Weekend Parade

The great thing about living in London isn't the weather; Lord, we know that, though chatting about the rain is a pastime you do pick up very quickly.  And, it's not the River Thames, as great a lady that she is.  Nor is it the smattering of cosmopolitan accents you hear on the tube.  London is a wonderful place if you're looking for free entertainment.  There's galleries, festivals, museums, cathedrals, to name a few.

This weekend, I grabbed my SLR baby and wandered along to the good Lord Mayor's Parade.  Brollies were not needed but if you wanted to shoot at least one decent image, you needed a portable step ladder, a lens as long as Pinocchio's nose and elbows as sharp as knitting needles.  Well, in certain vantage points.  Luckily I didn't resort to such unladylike behaviour!  Moir? Certainement pas.   I just happen to stumble across the path of several riders and their steeds getting ready for the parade.  Ahem, port and fruitcake at the ready chaps?

I know I've said this before but seriously if you are writing historical fiction, this city is perfect.  In less than three minutes, dashing across backstreets, more men ran me off the roads on horses! The Queens Household Cavalry, the Lord Mayor's gilded carriage with the most magnificent coachman, and many other troops in resplendent finery.  It was breath taking.  I did manage a few pictures in between the gaping and the fruitcake.  Some are before, after and during the parade, they may just inspire a new story.  Enjoy!

The Queen's Household Cavalry

The Lord Mayor's Carriage

Roman Gods

Christ's Hospital
(My favourite image of the day)

 Roman Soldiers stand guard

The Lord Mayor's balcony in the background

Photocredits yours truly

A/N:  Well the parade was fabulous, I didn't make the evening fireworks though, it was time to get back to writing.   How was your weekend?


  1. they are just truly dashing aren't they? my weekend as usual was a blur. i wish i could blame it on the alcohol

  2. Hi Joanna, they were indeed. It was a great parade and worth trekking out for. This whole years a blur isn't it? ;)

  3. Those pictures are so great! Thanks for sharing your experience and for the bit of inspiration.

  4. What kind of camera do you have? Awesome pics! When I lived in London I always tried to make the queen's guards smile or talk. Me? Yes, I was like a fly.

  5. How much fun! Those pictures are great. I can definitely see how London can inspire some great historical fiction!

  6. Fun day out Talei!!

    My Father, uncle, brother, nephew and cousin all went to Christ's Hospital. In fact my cousin also taught there! My brother played clarinet in the marching band and I have vivid memories of visiting Christ's Hospital as a small boy watching them march. Fantastic.

  7. Awesome! I love visiting London via my blogger friends.

  8. Thank you SO much.
    London is at the top of my family's list right now. We'll see how long it takes us to get there.
    The pics were SO FUN!

  9. It looks very festive and grand. Thanks for sharing London with us.

  10. How fabulous!! Totally fuming with London envy over here in Florida... lol. :)
    It's truly an amazing city and if it weren't so bloody expensive I'd be over there every few months. Love the pics!! :)

  11. OH. How I LOVE London!!! I could easily live there. *sigh* Maybe someday!

    My weekend was fabulous. Got in some writing and reading, some my brothers and their families, and snuggled with my daughter and my husband. Perfect!

  12. Very nice. I'd love to come over and experience London and many other places there.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  13. Sigh......I am sooooooo homesick!

  14. Oh my goodness--these are AMAZING!!!!

  15. Great pictures! You are so awesome! I gave you an award on my blog! Check it out. :)

  16. Beautiful photos! I love the colors. London is a fun city and, as you said, perfect for historical fiction.

  17. Lydia, thank you! ;)

    Samantha, cheers! I always see people trying to make those soldiers laugh. My camera is a canon slr eos 500D, I'm still learning about it! ;)

    Meredith, thanks! I love this town for inspiration. ;)

    Dominic, how wonderful! Such a great school too, your family must be musically talented? They were my favourite part of the parade. I got a few pics but this one was my shots. ;)

    Quinn, thanks muchly!

    KarenG, happy to be a virtual tour guide! ;)

    Jolene, I'm sure you and your family will enjoy it! ;)

    Shellie, thanks and you're very welcome! ;)

    Pk, I'll take some sunny florida!! Glad you enjoyed the pics. ;)

    Melissa, thank you. Glad to hear you got some writing in, I managed to get some revisions in. This autumn weather is perfect for snuggling up and writing.

    Nancy, London would love to have you! ;)

    Cat, aw, hope you do visit. It's a long way from home.

    Melissa, thanks dear lady!

    Christina, glad you liked them! ;)

    Margo, thank you. I shall pop over shortly. ;)

    Terry, thanks sweet! It is fun and always something going on! ;)

  18. First off, great photos!
    Nothing like this EVER where I live...

  19. I love the pictures. You really captured such a uniquely British parade.


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