  I wonder?

Now I'm curious - have you self-published your book and can you share some insights with us?

If you are - like me, standing at the waterside, shaking your head, wondering which options work best - please share your thoughts too.  By the time I'm finished with my WIP, I just hope these waters are a lot clearer.

A/N:  If you find yourself overwhelmed by change, hum something soothing, an old nursery rhyme...or try this old favourite of mine - 'Wade in the water', the angelic vocals belong to the late Eva Cassidy.


Vicki Rocho said…
My thoughts are kind of muddled. I'm aware that I'm a new swimmer in these waters and really I'm not even technically in the water yet, more like sun bathing on the beach, but I've got an opinion nonetheless.

Ebooks are a good thing. I think the stigma of self-publishing is fast eroding and since authors have to do the bulk of marketing and promoting themselves anyway, what do they have to lose by self-publishing?

I could see maybe some authors self-publishing before they're really ready and the quality taking a few books to get to full potential.

Still, I'll probably go the traditional route when I'm finally ready.
Denise Covey said…
Hi Talei, there is an award for you over at my blog..:)
Mya said…
These thoughts bring to mind, "To be, or not..." Lucky me, I'll just sit back and wait for you all to decide what suits you best for I am the avid reader; however, I can not get used to the idea of curling up with a kindle.
Summer Ross said…
I'm not quite sure how I feel about any of the epublishing stuff, maybe I'm still stuck in traditional ways, but I know atleast one successful author in self publishing, but he had a great marketing helper.
Talei said…
Hi Vicki,

Wow, great comments!

I agree E-books are a good thing,lets face it they are here to stay now especially todays technology and lifestyles.

Self-publishing I think the stigma associated with it will fade as long as the quality increases! ;)) Sometimes its a question of not being able to publish - but whether to publish...or perhaps when.

Writers are doing alot of self promotion work online these days too. From what I gather self-publishing entails alot of knowledge across the spectrum so maybe if someone were already in the industry it would be easier.

For myself, I agree the traditional route of having an experienced agent/publisher definitely appeals.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Talei said…
Hi L'Aussie, you got me curious - I'll be right along there sweet! ;)
Talei said…
Hi Mya,

Its always good ( and important) to know what our lovely readers prefer. I think e-readers (e.g the iPad which my OH just purchased whilst on holidays) are perfect for on the go and short term journeys, but for hours of comfort snuggling down on the sofa or bed...a book is what we like! ;))

Thanks so much for visiting!
Talei said…
Hi Summer,

I know, its a little murky out there isn't it? I think my plan is to focus on the writing and getting my WIP finished. Just going through that process keeps me busy. I will worry about querying after that but I do like to keep an eye on what the market is doing and the changes it undergoes... I'm nosey like that!

Great to see you again!
Christina Lee said…
yeah, sigh..despite all of this is it still MOST important to have the best book you can on your hands ;--)
Talei said…
Oh I hear ya Christina! ;) So true, we must write the best book ever first, its always good to keep focus on the writing. I agree!
Talli Roland said…
There's so much going on in publishing right now! It's like the Wild West. Have you check out Catherine Ryan Howard's blog? She writes all about her self publishing adventures. If you Google her I'm sure you'll find her blog!
Terry Stonecrop said…
I'm with you, hoping by the time I finish, the water is clearer.

The economy isn't helping the situation any either. I'm not holding my breath on that one, though.
Talei said…
Thanks Talli, I shall definitely check out Catherine Howard's blog now! Cheers ;))
Talei said…
Hello Terry! It could take a while to clear, meanwhile I vote we all enjoy that view from your balcony whilst sipping a few cocktails! ;D
Jan Morrison said…
Hi Talei - just came over from the barbeque! Nice site - and I love Eva Cassidy so I think we're going to be pals.
As to e-books - I'm willing to embrace the changes while keeping the road to my ole swimming hole in mind...
Jan Morrison
Talei said…
Hi Jan - thanks so much for coming by and for the follow! The BBQ party is such a great idea! And I'm so happy to find another Eva Cassidy fan - she is fab! ;0)

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