Wandering Listlessly

Wandering listlessly

I'm searching for a place to write
Where voices are hushed
Whispers unheard
The outside world a low hum
Be still, ticking inside my head
Secret garden
Library of labyrinths
Lapping waves on the shore
Wooded cabin
My elusive nook
Where I curl up with a book
Hide me away, at least for a day
Peaceful thoughts set


A/N: © 2010 by Talei Loto.  All rights reserved.
Photocredit via weheartit


  1. The photo goes so well with your poem!
    I know the feeling...

  2. That sounds like a fabulous idea, dahling! Let me know when you find one. Tis a writer's dream ...

    Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Pat, thank you. ;) I threw my net far and wide searching for that pic. x

    Pk, I will indeed. A writer's retreat, a dream. I know a perfect spot. Have a fab w/end my dear! ;)

    Bish, I think you may live there? A hideaway on that lovely island of yours. *bliss* ;)

  4. oh Talei come with me. i am going sans family and i don't even feel bad about it.

  5. Lovely poem! We writers all need that quiet place. Sometimes it's our own minds that are too noisy, worrying or planning or whatnot.

  6. Beautiful poem. I'm not a poet though I dabbled in 6th grade and became totally discouraged by obnoxious teachers in the 8th grade.
    By the way, I'm running a contest.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  7. Joanna, you lucky lady! Enjoy your lovely trip away. ;)

    Terry, thanks sweet! Totally agree, sometimes there's too much noise in our own heads.

    KarenG, thank you! Glad you enjoyed. ;))

    Nancy, thank you, I guess this poem is reflective of my mood today. *deep sigh*

  8. This poem is beautiful--and so true! I'm on the hunt for a coffee shop like this :)

  9. Hi Talei ... I could have sworn I commented before - perhaps I forgot to click on post comment!
    I love the poem... and I really understand where you are coming from! Well done.
    :D om

  10. How wishful and dreamy.
    Perhaps, if you can write that way you found it.

  11. Meredith, thanks! Coffee shops are always good hideaways...esp in the cold months.

    Dom, thank you. Good to hear I'm not alone! ;)

    Elaine, thanks so much. I wish, some days I find it; others are wanting. ;)


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