The Morning After...

 The night before at the cocktail reception at the Dior Boutique at Westfield, London.
Cheers Lovelies
Canapes anyone?

It was a lovely evening, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  We had an army of dashing waiters, impeccably groomed carrying champagne laden trays and exquisite canapes; I feasted on the tiny cubes of white truffle risotto, tiny weeny lobster and melt in your mouth lamb.   Delicious, she says licking her lips! More please!   In between quaffing the bubbly, munching on culinary creations, and checking out everyone's cocktail dresses, I did find some lovely fillers for Christmas stockings for everyone  *sigh*   We can put them on our wish list right?  

Snowboots, perfect for the long
walk home.

Perfect scarves for Winter!
The Fab Lady Dior in Pink!
Of course, a hand massage
and cocktails.
Glittering Snowflakes
Can I get this tree delivered,

What's on your wish list?

A/N: Photocredits yours truly, snapped on my iPhone during the evening.  
It's been a super busy week, hence my late Friday night post again.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Our neighbours have thrown down the gauntlet with Christmas lights already, I feel a competition coming and a trip to the local hardware store for more fairy lights!  Happy writing everyone!!   


  1. Sounds like a splendid evening! A Kindle and a new digital camera are on my wish lish. Oh, and a Caribbean cruise! Cheers!

  2. lovely pictures :)my wish list remains the same: get published.

  3. Marguerite, I'd love a Caribbean cruise- I'll take one of those please! ;)

    Mshatch, absolutely, top of mine too. Good luck my dear! x

  4. Looks like a fabulous night out Talei! Hope the morning after isn't too morning afterish! LOL

  5. It looks like it was a wonderful event!

  6. So much fun! How can I get invited to a cocktail party like that? Hand massages and browsing? Perfection. Good luck besting your neighbors with Christmas decorations!

  7. I always put up Christmas lights to the max, but I'm not feeling it this year. Still, I have a kid in-house so one must forge on. I'm with mshatch, all I want for Chritmas is a publishing contract.

  8. Good luck beating your neighbors at the Christmas lights.

    I haven no idea what I want for Christmas. How about an invite to the next cocktail part? It sounds like you had a great time.

  9. haha if you got that tree you would definitely win the christmas contest.
    I want an IPad really bad

  10. Looks like you had a great time. Me, I was watching the kids watching a Barbie animated movie. We still had fun though and ate lots of popcorn and pumpkin bread.

  11. Sigh...I'd love to attend a party like that! Sadly, my company canceled the Christmas party this year, so I don't get to dress up at all. Oh well. Saves me money on buying a dress, I suppose. :-)

  12. Dominic, you know that haze that wraps around the frontal lobe of your brain sometimes? It was like that. LOL ;)

    Golden Eagle, it was loads of fun! ;)

    Meredith, oh the hand massage was great, see I think every party needs that! And the lights have gone up! I found some really cute reindeer for the front of house, and a large snowflake! ;)

    Shellie, Christmas lights are fun, especially for the kids. Oh the publishing contract would be great! It will come, don't worry. ;)

    Quinn, thanks - its funny all the neighbours in our little street are now in on the competition. We've been putting lights up all afternoon, its very Christmassy here now. Will make sure to let you and Meredith know about next uber cocktail party! It was great fun. ;)

    Joanna, I SO want that tree! And the snowflakes. ;) Hope you get an iPad, they are fab.

    Stephen, see - now watching animated movies, I can do! I love them and they are so well made these days too! ;) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  13. Hi Melissa, alot of firms are cutting down on Christmas this year, we're not allowed Christmas parties where I work but we can volunteer to do some charity work. I'm going to help decorate a Children's hospice. ;)

  14. Those canapés look fantastic -- I want about 8! :)

  15. Wow, such lovely pictures! The holiday season is definitely in full swing there!

  16. What fantastic evening!!! I love the pictures, and the holiday season always makes me happy, even when I have a rough start! Just makes you happy all around!


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