F = Fairytale Frocks

Don't you love a good fairytale?  *nods head profusely*  Me too.  Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood...have I missed anyone?  No, Jessica Rabbit is not a fairy tale... *shakes head in dismay*  Nope, neither is The Fox and the Hound.  Please stay off the Disney diet, and get back onto the Brothers Grimm's programme!  Now, where was I? Fairytales, -Good vs. Evil, the wicked stepmother turned witch, the poor little princesses who need rescuing, -and not forgetting the devastatingly hot prince to the rescue.   What I love about the tales?  Oh yes, it's the fluffy Princess dresses -which, ahem, I would like to pimp-up.  Allow me to introduce you to this century's collection of Princess Gowns, starting with...

I.  Miss Riding Hood.
Because RED, will never be lost on Snow...
A cape for all occasions, especially for
 Trekking across vast terrain of
Snow, ice, and glaciers.

II.  Snow White.
(These days, she prefers to be known as Snow)
Snow loves a dramatic entrance.
Her fainting spells are quite
the party trick!

III.  Cinderella aka Ella aka Girl About Town

Ella rocks the golden chartreuse frock,
With killer PURPLE heels!
We like these...and she's upgraded her
Carriage too! 

IV.  Sleeping Beauty
You can call her Beauty.
In this gown,
She's not getting much sleep...

V.  And, last but not least
The Wicked Stepmother aka the B***
The Devil Lady,
All in black,
Carrying her fabulous bag of tricks!

Tell me, do you have a favourite fairytale frock?


  1. The frock that made the biggest impression on me was the purple and black number worn by the wicked stepmother in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

  2. Hmm I love them all really... Do you mean Snow White? The high neck-collared-dress? I don't think Sleeping Beauty had a stepmother, just an evil fairy godmother...you know the usual. ;-))

  3. Ooh, I love fairy tales. I love the cape that was in the movie Red Riding Hood, it was really creepy to have a bright red hood with all the muted colours.

  4. I love fairytale frocks! You know that scene where all the animals make Cinderella's dress? SIGH! I want that to be me! Although secretly, I'd be afraid the bird would crap all over me...

  5. Those are great gowns and connecting them with favorite fairy tale characters was brilliant! The red cape against the snow is quite striking!

  6. Hehe I loved this trick.

    I loooove Snow's dress. It's stunning.


  7. You missed gowns of Barbi fairy tales.
    Ofcourse they are cartoons.

    With Warm regards.


  8. I adore the updated gowns LOL My favorite is snow whites. Thanks for posting!


  9. Lovely costumes...you should be a designer!

  10. Can't say I've ever really considered the clothing aspect of fairy tales. I have always liked the heavy cloaks often adorned in fairy tales.

  11. The gorgeous clothing in this blog makes me want to go shopping. And I hate shopping LOL

  12. I am loving the Wicked StepMother!!!

  13. I MELT for Sleeping Beauty's...it's so wispy and entrancing!


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