Friday Night Drinks Trolley

Our dear lady is rather late in rolling out the drinks trolley, but never has arrived!  Tonight's selection however is strictly champagne and with good reason, come with me...

 Champagne is perfect for....
Celebrating traditions...

Fun nights out!
Soaking up sunsets...
Lounging in the bath...
Romantic picnics...
actually just any picnic really...

You can have it with strawberries...

Whilst taking in the view
It's a perfect start to a lovely evening...

Come join me for some bubbly now,
it's my birthday this weekend and I'd love to have you all over!


Photocredits via weheartit


  1. Well, I wish you the merriest of birthdays ever! Great reason for champagne, and the trolley is welcomed whenever it is rolled out -besides it is still early here in the states.
    I do believe I will have another - thank you so much. The food and drinks are delicious, the decorations are jubliant, the view devine, and the company charming and delightful.

  2. Happy Birthday Talei! Here's to a great weekend...

  3. Happy birthday!!! Definitely a champagne occasion. I'm sure you'll celebrate in style. :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Talei! *sings a bit as she reaches for a glass of champagne with strawberries*. And many, many happy returns to you. You're a beautiful person all the year, with your blog's heart touching us. Lots of wishes for your day to be extra special!

  5. Have a wonderful birthday weekend. Here's a toast to you!

    I want a dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower like that.

  6. Happy birthday! Cheers. (I'll take a mimosa on the beach.)

  7. Hope you have a fantabulous birthday Talei and I agree with Theresa that view of the Eiffel Tower at night is utterly breathtaking.

  8. Happy Birthday! And plenty of joyous bubbles throughout the year!

  9. Wonderful photographs! They almost make me want to drink!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful birthday. Happy, happy!!
    Ann Best, Author @ Long Journey Home

  10. Happy Birthday, Talei! :D I hope you have a wonderful time!

  11. Happy birthday! Have a great weekend! I love all of those pics, especially the adorable picnic basket.

  12. OOOHHHH! Did I miss the champagne already?!?!?! my favorite thing? Happy Birthday! The perfect way to celebrate and EXACTLY how I celebrate mine! CHEERS and BEST WISHES for the coming year!

  13. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you so much. I hope you're all having/had a wonderful weekend too. It's been a lovely bubbly birthday this side of the pond. I've indulged but still managed to squeeze in some writing on my MS. Which pleases me alot! ;-)


  14. Beautiful photographs! I hope you have an amazing birthday! :)


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