U is for Umbrella

Ah, the humble umbrella!  A fashionable piece of equipment with a multitude of uses, -you can use it in the rain, clearly, -sunshine too.  Parasols at the ready!  It's a wonderful friend, who will always help you clear a crowd.  Best used discreetly when prodding pesky neighbours on busy London streets.  It's a particularly useful weapon for dispensing wayward loutish buffoons who may cross your path.

Did I mention, hiding from the paparazzi?  Well, of course if you are of the celebrity status, you must have your very own PUH.  Personal Umbrella Holder.  And, best of all, they come in all shapes, colours, and sizes.  Designer too.  We like!  In any case, a good lady should always be prepared,  you know, -keep several in her armoury, aside from being the perfect partner for many a great weather forecast, it's precisely the right weapon of choice whatever character you wish to be today.
James Bond has one...

Mary Poppins has one too...

Rest assured, Felix the wonderful,
Wonderful Cat, has one...
Our stylish Avenger most certainly has one!
Every Best Dressed Cocktail has one...
Shouldn't you have one too?

Be it a swashbuckling princess, pirate, or devilish spy...umbrellas are wonderful props for your imagination.  Let your imagination fly...

All pictures sans Felix via weheartit
Felix via mt4radified


  1. A sweetie of a post. You give great tribute to the noble unbrella. May it's little wings always unfold.

  2. That James Bond photo rocks!

    I have not opened an umbrella in 25 years. Seriously. Living in the desert, you don't really need one.

  3. Ha! Those ridiculous PUH's always make me snort and roll my eyes.

  4. Umbrellas are needed in England! I like the variety you've shown & the who's who of umbrellas! I'd love to have 1 that flies, too! How fun! :)

  5. Umbrellas are great! I love them now, but when I was a kid I refused to use carry one to school. LOL I preferred being cool to being dry.

  6. Rain or shine, umbrellas are the best. Didn't they come from India? (What did the English do before?)

  7. Manzanita, the noble umbrella, indeed! Well said.

    Liz, this has to be a fav shot Monsieur Connery. The ULTIMATE Bond.

    Tara, if you're a really really really BIG celebrity, you have a team of PUHs. This is true. ;-)

    Lisa, cheers. Much needed in England. Quite right. Flying umbrellas are essential for writers.

    Lisa RC, I remember those days, getting wet was much preferable to carrying a brolly. Just like freezing in a ballgown and heels in winter at school balls. *deep sigh* What we suffer for fashion, now though, there's a good choice on hand. I like to use mine as walking stick at times.

  8. Bish, apparently umbrellas were used in ancient Egypt, Assyria, Greece, and China. ( ahem according to about.com) Also, they didn't reach the west until the 16th century. See, all this useful information, aren't you glad I posted about Umbrellas today? ;-)

  9. I have a collection of them. Big ones, small ones, foldy up type ones. Can never have too many brollies!

  10. Entertaining post on the umbrella. I never have one when I need it though.

  11. Ah cocktail umbrellas - life wouldn't be complete without the loyal cocktail umbrella!


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