Reaching Out, I Wish You Knew

It was
One sports day
So long ago
You were sitting in the crowd
Laughing with your friends
The sun shone down
And I smiled at your face
Feeling So Proud
I ran my race
Waiting for your praise
You didn't see me
Win that heat
You were
Too busy

It was 
My first 
Swimming race
So long ago
I waved so fervently
Trying to make you see
My legs kicking vigorously
Cutting fast through the water
My chest fiery hot 
As I tried to keep pace...
I came second
 Though you never knew
Because it was one more day
You turned away too soon...


Photocredits via weheartit
© Reaching Out T.Loto 2011 All Rights Reserved.

A/N:  These are collected thoughts of a long ago school sports day, -you know that special day where your parents turn up and you just want win everything, right?  Of course, at the final-whistle-stroke-ribbon -when you do fly through, more than likely, your mother is never looking in the right direction, chatting with the other ladies, eating cake or  sipping lemonade.  Don't worry, though, I've forgiven her, -honestly.  It's just a small memory that rose from the depths of my writerly grey cells yesterday. Anyway, I dedicate it to all my old school friends whose parents never came. 

Have a lovely writerly weekend all! xox


  1. Wonderful! And the best part is the small prose explanation at the end, which explains the cake. But you are right, you can still think of those kids who had no parents there at all, not even inattentive ones.

  2. Very nice! You have a lovely weekend too!

  3. I enjoyed that Talei..

    BTW I am posting an Earthly Angels post every Friday so if you have a story of one of these special people please leave a comment or email me.

    Enjoy your weekend too.


  4. I understand that you forgave, but it is still sad! It's also a great bit of writing!
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. I loved this. :-) Have a spectacular weekend!

  6. These are the kind of things that we mean not to do to our children, and we probably are all guilty at some time regardless of how hard we try. Something can distract you at the crucial moment. I would like to think that I was always perfectly attentive to my kids, but if I were to ask them I wonder if they would have that one moment tucked away.

  7. Thank you everyone for such lovely comments! ;)

    Karen, hello dear lady. This is true, there are many kids whose parents may not make it to sports days and at a young age, I think it does make a difference. My mother did come along, which was fab in itself, its just 'could the ladies please stop talking and watch their kids run for crying out!' ;-)

    Danette, thank you and have a wonderful weekend too!

    Michael, I will definitely think of someone to write about. Let me come back to you. And have a fab weekend too!

    Pat, it is indeed a wee sad one. Don't worry, I take great pleasure in reminding her about my swimming race! Have a fantastic weekend dear friend! ;-)

    Melissa, Aw, thank you lovely! So glad you enjoyed it. I shall have a spectacular weekend - and I hope you do too!

    Mya, I'm sure you were fabulous! We bounce back and carry on right? I get distracted very easily so its understandable to me now. This is a reminder of those glorious days as a child when everything hung on your parents approval. Back then, life was simple. ;-) Have a lovely weekend my dear!

  8. Missed moments, the things that haunt my dreams both day and night.

  9. Beautiful! I remember those days... :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Amie, very true. ;-)

    Writing, thanks! Hope you're having a lovely weekend too.

    Regina, you'e welcome, glad you enjoyed it!:-)

  12. Makes me remember what it was like to be a kid.


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