Weekend Wander through Burlington House

Burlington House
This weekend I hopped along to Burlington House, a lovely old Georgian building in Piccadilly.  The Geological Society is housed in the former stable block in front of the old house, and the Society were one of the many organisations that participated in the London's Open City event 2010.

Let's be honest, I was particularly interested in seeing their Libraries and Map rooms.  Well, any room full of books is a sure fire way to get my attention.   The Society has two libraries, one that houses an impressive 300,000 texts.  I had to see for myself.  As the tour guide read from her note sheet, I stepped quietly past the pre-historic aged dinosaur jaws in the lobby, tiptoed by the portraits of stern faced men and stood in front of the two old maps hanging on the wall in the adjacent landing.

There's something nostalgic about visiting historic buildings.  You always imagine the people who've walked in the halls before you, how they lived, what their names were.  Looking out of the windows, I wonder who else may have shared this vista 200 years earlier.  Did someone run his or her fingers alongside the same wall too?  I let my thoughts run wild.  The horses and carriages are long gone but if you listen carefully, you may just hear hooves in the stone courtyard outside the grand building.

A library that houses over 300,000 books
These take me back to
school days *sigh*

Mr Pursed lips

The society inspect the
infamous Piltdown skull
Maps galore
Jnr Scribe causes a disturbance
 on the staircase
Perfect Nook for Writing

Mr Cool circa 1700
Gates to the House
The Old Stable Block

Burlington House About 1700
Is that a smirk I see?

How about you?  How was your weekend?

A/N: Photo credits courtesy of Yours truly.  I hope you enjoy a few of the pics snapped on Saturday, the event is run once a year and I did enjoy the tour!  I learnt a little bit more about one of London's old society's.  Very interesting to note that the members were allegedly known as early republicans and refused the title of 'Royal' in front of their name.  Quite scandalous I thought.


  1. Talei,
    I enjoyed each photo and your walk through time. I wondered how many people view history and old building the way you do. I certainly do. It's as if you mesmerize yourself into another time frame and "you are there." It's a wonderful way to travel. :)
    A joyful new week.

  2. Beautiful place. I feel just like you - I like a place with a little history and imagine who walked the same spots as me. And I love places with books, of course.

  3. Manzanita, thank you. Am glad you enjoyed the photos and the little tour through the old building. ;)
    Have a lovely week!

  4. Thanks Theresa, its definitely a great place to wander through. It houses a few Society's and also the Royal Academy of Arts. I love visiting London's historical spots. ;)

  5. What a great place! Thanks for sharing. I feel the same about historic buildings.

    There aren't as many in Florida as in New England, never mind Olde England, but I've seen a few here.

    Tomorrow I'm blogging about the nice Star award you gave me:) I only blog once a week.

  6. Loved your photo's! Yes, a walk through time is wonderful, especially the places in London.
    I've always thought The Foundlings Museum particularly interesting, and, of course a picnic on the Embankment!
    Pleased that you had a wonderful week-end!

  7. Wow! I'd love to visit that place! It looks like it would provide some incredible inspiration :)

  8. Thank you for the tour. In old, and it helps if they are stately, beautiful, buildings I have trouble paying close attention to what the guide is saying, for my imagination is playing out scenes of what it would be like to live there. I can be quite territorial and wish everyone would leave.
    The library catalog looks just like the one in our old public library. I always liked the mellow sounds caused by taking out the drawers, and replacing them. The worn wood had its own charm that I do not see in plastic computers; however, I do appreciate the swiftness of the technology.
    Wonder if they have a gift shop where copies of old maps and prints can be purchased.

  9. Hi Terry,

    I've heard great things about both Florida and New England. ;) One day I'll get there.

    Will pop over to your blog tomorrow for sure. x

  10. Hello Alice,

    Thank you, I'm popping the Foundlings Museum on my list of places to visit. We've had a picnic on the South bank side of the river and just soaked up the activity on the river. I can people watch for hours. ;)

  11. Hi Bethany, definitely worth a visit if you can. Piccadilly has some lovely old back streets and famous shops near by too. ;)

  12. Hello Mya, gosh the library catalog drawers took me back a few good years. ;) I enjoy todays technology too but often long for reminders of the past. And I'm with you - I definitely wish the groups would move on so I can have rooms or views to myself. LOL

  13. Oh yes, I could hear the hooves and the turning wheels. What a beautiful library. Walls of books, Heaven!

  14. Hi! I hopped over from Kittie Howard's blog to say hello. :-)

    Love the pics!

  15. Talei, I have a little something for you at my place. Enjoy!

  16. Hi Ann - my thoughts exactly! ;)

    Hi Shannon - thank you and lovely to meet you!

    Hi Kittie - ooh I'm curious! Popping over to yours now! ;)

  17. Great pics!! I have come your way via Kittie..looking forward to following!

    Jeanne :)

  18. Hi Jeanne,

    Welcome! ;) And thank you so much for following. Looking forward to reading your posts too.



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