V is for V-Day

It was late January, one Saturday morning, I found myself flipping distractedly through rows of unsuitable birthday cards, and before I could scream 'not-another-corny-hallmark-card,' I literally fell backwards into two towering stands of pink and crimson, and yes, those unmistakable shimmery satin hearts edged in lace.  It was the formidable 'V is for Valentine's Day' stock.  And, that dear friends is when I realised that somehow we were already between New Years, and Easter.  Now, I'm a self-confessed romantic writerly type who's in the midst of revising a love story and I don't have St. Valentines day tattooed in scarlet on my calendar.  For shame?  I don't think so, it's one of those holidays I never took seriously, however, six days and counting, I'm starting to feel the love in this great city, and I've compiled eight of my all time favourite Valentine gifts, -especially for writers.  

1.  Notebooks - who can resist a lovely blank page to fill with your latest ideas?  Perfect for travel, airport, trains, cafes -or at home, on the chaise lounge, in the garden, bathtub, or your bed stand, within reach of those 'eureka' moments.  Symthson's have the best colours to die, I mean, write for!  

2.  A Fine Pen.  Fountain pens aren't just for elderly Aunts.  Ballpoint, pencils, -whatever your fancy.  Pick a nice one because good ideas roll off your mind onto the page with flourishing style, right?  That's what I thought.

3. A Poem for your beloved.  'How much do I love thee?  Let me count the ways' - Some of you lovely souls, may already know my thoughts on strange men who recite Shakespeare in bars, -you should hastily exit the bar, or pull out a novel and avoid all conversation.  On the other hand -a poem from your lover, has to be one of the cherished gifts you will ever receive.  Trust me, it'll win anyone over.

4. Truffles...
Dear Cacao tree,
Have I told you how much I adore the fruits, ahem, nuts of your swaying, er, -palm?
I do, really, truly deeply.

5.  Your Favourite Scent.  Ladies, and Gents, allow me to demonstrate:  "Oh Honey!  Look, -my favourite perfume in its glorious bottle, and it's just run out..."  *bat-eyelids-pout-to-down-turned-lips-sniff-lightly*  What a pity, and just before the romantic Valentines date!  Get hinting.

6.  Candles.  I have no excuses here.  Just buy one -a great big spicy-floral-fresh-clean-scents-of-the-world type candle.

7.  Fab Bags. Now, we need to put our lovely booty into something worthy.  Take your pick from the Candy Carousel, pictured below.  This one is currently revolving at the Maison Louis Vuitton on Bond St, London.  A very nice candy store, indeed.

8.  Blooming Flowers.  'He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me...'  Oh wait, that's for daisy chains, how many times did my girlfriends and I chant that sitting cross-legged on a field?  Good grief, we were only 8 years old and already wistfully chanting away.  Flowers, personally are a favourite for me.  How about you?  What's your favourite Valentine date-gift-card, like, ever?

Maison Louis Vuitton,
Photocredits courtesy yours truly

A/N: If you're a hopeless romantic, you probably don't need any of the above...well except the poem.  Cuddle up, gaze lovingly into each others eyes, thats what Valentines Day is all about - feeling the love. Oh, and if you need a few martinis to help you along the way, well -so be it!


  1. You are right about fountain pens. They are not just for the elderly! Fountain pens are for leaking and ruining your pocket, briefcase, or purse...

  2. Ha ha! Pat, you're so right. I remember my mother's pens, always the leaking ink and the stained blotters. And a few of my Great Aunts handbags, gosh -there's a few unlocked memories.

    PS: And I have apologise for any typos here, blogger is being devilish tonight, when I try to edit, it messes with the format...somehow. ;)

  3. Notebooks are the best present ever! Though truffles are never a bad idea. :)

  4. Notebooks...yes, the more the much. My sister still writes with a fountain. She has beautiful handwriting. Me, I like a Clicker pencil.

  5. Notebooks and pens followed closely by chocolate.

    No what you mean about editing blogger. Sometimes I give up and go back later.

  6. For valentines I love chocolate but also accept jewelry and champagne and romantic dinners and love notes or poems are great and flowers WONDERFUL! Pens are great gifts- in my Christmas stocking but not so much at Valentines. I love sharpies too! The fine tip ones with lots and lots of colors!!!But again, more for Christmas than Valentines.

  7. Can't I just have everything on your list? Email my husband!

  8. Meredith, truffles are fab but notebooks are THE best ever! ;)

    Bish, I've always found that most folk who use fountain pens are usually particular about their handwriting. ;-)

    Mary, Hi! I suspect a few blogger goblins about, its exasperating though. I posted at least 5 times but couldn't edit the typos *which are glaring to me* without the format losing its...well, er form. ;)

    Danette, how did I miss jewellery? Always a good choice my dear! x

    Samantha, hello! I have dispatched copy of post to your husband - telepathically. I hope it gets to him on time! ;)

  9. My husband laughs at how much I love pens and markers and notebooks. He gave me a pack of multi-colored Sharpies in my stocking this year and I love them. Orange, fuschia, lavendar, in a Sharpie!! Yes, dorky, but hey, he's getting off easy. After all, it's cheaper than diamonds :)

  10. Notebooks and truffles do it for me every time! I can't believe it's the middle of February already. Crazy.

  11. Solvang, I love Orange, Fuschia and Lavender! FAB! ;-) And I guess diamonds can come second to that right?

    Talli, it's crazy right? I can feel April already under my skin -where does the time go and can we say - STOP right now, I just want to, you know, like- breathe? :-)


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