W is for Writhing Gown

Well, I swore black and blue that I wouldn't post about any wedding nonsense, I've secretly been hoping the darling couple would elope.  Which couple?  Oh, I think you know.  *whispers*  They probably wished they could too.  Anyhow, today's post was intended to be 'W is for Writing', and then a few things happened in the past 24 hours.

1.  I considered the probability that at least 500 other brilliant bloggers may already have 'W is for Writing', drafted, crafted, waiting patiently in their orderly queues.

2.  A dear friend posted on my facebook wall... 'So, have you chosen a dress for THE Wedding yet?"  Very tongue in cheek, she was.  And, well that was it... a red rag to a bull.  Could I post about the big 'W' event, and not sound hypocritical?  Even with all my seething at the media-circus-souvenir-pimping-tat-for-sale-bunting-hunting-malarkey that's already gripping this nation?  Cue teeth-grinding, and hit speed dial for my dentist.

3.  I made my decision and the answer, my dear friends, is a resounding NO, I could not.  Therefore, this post is not about a bleedin' wedding dress, it is in fact about ...

A 'Writhing' Gown, in which one can do what one wishes, wear and flounce about in it, on whatever occasion one chooses.  It's perfect for sipping martinis, finishing the crossword, receiving the Postman, playing croquet with dear Grandma, and indeed running barefoot down the muddy driveway.  Perhaps, you could wear it whilst crafting your next bestseller?  Or, pull on over your riding boots, whatever you like, my dears...  Writher with excitement in this beautiful gown, just because...

Photocredits via pinkmemo


  1. Wow. Never heard of it. I must confess that the writhing really threw me off. =D

  2. Ha! Well, you know,'writhing gowns' are usually best kept secret. Great for flouncing about in, in the privacy of your own home... ;)

  3. Now THAT is a gown!! Love it. Of course, it helps if you're about 80 lbs...

  4. ah yes, I've been listening to npr and they've been talking about the mixed feelings people have toward the event.

    love the dress but I think I'd have to be 15 again to fit into it properly.

  5. That gown is stunning. I'd imagine someone like Titania wearing it :D

  6. Ah, yes. The Wedding is news even in Texas. You can wear that gown to the Tiki Hut!

  7. ROFL! I'm sure this is just the gown I need for walking the dog in the woods. (The model has ugly knees.)

  8. can ANYONE show me how to get that hair style??

  9. I can so get on board with a writhing gown. I love your teeth grinding and speed dial call to the dentist. :)

  10. I need one of those! I love wearing comfy dresses anyway. :-)

  11. Love it! Gotta have it!! I'll take 5! Perfect for a day at the beach or a trip to the super market!! ;)

  12. Congratulations on not doing another blog on writing! :)

  13. Liz, haha! Well, that's true, I guess it doesn't hurt. LOVE the gown though. ;-)

    MsHatch, actually that's probably the same for me. * le sigh *

    Lori, isn't it stunning? ;-)

    Carol, I'm there. The Tiki Hut. You. Me, my writhing gown, and some serious margaritas! ;-)) *clink*

    Bish, you make me laugh! The model has ugly knees? How do you notice the knees above the gown? Perfect for dog walking and strolls along the beach!

    Lou, that would be plaiting, or braiding my dear. ;-) You can buy them ready-made and just clip them in ala Pippi Longstocking!

    Melissa, I can't deny it. There's been a lot of teeth grinding lately. Think it will cease soon. It's just the tacky products being sold, everywhere.

    Melissa, this one is super comfy! You're come to the right place.

    Stephanie, Oh, yes - supermarkets, you will get service with a smile in this gown, and possibly a few raised eyebrows but hey - just keeping writhing... ;-)

    Lisa, thank you! I like to muse on many topics. Am counting down now, 3 more letters to the end of the alphabet! Whoop whoop! ;-D

    Angela, tis a fantabulous garment from le Maison of Alexander McQueen (SS 2011 collection)

    PS: Thank you everyone, for stopping by. Am thoroughly enjoying your comments! And, for the record. I don't mind le wedding, it's just all the hype right now - I feel like London will implode...I hope not, but its almost fever pitch right now. Still, it's all about the LOVE... Talei x

  14. I love to flounce! Looks like the perfect flouncing dress to me. Fun post!


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