Rainbows, Butterflies and Flowers

Isn't it funny how sometimes you search for something, you have no idea what it is until you find it.  All of your existence, the essence of you changes, life makes sense and you wonder how you ever lived through each day without that special soul in your universe.  Yesterday, whilst reading on my favourite brown sofa, C - scribe junior, strolls by and throws his arms around my neck from behind in a great big little bear hug.  He then proceeded to poke one of his fingers in my eye.  Lovingly of course.

Me:  What are you doing?
C:  I want to feel your eyeflashes.
Me: My eye flashes?
C:  Yes.  I want to see what they feel like.
Me: Oh.  I put my book aside and hold still.  And, what do they feel like?
C:  They feel like rainbows, butterflies and flowers.

**For C** 

Five years ago tomorrow, 
An angel came into my life,
 I didn't know his name,
 Or how long he would stay.

My soul stopped searching,
That day that you were born.
I watched you quietly sleeping, 
And though tears filled my eyes, 
 My heart began to hum.

Your laughter is my joy, 
Your pain, my sorrow,
I wonder at the love I feel,
It's Infinity x Infinity

C's i-doodle rainbow

** Happy Birthday C! XOXO **

When was the last time you dreamt about butterflies and rainbows?

Photocredits Scribe Jnr.  


  1. awh! how sweet! kids are so precious....i've been poked in the eye many times!

  2. Ha! That's true, I should've asked 'when was the last time you were poked in the eye?' Have a lovely week Amie. ;)

  3. What a wonderful moment. Your poem is just beautiful. Happy birthday C!

    My children are all grown, it has been years since I had butterflies and rainbows in my day to day doings. I miss them...says she with tears springing to her eyes.

  4. Awwww . . . you're so nice to let him feel your eye flashes! Butterflies and rainbows sound pretty good.:)

  5. Eye flashes? That's incredibly adorable.

  6. Hi Ann, thank you. It was a pretty special, after he said that I got a little mushy, had to hide a few tears too. Its okay - we're allowed those moments right? ;)

    PS: Luckily it'll be a few years before he reads this blog - and then it'll be 'MUM I can't believe you wrote that!"

  7. Ah Janet, thank you. I thought so too, these eye flashes are quite special. LOL.

  8. Ha! Lyla - I know. *flutters eye flashes* I couldn't even correct him that time.

  9. Oh I love it! I have a 5 and 4 year old. They're just treasures. My daughter calls the tickle in her belly when we go over a hill or ride a ride, her "pink butterflies." lol SHe's convinced they're pink!

  10. Oh this is too sweet. I have my butterflies and rainbows at home. You can read my post from Friday to see what makes my daughter so sweet. And it's about butterflies!

  11. Ah PK, 'pink butterflies' ;) I love their confidence at this age. They're absolutely 'pink'.

  12. Ah Theresa, thanks. ;) Rainbows are very big in our house this past week. And I shall flutter by right now dear lady.

  13. Oh! I LOVE that! Eyeflashes that feel like rainbows, butterflies and flowers. A reminder to stay in touch with every little thing. Makes me get all misty eyed.

  14. I love all of this - the poem, the rainbow, and especially the eye flashes.

  15. This is so sweet. Much sweeter than what I did to my mom yesterday. We were in the car and I had the urge to poke her in the cheek. I have no idea why but I have horrible impulse control.... she was like what was that for? And I was like... you know, I have no idea.

    Your kid sounds much better then me. Even when I was a kid!

  16. Awwww, that is so sweet! From the mouths of babes, love how they perceive the world.

  17. @ Bish, thanks! And yes I guess it's a great reminder about the little creatures around us too. Funny how little kids are so aware of them.

    @ Carol, the 'eyeflashes' thank you with many a glittery flutter. ;)

    @ Dominique - thank you! ;)

    Ha! @ Melissa, you did what to your mother? LOL. Its those crazy impulsive moments that make me laugh.

    @Kerri, thank you! That is so true. ;)

  18. Oh what a beautiful poem and such a beautiful child to say that about your flashes:) Happy Birthday to little "C"!!!

  19. How adorable! Happy birthday to your precious one!

  20. Awwww, so sweet :-)
    Happy Birthday C!

  21. This was adorable, your eye flashes, kids are adorable! Happy Birthday to the little one! That's a beautiful poem!

  22. so precious! What a wonderful gift to share in rainbows, butterflies and flowers. Happy birthday to C :)

  23. Such an adorable gesture and what a cute answer! Lovely poem,too. Happy birthday to your little angel!

  24. That is so sweet! Happy Birthday C!!! =D

  25. My advice is to be sure to write down the sayings of kids. You think you could never forget the things they say, but unfortunately we do.
    I do remember a few comments my children made but I am still surprised how much I have forgotten. At least I have their drawings and paintings - many are in folders, and much of it is framed and adorns the walls of my house.

  26. @Terry - thanks so much, the flashes are very fluttery today. ;)

    @Melissa - ;) he's pretty adorable, thanks!

    @Agnes - thank you! I think he's enjoying opening all his presents today. ;)

    @Jen - thank you dearie, its a pretty raw poem but I think he might like it one day. ;)

  27. @Lynda - thank you! It's a lovely gift indeed. ;)

    @Marguerite - thank you! the angel is happy today! ;)

    @ Carolyn, thanks so much. I'm pretty chuffed with his little sayings. ;)

  28. @Mya, thats a wonderful advice. It would be nice to have something I can read later. I'm going to try and keep a collection. Thank you. ;)

  29. Lately the moments with my young kids seems so precious and fleeting. They just grow up soooo fast!

    This story is sweet. Thanks for sharing! And it's great to meet you, Talei. :o)


  30. That is a moment you will always remember. What a lovely poem for a precious person. A very dear post.

  31. Hi Jackee, you're absolutely right, these moments are fleeting. I think Mya's idea to write them down is a great one. ;) Lovely to meet you too and thanks so much for stopping by.

    Hello Manzanita, thank you ;) I love moments like these.

  32. *sob* Now I have to go hug my kids.

  33. LOL Erin - you're not alone. ;)


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