The Versatile Blogger Award & Seven Titbits

Thank you to the lovely Donna Hole has passed 'The Versatile Blogger' award on to my blog.  I'm feeling very chuffed about it.  *Whispers* I'm loving the green on my blog actually.  On accepting this award, I'm to share seven interesting things about myself, and pass the award to fifteen bloggers who think I'm...fantastic?  Not sure about that rule, that would be presumptious of me.   *Blushes deep beetroot* How does one gauge that?   I have decided to pass this to bloggers whose recent musings and comments have made me laugh, smile, maybe even get a little teary, and pondered awhile.

Seven Titbits About Moir:

1.  Books are my addiction, I'll happily wander into a bookstore minding my own business when....well you know the rest.   * Glares warily at the 3 for 2 sale stickers.*
2.  I love Penhaligon's perfumery, it's one of my favourite shops in London.  Beautiful bottles for beautiful scents.

3.  I started my first WIP in April this year and have written over 100,000 words.... oh yes, my dear lady...the edits await.

4.  I love saying random words just because I love the sound of them.  Try these, say them out aloud - Herbaceous Borders,  Soliloquy,  Salacious   *deep sigh* I could be sometime here.

5.  Friday nights are sacred, I spend them on the sofa - watching DVDs, reading books, writing and ooh blogging!

6.  Peony roses make me smile.

7.  Freshly baked chocolate souffles are the work of the devil...she says licking her lips.  I would probably jump you for one of those.  

 **I am sending the award on to the following Lovelies **

Lola Sharp @ SharpPen/DullSword
Christina Lee @ Write-brained
Creepy Query Girl @ Creepy Query Girl
Vicki Rocho @ Rambles and Randomness
Marguerite @ Cajun Delights
Shellie @ Chapter Writer
Carol Kilgore @ Under a tiki hut
Amie @ Amie Borst
Manzanita @ Wanna buy a duck
Dominique @ En Violet

*Congratulations All & Happy Writing to Everyone! *


  1. Congratulations on the well-deserved award!

  2. #4 is awesome. I used to love looking through the dictionary for fun words like that. *blushes* at admitting such total geekdom!

  3. 100,000 words? Bring on the cookies!

    (Hope that sounds excited and not like a rabid monkey)

    Thanks for the award! And congrats to everyone!

  5. Congratulations on the award! You deserve it.

  6. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOO SWEEEETTTT! Thank you veryveryveryvery much. Sincerely. Thank you:)

  7. here is a word for you

  8. Congratulations on the award! And thanks for passing it on to me.

  9. AWWWWWWW! Well I DO think you're fantastic! I love your #4 and I am so with you on Friday nights!

  10. Congrats on the award! (You've written 100,000 words since April! That's awesome!)

  11. CONGRATS on your well deserved award! *tosses confetti* *throws streamers* *blows horn*

    Oh #1 is my crack/addiction too. :)
    And Word Nerdery (#4) is my other addiction...some words *sigh* just the feel of them on my tongue makes me joyful. (I love your selections)
    I'm a total word whore.

    And, I DO think you're FANTASTIC! ♡

    THANK YOU for passing an award along to me. I'm honored, touched, grateful. *hugs*


  12. Congratulations on a much deserved award.

    Thank you so much for this award Talei. I am delighted you have enjoyed a post of mine to list me among the above named bloggers. Chuffed to the gills.

    Just wanted to add, I too fall victim to the 2 for 3 sale stickers.

  13. Book stores attract me like the old "5 and dime" did kids. Even when I make no purchase I love browsing through the stacks. And the chocolate souffle - well, just don't get between me and it.
    Congrats on your new award. Versatile, yes that compliments you.

  14. Oh you are all stars!

    @ Melissa - thanks so much!

    @ Solvang - We've got to embrace our inner sleeky geekness! LOL ;)

    @ CQG - you're so welcome dear girl!

    @ Samantha - freshly baked cookies and bubbly are here! Please do help yourself. ;)

  15. @ Vicki - LOL. OOO OOO OOO! You're very welcome. I was pretty touched by one of your recents posts. ;)

    @ Golden Eagle - my you look fine perched up there! Thanks so much for stopping by. ;)

    @Candyland - And you're the candiest of candy! Congrats dearie. ;)

    @ Joanna - HA! Love it. Here's one back at ya. 'Loquaciousness'. ;)

  16. @Carol - you're welcome dear lady, I love stopping by your umbrella by the sea too. ;)

    @Christina - SQUEE! You make me laugh. Fridays nights in are the new black!

    @Carolyn - thanks! 100,000 and counting - this is another reason I want to keeps growing. ;)

  17. @ Lola, loving the confetti and heart shape. How'd you do that? And I'm glad to be in good company on #4! Word Whore indeed. LOL. xx

    @Ann, oh you're very welcome. Book sales, shoe sales...almost on a par here. LOL. Btw I'm going try the creative writing exercises link that you posted. ;)

    @Mya - thats true, nothing better than browsing and being able to walk away. I should try that more often. Choc souffles all round tonight! x

  18. Awesome! SO glad you received that and thank you SOO much for mine! *blushes with warm fuzzies*

    You are too wonderful for words.... I will display it with pride.

    I love your #4. I'm the same way... some words just roll off your lips like slippery butter ... and you absoultely have to say them aloud. :)


  19. Love your tidbits:) A hundred thou words - Yay! You go!

    And congrats to you and the other Versatile Blogger award winners!

    I'm a sucker for bookstores, too.

  20. oh how positively lovely of you! thanks for passing it on! and you're so deserving of the award! congrats!

  21. Hi,

    Thanks muchly, I shall add it the others!

    That addiction to books - so with you on that.


  22. Congrats on your much deserved award, Talei, and merci beaucoup for passing it on to me! I am very honored and flattered to be listed with this prestigious group of bloggers. Loved your seven tidbits and learning more about you, too! Cheers, cher!

  23. Thank you for the award, and congrats on it yourself :) It's nice to have a ready-made blog post!

  24. Thanks for the award. :)
    Nice #4. Words are fabulous. I recommend omphaloskepsis (the art of study one's navel to predict one's future). That's my personal favorite.

  25. Congrats Talie, and thanks so much for making me one of your recipient!

  26. @PK Hrezo - Hi, you're absolutely welcome! ;) And words - I love that 'rolling off your lips like slippery buttery.' Nice said!

    @Terry, - I'm a total sucker too. - Ah books, let me count the ways! ;)

    @Amie, aw, thank you and you're very deserving too dear lady. ;)

    @ Francine, you're welcome! I think we all share the same addiction here. ;)

  27. @Bish - thank you very muchly! ;))

    @Marguerite - you're welcome my dear, I love all the culinary delights on your blog!! ;)

    @Lyla - hello ;) You're very welcome. Awards are great for posts especially the ones with instructions.

  28. @Dominique - Wow. Thanks for that word! It's a newbie for me. I Like! How about 'kerfuffle?' (causing disturbance)

    @Shellie - your welcome! Happy editing and writing! ;)

  29. You are extremely deserving of your award and I thank you for your generosity in passing recognition on to me.

  30. Like you I'm a book addict, a word addict and a Friday night addict. Woo hoo! But I don't know what chocolate souffles are.

  31. @Manzanita, you're welcome! :))

    @KarenG, ;) Choc souffles are individual pots of heavenly desserts. Best served warm with oozing centre. yum..mmm now I want some!


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