Traditions, Bonfires, and that Guy!

This weekend, we threw caution to the wind, or rather to the English weather and decided that even if it rained we would pull on our wellies and march up the hill to watch the annual fireworks display.  All in the name of that infamous rebel, Guy Fawkes and his gang's failed attempt to blow up Westminster Palace and overthrow King James I in 1605.   Every year, we get to commemorate the plotters failure.  Think scarecrow effigy, burnt at the stake, whilst the kids dance around with sparklers.  Such a charming childhood memory really.

I can recall one year, as a young girl, I refused to let anyone burn our Guy which I had lovingly made from my Great Uncles old plaid suit and stuffed with newspapers.   So we were 'Guy-less', at least for that season; the following year I discovered proper boys and well...Guy was tossed on the fire.  I was too busy batting eyelashes at the cute neighbours.

Here's a few photo's from this weekends Bonfire night.  The earth may not have moved but the skies were filled with magnificent visuals that could only suit the theme song from 'War of the World'.  We stood to attention like an army of Zombies, admiring the spectacle.  Well worth the walk on a cold dark and windy night!

Pretty Snowflakes
Pink and Gold Jewels

Explosion of flowers!
Golden Raindrops

Army of Zombies 

How about you?  Any quirky traditions from your childhood memories?

A/N:  Photocredit courtesy yours truly.  Taken with my iPhone.


  1. Can't think of any quirky childhood traditions. But the fireworks look awesome and it's great to hear more about you.

  2. Those pictures of the fireworks are breathtaking! So cute that you wouldn't let your family burn Guy until you were too distracted by the neighbor boys :)

  3. Hi,

    Fab pics!

    Yeah, we used to be involved in a West Country tradition "Floodlit Carnivals" - huge floats, music ultra loud, the themed trailers (drawn by tractors Young Farmers Clubs) plus flatbed lorry/trucks rocking and swaying with the weight of dancing/jiving people (characters) military bands, dressed-up promenaders, and all in all, the procession taking anything from 2-3 hours in going past specific points en route. People think Notting Hill is big, but it honestly is nowhere as good as the floodlit carnivals held during Nov. The WCCs are spectacular and worth going to see if you've never been before.

    Be prepared to walk miles from outer parking zones to the carnival routes if not booked in a year in advance at a hotel or holiday let on the route...


  4. The pictures are so great!!! Our quirky childhood traditions...No one could go to the Christmas tree until everyone was up (and my parents always slept least they tried to). =)

  5. Oh... you lucky people and your smart phones.

    What a fun time!
    Quirky childhood traditions? My older sister, younger brother and I would try to beat one another up on Christmas morning. I think we got down to 4 am before my parents put a stop to it. They refused to get out of bed until at least 6.
    I remember when my older sister decided she was too cool to race out of bed early. My brother and I were so disappointed to have to drag her out of bed. She didn't even CARE that we beat her!

  6. Love the zombies photo. Oh poor Guy Fawkes. To be hated so much and have people burn you to bits every year...

  7. No quirky traditions around here . . . LOL.

    Those are some amazing fireworks!

  8. !Great picts! Looks like it was worth the hike up the hill!
    Hmm, quirky traditions? Well, this isn't quirky in Korea, but on New Years day if you bow in front of your parents they give you money! I loved that.

  9. No quirky traditions but I love fireworks and I love your pics :)

  10. What fun! My niece was born on Guy Fawkes Day, so we always celebrate on that day, too.

  11. Hmm. Quirky traditions...well, I guess we always did the "animal catch" during the fair. They would let loose bunnies and we'd have to catch one. We'd get to keep it. I think I got two bunnies that way.

  12. Great pix of the fireworks! I've heard of poor Guy Fawkes.

    Love your boyfriends story. I so relate;) Bye-Bye Guy!

  13. We went to a fireworks party on 5th Nov; had a great time, lovely fireworks, but maybe not as good as yours!
    Our tradition as children was that every birthday, no matter whose, all we children would sit on the end of Mum and Dad's bed in the morning for present opening. I am pleased to say that for the last 21 years the tradition has been upheld by the next generation!

  14. We always went to major displays,I remember being more fascinated by the unpredictable flames almost more than the brilliant fireworks. To be Catholic on Bonfire Night is all about the oily undercurrents -- even this far away from the events -- I was a fanciful kid, leads to being a writer I believe. ;)

  15. Quinn, thanks, the fireworks were spectacular! ;)

    Meredith, I know, funny how we throw something over so easily for cute guys! ;)

    Francine, thanks. The Floodlit Carnival sounds amazing! Must keep an eye out for that next time.

    Carolyn, ha! I think thats when kids are allowed to go jump on their parents bed! We were lucky. Just after midnight we could open one present...and then leave the rest for the morning. ;-)

    Jolene, Xmas mornings are the best, especially when you're a kid with siblings. Got to have someone to mess around with. Did you ever compare who had the best present?

    Talli, thanks. Poor Guy, he's loved for being unloved...if that makes sense. ;)

    Golden Eagle, thanks. They were pretty good, think the best I've seen in ages! ;)

    Lydia, I'm going to try doing that to my Mum next time I'm home for New Years! ;D

    Carol, oh there you go! Even better than Guy Fawkes!! ;)

    Melissa, how cute!! You're so lucky, I wanted a bunny when I was little but it was never forth coming.

    Terry, hey lady! Those devilish boys, so distracting!! ;)

    Dom, thats a great tradition to uphold. I love it when generations keep something special within the families. Always a good thing! ;)

    Elaine, this is true, being Catholic in itself was an issue back then. Amazing, what a colourful history this country has. Unpredictable flames were usually caused by the naughty boys on my street. ;-)

  16. The quirkiest thing we do is eat black-eyed peas and collard greens on New Year for good luck and prosperity, like them or not.

  17. Hay Talei! Wow! Those fireworks look awesome! Thx for sharing!


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