Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year!

It's the start of Chinese New Year 2011, and I am salivating at the thought of it.  Chinese celebrations always conjure up lovely images of friends and family gathering around tables of festive food.  What favourites spring to mind?  Plump steamed dumplings, slippery cheung fan, crispy duck, and glorious custard egg tarts!  Ahem, steady on though, we should pay our respects to the Rabbit, it is after all his year.  The Rabbit or 'Hare, is a symbol of longevity with an affinity to the moon.  Old Chinese stories tell of a moon hare that is a companion to the moon goddess, and he is always portrayed with a mortar and pestle, pounding away at the ingredients for the 'elixir of life' for the goddess.  You see, this is an educational writerly post really, - a little story thrown in for good measure!  I'm not just waffling, at least not too much...
Now, where was I?  If you are a rabbit, you are likely to be well mannered, graceful -and lead a tranquil life.  And if you're not a rabbit, don't worry - the good news is that, the year of the rabbit should bring a peaceful influence... which I think, is exactly what our world needs right now.

Here are a few of my favourite Chinese New Year things...

Lovely Lanterns
Scrumptious Offerings
Old Chinese Proverbs
Moon Cakes...
Fabulous Fireworks!
Photocredits: Fireworks via virtualtourist; all others via weheartit. 


  1. Thanks for reminding me that today is Chinese New Year. I guess we should have Kung Pao for dinner tonight instead of the tacos I was planning :)

  2. It's always time to celebrate with Chinese food. If I could only eat one type of ethnic food every day for the rest of my life, it would easily be Chinese!

  3. Happy New Year :-)

    I'm a Dragon.

  4. I miss Chinese New Year. I always celebrated it when I lived in San Francisco, but Kansas City is not very cosmopolitan. In fact, it's very homogenous. I love living near my family, but I really miss living in a more multi-cultural city.

    Also, I wish I was a rabbit, my main character is a rabbit, so maybe this will be his year!

  5. Food? Did somebody say food? May I join you? (droooool)

  6. I really want some lanterns and have them drift in the sky (like in Tangled!). And fireworks. I'd kill for some of those.

  7. Yum! That food looks so delicious! And here's hoping the year of the rabbit really is peaceful.

  8. Kung Hei Fat Choi Lovelies!

    Solvang, what time is dinner? I'll be right over!

    Pat, absolutely, I'm right beside at the table! Chinese food is a long time favourite. Happy New Year!!

    Misha, hello dear dragon! ;)

    Melissa G, maybe you could start something up n KC? A few friends around for chinese? Any reason for a dinner party and decorations I say! ;-)

    Golden Eagle, right back at you! ;)

    Bish, of course - come in and pull up a chaise lounge. Dinner will be along shortly, in the meantime -aperitif?

    Melissa, love the lanterns - I saw some floating overhead on Monday night - FAB!

    Meredith, rabbits are so peaceful to watch, I hope this year becomes the same. ;-)

  9. I knew it was Groundhog Day, but didn't realize it was also the beginning of the year of the Rabbit. And, IT INVOLVES FOOD!! Huzzah! I can get on board with that kind of celebration.

    I don't know what moon cakes are, but I'm positive I'd LOVE them. :)

    I hope the bunny brings peace across the world...but according to todays news, Cairo is still out of control, among other places. Make me sad.


  10. I had (frozen, oven-baked) pork egg rolls last night; does that count? LOL Yay for a new year!

  11. Well, let us hope that the year of the Rabbit does bring a peaceful influence and peace that is swayed towards those who need it most not just those of influence!

    This is interesting to me though... I wish you'd written a bit more (in other words: done the research for me- lol) I have a section on the Moon Goddess in my piece but I didn't include much on Chinese influence. I might have to...

  12. Those moon cakes look LOVELY! Happy New Year!

  13. Lola, huggles back at you! :-) I hope there is some peace in Cairo before the end of the week, its such a volatile time right now.

    Carol, Yah! Pork egg rolls count! ;-)

    Danette, ha! Well you know research takes time and thats a rare commodity these days. I shall have to pop over and read your Moon Goddess piece. ;)

    Melissa M, Happy New Year! And please do take a moon cake with you. ;)

  14. Goodbye, Tiger, hello Rabbit, and may you bring peace.
    As far back as I can remember, I have been intrigued with the pictures of the Chinese Lanterns, especially the ones that are released by the water. Their kites too, inspire imagination and flight of fancy.

  15. Chinese food! Now I'm hungry.
    Have a great weekend and a Happy Year of the Rabbit.


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