Microfiction Monday

Lulu-Belle flitted over the human's shoes, -she knew she shouldn't, but she was so tired of skipping barefoot over the dewy grass.  Soon, they would be hers
Writing a story in less than 140 characters? This could be good practice for my twittering skills, and well, blogging in general. The above post is my first attempt at the Micro Fiction writing exercises courtesy of Susan at Stony River, each week she posts a photo and the challenge is to write a story in less than 140 characters.

So, did we all love the Oscar gowns last night?  *nods head profusely *  My favourite was Anne Hathaway in the stunning red Valentino, I have a soft spot for all things Valentino as you might know, and coming in second, I quite liked Milla Unis in the lilac Ellie Saab number.  Tres lovely.

This week, my writing plan is to keep calm and carry on editing my MS, it has taken an incredible amount of time and energy but it must be done.  Over the past month, I've considered what would get me closer to my goal, and it's finding the time to finish this story.  I shall continue blogging as I love it too much not to, however I'll cut back to posting two days a week for now, -Monday and Friday, anything in between will be spontaneous.  I hope you all understand,  I want to finish this story and move onto the next phase of querying.  * deep le sigh*   The journey continues...

Happy Monday Lovelies, and have a lovely week!  
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  1. OH! I love your microfiction! Now I want to try this. It seems like a lot of fun! (hard, but awesome!)

  2. Good job with the microfiction! Always an excellent exercise. Best of luck with the revising. I know how it is....

  3. Ooh, what a fun character--and in only 140 characters! I love it. And yes, the Oscar dresses were lovely!

  4. Good luck with the revising. I'm in both stages. Querying one project and revising another. Down side is I forget to send out queries because I'm too focused on my edits, plus querying takes time away from editing.

  5. Loved your tiny story.
    Best of editing -- stay focused.

  6. I like your little story. Very cute!
    And what fun watching the Oscars with tweeps! Made for a different experience. Mila's and Halle's were my fave dresses.

    Good luck on the revising. :)

  7. Her mind is set I see. Hope she gets them! :O)

  8. Considering our wet, cold grass I'd be looking for some shoes, too!! Fun take for the week! Hope you have a great day!


  9. I am in the midst of HEAVY edits on my novel and I'm about ready to throw in the towel and start something NEW. But I can't, of course, because it IS a good story, even if I'm sick of it now.

    Have a great week!

  10. Melissa, I've been trying to do it for sometime but I kept missing the time of the photo being posted! Finally caught one. ;-) Do try it!

    Bish, thanks my dear!

    Meredith, cheers lovely. Oh and I loved the Oscars, esp the dresses!

    Stina, thank you! Wow, you're doing both? I feel so behind on mine, everyone seems to have multiple WIPs at the moment. Good luck with your revising and querying too!

    Mary, thank you! Glad you enjoyed the mini story ;-) I'm going to try and get this one done, there's a few other WIPs I want to move onto as well.

    PK, cheers my dear, the Oscars were cool - loved chatting with tweeps! ;-)

    Diane, Oh I think she's dancing around in the shoes all day now... ;-)

  11. Nice! Those are going to be some big shoes to fill!

  12. Sylvia, thank you! I love walking barefoot, though I imagined a fairy in the morning dew might have cold feet. Have a lovely week! ;-)

    Melissa, keep going! You can do it. I shall come cheer you on too! Have a wonderful week! ;-)

  13. Pat, haha! Actually she's putting a few drops of magical shrinking potion into the shoe... that's how she's going to get them. ;-)

  14. LuLu Belle should treat herself too.
    Good MFM! Love your take.
    I also am a fan of Valentino, the lines are so stunning! Good luck on your editing!

  15. I love the story! :)

    Good luck with your edits!

  16. The story is lovely little piece! I hear you on cutting back on blogging. It's always a delicate balance of how much to put into writing on the blog and knowing you need to spend your energies on your real stuff! Speaking of which...

    Finally saw THE GOWN for myself! Lovely-- just as your described. She looked terrific! As did Milla! What was Sharon Stone thinking? Did you see her? yikes! A little witchy woman going on there! Happy Writing ;)

  17. Peggy, thank you! Valentino gowns are always special aren't they? ;-)

    Golden Eagle, thanks so much!

    Danette, very pleased that you enjoyed the mini fiction. Thank you! ;-) And, ooh le gowns are quite lovely. I'll have to check out Sharon Stone. Happy writing to you too!

  18. I hope she had a way to make the shoes shrink enough for her to wear....great MM this week. Cheers~

  19. Your microfiction leaves me wondering what comes next - guess that means you did a good job.
    Good luck with your projects.

  20. Oh, yes definitely good writing discipline - what comes next? I want to know!

  21. Ooh, this was great! I'm continuing with edits this week too... I hope all goes well! :)

  22. "keep calm and carry on" - - ah, that's what I needed to hear today. Thanks! Back to the revision mines.

  23. Sylvia, she used the magical shrinking potion...;-)

    Mya, thank you dear lady!

    Cat,miaou miaou miaou. ;-)

    Writing nut, cheers! I hope your writing is going well too.

    Margo, it's a great mantra, I apply it to many situations. ;-)


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