M is for Martini

Each morning, there's a ritual that occurs the world over... when a fabulous fashionista selects their wardrobe for the day, he or she knows, -that 'each outfit should tell it's own story'.....one must be very careful in selecting the right pieces.  Ahem, try not to laugh, all ye non fashionistas reading this.  Now, I think, the same applies for drinks, in particular cocktails, they could inspire many fantastic tales..and not just from over-indulgence.  Take the marvellous martini, there are so many evocative images that spring-sway-to-mind.  If our dear Martini could tell a tale, we would certainly have...

Our Main Character...
A hero of sorts,
Suave, sophisticated, debonair...
A dark setting, dimly lit streets leading,
To a secluded bar...
Where our debonair hero likes to sip...
a few of his favourite....
'shaken, not stirred'
We must have a heroine,
A feisty damsel, whom our hero must
Convince, firstly that she requires
rescuing...and secondly that he is THE man

Of course, he must deal with the usual
distractions along the way,
Devil Women and the like,
(Ok, he's not an angel, but he has heart)

Eventually, our devastatingly clever hero
Overcomes the Evil dudes...
(A lot of them I may hasten to point out)

HE grabs our lovely feisty damsel....
And they...like, RUN really fast to the
Ridiculously pimped out getaway car,
Where they make-out before,
Fighting over who can drive
the fastest...
(wait, no that's the sequel)
Happy Martini, Ladies and Gents...
photocredits via weheartit.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed 'Le Little Martini Tale', of course that last shot is unashamedly, a gratuitous picture of Pierce Brosnan.  I know, I just couldn't help myself...  Anyhow, we are now into Friday, and I'm still chasing my tail...yes, this is true.  I am currently fine-tuning scenes for a critique, which I must send off shortly. How's your writing, editing, playing, composing?  And, in case you're wondering, I'm partial to a Vodka Martini with extra olives on the side.   How about you?  A favourite Martini?


  1. You had me at martini! The pic of Daniel Craig was a total bonus. ;-)

  2. Hooray! *clinks glass* You may have Daniel Craig, I'm only interested in Pierce or Sean. ;-))

  3. This was such a fun post. I hadn't really thought about it before but I guess drinks do carry a style with them.

  4. OH, let's have pommetini at the beach. During sunset.... of course!

    No man or woman could be resisted if you WORK a martini glass.

  5. TS, so very happy you enjoyed this! ;-))

    Michael, absolutely - I'm on the beach with you! *clinks pommentini* Let's work those glasses!

  6. Oh, thank you for the pic of Pierce! Happy Friday to you, good sir!

    Fav martini? I like lemon drops or chocolate ones. Mmmm... and it's only morning.


  7. Loved this post! I've tried a martini once. I have to say - it's not the drink for me.

  8. I like my Martini straight up, thank you!
    Great post, is it martini time yet?

  9. WhooHoo! Made my day. Thanks loads. ;0)

  10. Love the pictures! You know I've never had a martini EVER. I should really try it one of these days. :)

  11. hum never tried a martini either perhaps its time I did lol

  12. I've tried the apple martinis and really liked them. Hope its not a chick drink.

  13. Love the pictures -- even though I've never had a martini!

    I gave you an award over at my blog. Stop by to pick it up!

  14. Very fun post! My favorite martini is one I will never have again. My dad made the best martinis ever (his secret was adding olive juice, which is way better than it sounds). He died in 1999 and his awesome martini is only one of the hundreds of things I miss about him. Your post made me think of him, so thanks!

  15. Love this! Oh and Daniel Craig!!! Ooohh-la-la!! Hope your having plenty of drinks this weekend. Just about to pop open the bubbly myself and do a little writing! Cheers!*clinks glass*


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