Do You Believe In Fairy Tales?

I must reach my tower before Nanny realises
 I've been out clubbing all night
Once a upon a time, in a little village town there lived a young lady who was clever and funny and very pretty.  Nearby in old London town lived a lanky young prince who was very handsome and equally witty.  One day he decided he would read some books at St Andrews, way north in Edinburgh town.  Well, of course their paths were bound to cross.   Wait a minute, this isn't a fairy tale.  There's an air of excitement across the land, and unless your name is Sleeping Beauty, you may have missed it - this wee announcement! Everyone else, no excuses! *sound the trumpets*  All this talk of blossoming love and the royal wedding has got me' dreaming of fairy tales!  
What do I love about fairy tales?
Sugar n spice and all things are really nice,
Fluffy cotton tree tops  on pink frosted trunks,
Pretty princesses yearning to be found,
Fairy godmothers with magical wands,
Handsome Princes riding to your rescue,
Turretted castles in faraway places,
Beautiful gowns with matching crowns!
Eternal love = 4 EVA bliss
Passionate embraces, 
Loving kiss 
Happily ever after
Do you believe in fairy tales?
Photocredit via Princess and Carriage pics via weheartit; Prince pic via photobucket
A/N: I do love a good wedding! And, in case you're looking for everlasting love, the word is that at St Andrews, one in ten of their students find their future partners. *deep sigh* 


  1. I do believe in fairy tales, and I'm also a hopeless romantic, always trying to fix people up.

  2. Hi Talai!

    Yes I do, with the following provisos:

    a) Not every prince wears a crown
    b) Not every princess needs rescuing
    c) Not every witch/dragon/ogre/giant is recognisable as such
    d) Happily ever after, takes hard work and determination every day, and forever is a long long time!

  3. Totally believe in fairy tales. I'm so excited about the new royal wedding! Though I had the biggest crush on William when I was little, so I'm a little bummed out...oh, well :)

  4. Fairy tales are a matter of interpretation. I believe they exist but are less glittery and flashy as we would like them to be.

  5. St Salvatore's! It is a great story though.

  6. I want to believe in fairy tales, but I'm just not sure that I do or can.

  7. I still love fairy tales. It's good that he finally popped the question. I'm looking forward to seeing the wedding.

  8. am still miffed that my parents did not let me go to St Andrews that could have been me you know? Princess Joanna oh heffle huffle

  9. I just adore fairy tales! And I especially love romance books and movies based off of them.

  10. I do believe in fairy tales. They are awesome. =D Have a great weekend Talei!

  11. I'm a sucker for royal weddings. I can't wait to watch the Prince and Kate get married!

    And yeah, I believe in fairy tales, too. :-)

  12. Karen, I'm with you! I'm a hopeless romantic too! ;)

    Dominic, you're quite right! Alas, I'm a hopeless dreamer *sigh*

    Meredith, you may have heard the collective weeping of millions of broken hearts across the land...don't worry you weren't alone! ;)

    Melissa, good point, its our own interpretation of what a fairy tale is.

    Elaine, I'm going to have to read that one! ;)

    Quinn, go a writer its your duty to believe in the impossible! ;)

    Carol, my dear. Pull up a chaise lounge, we are going to watch the wedding together and the crazy run up to it!

    Joanna, I can see that. Princess Joanna, you should have a word with your parents. I mean, it should've been you!! ;)

    Jennifer, me too!! We could definitely hang out. ;)

    Carolyn, they are awesome! Have a lovely weekend too my dear. ;)

    Melissa, its the talk of the town here. Everyone loves a fairy tale or at least a good love story I think. ;)


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