Just Kiss Already

The lovely Christina Lee and Stina Lindenblatt have teamed up to co-host the 'Just Kiss Already Blogfest.' The rules, -keep it to 250 words, have fun and check out some of the other entries!  Here's mine.

* Grace and Jasper in Hong Kong. *

Grace stood at the edge of the balcony, contemplating the bright lights of the city skyscrapers that glistened as the sun lowered on the horizon.  Hong Kong was such a dirty city close up, -much prettier from afar.  She drained the contents of her wine glass, carefully placing it on the wooden rail.  The luncheon had been fun, a small party of six, and Jasper had been a great host, regaling tales of his recent trip to Shanghai.  The last of his friends had just left, and Grace could hear the distinct sound of his footsteps across the wooden floorboards now, each step sending her senses into overdrive.  He stood at the large sliding doors behind her, watching.  Maybe, she should go, -it was just the two of them, and that evening sunset on the harbour.  She exhaled slowly as he stepped outside towards her.

No, -she didn’t want leave tonight, and without turning, she knew he was already undressing her.  She’d chosen the cream Valentino dress with a slightly low cut back, knowing that even if they were not face to face, she would still have his attention.

“Grace?”  His voice warm and intoxicating, his fingers gentle, tracing the line of her collarbone, sweeping her hair to one side. Grace closed her eyes, her heart did not speed up; instead it stilled as the warmth of his body enveloped her, and she arched, -allowing access to the soft velvet of her neck.  They fit perfectly.  She gasped as his soft lips came down, his strong arms steadying her, his gentle blue eyes searching hers, and without hesitating she reached up.  “Kiss me…” She murmured, pulling his face deep into hers.

* End *
© T.Loto 2011 Grace and Jasper. All rights reserved.
A/N:  I hope you enjoyed this snippet, please let me know your thoughts!
* XOX *


  1. Have you posted this before? This seemed so familiar to me and I have no idea why. I can't place it.

    Anyways, that aside. It was great. Very romantic. Plus, I love the name Jasper!

  2. I kind of want the dress! And I'm with Melissa- love the name Jasper! Just Kiss Already Blogfest

  3. Very nice, and I love the idea of picking the dress so that he would watch her as much from the back as the front. Clever and sexy.

  4. Very sweet and touching. Hope it was a great kiss. :)

  5. Oh my goodness, SWOON! This is just incredible. I want more!

  6. WOWZA! Perfect! You write so well!!

  7. I enjoyed this! A woman who knows what she wants! Thanks for sharing!

  8. You have painted a soft titillating scene with your description. He will not have to question to kiss or not to kiss. Perhaps we should tip toe out now.

  9. "She’d chosen the cream Valentino dress with a slightly low cut back, knowing that even if they were not face to face, she would still have his attention."

    Clever girl!

  10. I'm with everyone else - gotta love a properly planned outfit. I hope the kiss lived up to the expectations set by the scene :)

  11. Very nice!
    I hope you have a Happy Valentine's day...

  12. Hello Everyone - thanks for your lovely comments!

    Melissa, glad you enjoyed! I haven't posted this before but I think you may be thinking of my 'Love Scene' post. I've used the name Gracie in the Cinderella blogfest - but this version is a grown-up Grace. ;-)

    Samantha, FAB dress, I love it too. Jasper's a great name right?

    Dianne, thank you dear lady!

    Stina, yup I think they may have enjoyed it! ;-)

    Meredith, hi! Thank you my dear, love that you enjoyed!

    Colene, aw thanks! *blushes*

    Katie, you're welcome and thank you!

    Mya, we should just tip-toe out, you're quite right my dear! ;-)

    Donna, oh our Grace is intelligent and sassy. Thanks so much for stopping by! ;-)

    Elaine, a properly planned outfit always sets the tone. ;-)

    Pat, cheers! I've had a lovely Valentines, busy at work but now I can relax! Hope you've had a wonderful one too! :-)

  13. This was a very sensual little snippet, I like it. Good for her making sure she dressed so she'd have his attention no matter what side he saw!

  14. Beth, thank you so much! I'll pop over to your blog shortly.

    Tracy, we like sensual snippets! ;-) Thanks so much for stopping by.

  15. Oh dear...the tracing of the collar bone thing...got me!
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  16. NICE!!!! I like how her heart stilled and how she wore the low back dress to have his attention!

  17. Ooooo very dashing and I totally want that dress!!! Bravo!

  18. Nice and steamy! I love that she grabs him at the end, "Kiss me". I can just hear it! Awesome snippet ~ :)

  19. Poor Jaspar - he didn't have a chance! :D

    very sexy! well written :)


  20. I'm seriously blushing. Wowza!!! I love your writing, always have!!! I've been lurking for a long while and just had to stop by and comment today (sorry for being so distant).

    Love the name Jasper!

  21. Raquel, oh, am very pleased you liked it, thanks so much. ;-)

    Christina, hello! A great big thank you to you and Stina for hosting the blogfest! ;-)

    PK, ha! Looks like there's quite a queue for that dress. Thanks for stopping by. ;)

    Donea, so very happy to hear your comments, thank you!

    Dom, ha! I suspect Jasper enjoyed the dress just as much as everyone else has. Thanks so much for your lovely comments! ;-)

    Jen, Aw, thank you sweet! * deep blush* So chuffed you really like it. x

  22. I'm still slowly getting around this week. Argh. But it was well worth it. Your scene was so mesmerizing that I just wanted to keep reading on until I saw the word END...*$@#)* But I appreciate you sharing that much. It was great.


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