Rolling Out Le Rouge Carpet!

Well, just in case you're been writing in a deep coma of late, I thought you should know, - the Oscars countdown is on, we're just a few days away.  I know, you're extremely busy, diligently writing, but good writers get to take breaks too.  Plus, I'm a total Hollywood geek, - go on, ask me anything about films.  So, are you ready for the red carpet this year? Who will win?  More importantly, what will everyone be wearing?  I mean, seriously -this is why I love to watch.  The gowns, le hair, le shoes -what's not to like?  Personally, I shall be cheering for 'The Kings Speech', because you all know that Mr Darcy is not only swoon-worthy but a great actor, which these days, let's be honest can be wanting...  Oh, and secretly, I want 'Toy Story' to win something, quite frankly, who can go past Buzz Lightyear in 'Spanish mode'?  Anyway, it's Friday -and I've happily crafted a list of essentials for Oscar viewing...

Le Sofa... tres important to be comfortable
whilst viewing...
You may need one of these....
Or perhaps one with a straw?
You most definitely will need your phone,
for gossip updates with your girlfriends,
 ' is she really with...?
And, er,  
 'has she had some, like ..'work' done?'
Lastly but not least,
throw on your own gown,
because why shouldn't you too?
photocredits via weheartit.

A/N:  Happy Weekend All!  I shall be relaxing, reading, writing, and catching up with friends this weekend.  Oh, and keeping an eye on le Oscars gossip, er, gowns... you know what I mean.   How about you?


  1. My 8 yo son wants to watch the Oscars since he plans to make movies one day. This is like home work for him. I'd rather write, but I do like the pre-awards shows. very entertaining.

  2. Hi, Talei,

    Love your post.... How fun to get all dressed up, stretch out on that fabulous fainting couch, with champagne in hand....

    LOVE the phone.

    I'm also having a P-A-R-T-Y at my blog today for all the bloggers who entered into the ABNA contest. Several of us made it through the next round including moi, so put on your twirliest dress and hop on over.


  3. These are some fabulous pictures!!! I don't really watch the award shows but I'd watch them with you if you could really offer me everything in those pictures!

  4. What a fun way to watch the Oscars! I really just care about the pre-show--can't wait to see the gowns!

  5. Stina, ah, the pre awards are always fun to watch, and I love your son's choice of career, how fantastic to know this at 8 years. ;-)

    Michael, thank you! And I have donned my latest twirliest gown and shall be right over!

    Melissa, of course you can have whatever you like from these pictures! I crafted them just for you. ;-)

    Meredith, ha, yup - love the pre-show! We should exchange notes on the gowns afterwards! ;-)

  6. I love the Oscars - it's such an EVENT and while I do like my favourite actors to get their moment in the sun and go home with a little golden guy, for me the best part is the red carpet and ogling all the fabulous (and not so fabulous) couture and.......the shoes!

    Bubbly and popcorn are definites but I'm afraid I always watch in my comfiest pair of jammies.

  7. Hehe.. I watched them for a bit, but then I forced myself back to my computer to try and get some work done! :)

  8. I love, love the Oscars too, and everything that goes with it. Loved most of Anne Hathaway's gowns, except for the last one that looked too tight and nude. Thought she was wonderful as a host, and thought James Franco would have been great ... without her. Next to her bubbliness, he looked too sedate. But he was fine when he wasn't with her and there was no comparison. I wondered who Michelle Williams was holding hands with on the red carpet. I wondered whose rose-tattooed shoulder was constantly in the left-corner of any clip with Ryan Seacrest in the pre-show. I thought Mila Kunis was beautiful. I wondered why Virginia Madsen was on the red carpet, and thought she looked like hell. I thought Melissa Leo was beautiful, but an idiot for not being eloquent enough to avoid the F-word. The talk of that the next day overshadowed everything else. I thought Colin Firth's acceptance speech was great. And I have to go see Inception since it won all those technical awards. And I'm angry with Charlie Sheen who has taken over the airwaves and shortened our post-Oscar buzz.


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