Keep Calm And Carry On Crafting

This morning, I rose at dawn, pulled on my fluffy pink slippers, and traipsed downstairs.  It was a hazy- Earl-Grey-London-kind-of-morning, the small town on the horizon still drowsy with sleep.  Even the hound lay snoring, comfortably burrowed in his paw-print blanket.  What was I doing up so early?  Well, dear friends, its like this...I had committed to a duel, pens at the ready - versus a particularly feisty chapter.  You may have one of your own, it's the type that doesn't let you sleep, the one that drifts in when you are mid-conversation with friends or family, vying for your attention despite your best attempts to let it lie for awhile.  It's that chapter that, no matter how many times you re-read it, could always do with a 're-work.' For me, it's my Chapter 19, like, version 1.8.  Here's the thing, -it's a crucial chapter, methinks, -a turning point for my beautifully-flawed-well-rounded MC, -thus, I must do it justice.

So, scissors, measuring tape and ink at my side, I'm going in!  By nightfall I will own said pesky chapter, and it will resemble something beautiful... like this butterfly dress here.  

How about you?  How's your crafting progressing? 

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A/N:  I should tell you that, I like to build myself up for challenges, and I do enjoy climbing mountains, swimming rivers, and flying Ninja style aka Crouching Tiger in the evenings, know, because these are all just warm-up exercises compared to writing a book right?  Happy Monday All!


  1. LOL I loved this post. I just finished a ms but I'm thinking I may have to challenge myself to get off my derriere and back into the writing again - working on something new might take my mind off of waiting:) New follower!

  2. That dress is INCREDIBLE. I want it! If I could make a chapter like that, I think my book would be just fine. :) Good luck!

  3. I want a dress like that (and the figure too.) Anyway...revisions are coming along. I'm surprising myself.

  4. Wonderful post! I'm digging into a pesky chapter of my own in just a bit, but not one as critical as yours. You'll get it done and be your own hero by the end of the day.

  5. Lindsay, welcome! Am so glad you enjoyed and lovely to meet you too, I've followed back. Good look with your MS! ;-)

    Meredith, I HAD to have it for my post today! I'm sure you'll craft a lovely butterfly like this one.

    Bish, good to hear. I'm finding my own revisions taking longer than anticipated. The good thing, sometimes I find myself laughing at my own work. In a nice way. ;-)

    Carol, good luck with your pesky one too. Am sure you'll shine through in the end dear lady! We have a toast under your sun umbrella! ;-)

  6. That dress is so pretty!!!

    My revising is going okay... I have no idea how to fix the beginning of my book but... you know. Crap happens.

  7. Revisions are ALWAYS underway. I am never quite satisfied... even when it's time to leave it alone. I know enough to do that! The perfectionist in me is never quite happy unfortunately... UGH! Happy writing!

  8. I love the images! They are gorgeous!!!

    Good luck with the next thousand revisions. I know all to well how that works.

  9. Great post Talei!
    I'm to the point where I feel that prescription drugs are all that can help me move forward. Right now it all looks like a big pile of words. I need clarity!

  10. My crafting is at a stand still right now - hope to get back to it tonight. I have so many irons in the fire writing-wise that I'm not quite sure what do to next!

    Hope you managed to "slay" your chapter problems!

  11. Ah yes, the duel! :) I hope it went well - fabbo dress!

  12. Melissa, oh yes, I hear you. Sometimes crap happens. Eloquently put dear lady. ;-)

    Danette, sometimes I ignore the perfectionist. Flaws are so much more... compelling?

    Jen, thanks Hun! Always great to hear I'm not alone on this one. ;-)

    Pat, cheers! I think I could well understand that, sometimes a good few martinis gets me going. Good luck with your writing!

    Melissa M, I just slayed the beast of a chapter, well its probably still got life in it yet but right now I've been through once today so am downing pens. ;-)

    Talli, went well, still a little tweaking but for today thats it! I've already thrown down some Katy Perry and Snoop Dog in a celebratory dance around the room!

  13. Good luck in your duel! That dress is gorgeous!

  14. AHH the beginning of this post made me feel like I was there. And you kind of made early morning seem like an okay place to be! Don't worry, I know better.

    Good luck with chapter 19 today! I Look forward to hearing how you conquered it!

  15. You own it, girl. :) I'm working on a new book, and first drafting is always a great place to experiment and try new things with craft-- so that's what I'm doing! Good luck with your chapter today.

  16. Awww I love how you "crafted" this post--sooo pretty!

  17. That is one beautiful dress. Drooling! I hope you mastered the chapter.

  18. Sondrae, thanks so much! 'tis a lovely dress!

    Bethany, it seems to be a hit today!;-)

    Colene, oh the mornings here a nice and quietish- aside from the chirpy birds. I've made a dent in the chapter, its now v1.9 and I've moved onto the next chapter, thank goodness!

    Shallee, good point, first drafts are a good time to experiment a little. Good luck with your new book!! ;-) I can't wait to move to my next project.

    Christina, Its London fashion week here, so I wanted to do a semi fashion post, think it worked? Love this craft! ;-)

  19. Wearing pink, fuzzy slippers and wielding sissors of considerable size I would expect you to be the victor, but we are cheering for you, from a safe distance, anyway.

  20. Ann, hello! Yes, its quite a lovely frock. Twas a hard chapter, still I pushed past it today so pleased. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Mya, you're THE best cheerleader! Thank you dear. ;-)

  21. That dress is fabulous.
    As to the crafting process... Yesterday I turned to my critique partner and yelled, "Help!" And she helped. Really, all she did was draw an arc with some lines on it and asked me questions, but it put it back into baby steps and made it so much more approachable. The good news? I wrote all day today. :)
    Good luck to you!

  22. Talei; I sure hope you owned that chapter by the end of the day. Such dedication deserves reward.


  23. That is one fabulous dress. I wish/hope I could do the literary equivalent.

    I've been there - the point in the book when the story and characters will not let you go. It's a good obsession. Good luck!


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