Roll Call

"Write me! Write me!"  - Petulant paper dolls

My dear Writing Goddess,

It's been a few months since I last wrote.  I do hope your twittering is coming along splendidly.

My reason for writing is this, -I keep hearing voices.  Yes. Inside. My. Head.  Not my own!  It's all 'the others'.   Ahem, these characters who won't leave me alone.  For instance, this morning whilst standing at the train station waiting on my 8:05 to the city, one lady snuck up behind me, hissing in my ear; another tugged earnestly at my sleeve.  "Write me next, dear scribe."  And lately, they've become a rowdy bunch so I've promised them a few lines every now and then.  

The thing is, dear WG, I need to focus on my edits, and this noisy bunch won't pipe down, -if you could send some writerly advice my way.  Even as I write this, they sit on the edge of my desk tapping their nails.  Martinis and manicures don't seem to cut it with this lot.

Yours as ever,
A. Scribe

Reply from Writing Goddess:

Dear Ms A.Scribe,

Thank you for your note. Our dear Writing Goddess is currently out of the office on urgent business, sorting out Christmas orders and special giveaways.    

In the meantime, I suggest you show those wily characters who's the boss and shoo them away!  Focus. On. Your. Revisions.  Got it? - Good.  And you can certainly send the martini and manicures my way.

Your ever devoted,
Inner Muse

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Confession time:  Whilst writing my main WIP, I've been distracted along the way by other characters wanting their stories written.  How many?  Five at last count.   How about you?  Any characters disturbing your peace?  How many WIP's are you working on?


  1. I've had that happen many a time! But right now, they are being pretty quiet, which is ok by me. I'm still just working on the one manuscript, and every so often, little details will hit me that will work splendidly in the next two stories I have planned.

    Don't you just LOVE this writing gig? :-)

  2. Write an outline or a synopsis for them, thta should shut them up and then just add lil scenes here and there when they talk to u again that should hold them off till u are done. I once had 5 guys shouting in my head

  3. Hi,

    Hee hee - love it!

    When a writer you gotta do what ever you gotta do, and pesky characters just have to wait in the queue. ;)

    I tend to edit the one but last novel whilst writing a new one. That way I get a break from the intensity of plugging away at the latest project. Reading/editing sort of comes easier that way after the ms has idled a few months.


  4. The crew pictured at the top look quite formidable - Instead of kicking them out, perhaps you better take a hiatus, and set up shop in an undisclosed location. How to leave them behind - back to square one.

  5. Erg. I have a shiny new idea with a character who keeps bugging me as I'm trying to finish up my WiP. So tempting! Good luck keeping yours quiet :)

  6. Let's see *counts on fingers* um current WIP with four begging for exposure.

    I'm with Joanna - I write a synopsis for each new idea and character lists and any ideas for great scenes so I don't lose them and then I tuck them away in my 'Ideas' folder and they stay there (mostly) until I'm ready for them.

    Of course the other option is to write a book called "Fifty First Chapters"?

  7. that's why I have notes scattered all over the place. It seems like some things won't wait and I know I won't remember them later...

  8. Melissa, absolutely LOVE this writing gig! ;) I guess its a good thing to have so many ideas pop-up.

    Joanna, 5 guys? That must've gotten rowdy! Maybe we could team them up with my 5 ladies? LOL. Thanks for the tips, great idea. I do write a brief outline for each but its after that - they won't leave me alone.

    Francine, I can see that happening though I'm big on finishing something first before really diving into another. I.Must.Find. Focus. ;-)

    Candyland, oh dear. Shall I send some over? x

    KarenG, thanks dear lady! x

    Mya, great idea...if I could find a little cabin in the woods or near the beach and hideaway from them! Hmm... *taps fingers on desk*

    Meredith, thanks! And to you too. They are pesky at times.

    Elissa, Fifty First Chapters, awesome idea!! I could be in double digits by Christmas time. ;)

    Pat, I hear you on the scattered notes. You'd think they could at least tidy up after themselves! Good luck with yours!! ;)

  9. hahaha YIKES--I'm glad it's just one!

  10. LOL! Great stuff, I find going for a brisk walk works for me :O)

  11. When I'm writing a book, I'm focused entirely on that ... so if characters are trying to talk to me, I have earplugs in.

    Right now, however, I need to be editing and I have this guy talking to me. The problem is, he's the vilain of my next book and sure, he's interesting, but ... I don't know the MC; I can't start writing without the MC.

  12. Oh argh, blogger ate my comment. Basically my comment boiled down to: I need to drink more wine.

  13. I'm constantly thinking up new characters; or, more like, more characters are appearing in my thinking. I usually store 'em away in a mental character hotel until I want to use them again. Unless they're really screeching.

  14. Great fun post. You're lucky. I hear some writers complain of coming up "dry." Throw them a party with plenty of martinis and keep them occupied until you have time for them.
    Wonderful weekend to you

  15. Fun!

    I've got about five projects on the go and a couple of adaptations - sadly I cannot write them all at the same time!

    Have a great weekend.

  16. This happens to me all the time!
    I enjoyed reading this.
    Thank you for being so nice on my blog.


  17. I'm going through this exact problem right now! I have been slowly writing one story for a year or so, but all of a sudden a new story sprang into my head and is so persistent that I can't stop thinking about it. I may have to start writing it and put the other on the back burner.


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