Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Rumour has it, that we may have snow before this week is out.  I'm secretly hoping for it, -in bucket loads.  I love the fluffy white icy stuff and all the craziness that it brings.   I adore that feeling of freedom, of being a child once more, -what is it about snow that makes us lose our inhibitions?  We throw snowballs at complete strangers, build snowmen and slide blissfully down slushy slopes, on a wee piece of hard plastic with all the kids in the neighbourhood!

Why do I love the snow so much?  Because it provides me with all these wonderful moments in time, where everyone is smiling, and no-one thinks of tomorrow, we're all too busy enjoying the day, -the 'now.'

When it snows, you can...

Fantastical Fashion
Take an early morning stroll,
before anyone rises,
Close your eyes, breathe in the fresh crisp air...

Light the fire; snuggle up with friends.

Or your beloved one...

Indulge in wickedly delicious
Hot Chocolate!

Light a candle in every room...

Curl up with your latest favourite book.

Lose yourself, in your own writing...

What's your favourite thing to do when it snows?

Photocredits via weheartit

A/N:  Building snowmen, snuggling by the fire, reading and writing have to be my absolute favourites.  *sigh*  Bring on the white stuff, dear Snow Goddesses!


  1. Hi,

    I'm in praise of Snow Godess' too. just love the white stuff!

    Lovely pics BTW. ;)


  2. you, your boss, the trains everyone can have a snow day

  3. F, thanks! They are lovely. ;) And yes - all hail the Snow Goddess, I shall sacrifice a gingerbread man in hot choc for some snow this weekend! ;)

    Joanna, the entire city of London thanks you my dear! ;) I think all of Europe should have a snow weekend! Maybe we can have a global snow day?

  4. Oh my goodness, these pictures just made me so happy! I wish it snowed here--I miss that.

  5. Loved that pic of the gingerbread man in the hot chocolate. Really cute ... and delicious looking.

  6. this is my favourite post this week. Love it!

  7. I love snow, too!

    My favorite thing has to be walking outside and getting to see the newly white world. :)

  8. That gingerbread man looks sooo happy!

    I love to wrap myself in a warm blanket with thick cozy socks and pull out a good book or my laptop and do some writing. That to me is a perfect way to spend a snowy day.

  9. I love the silence and beauty of falling snow. I don't especially like shoveling it :)

  10. I love the snow ... at least I did until I started to run my own business and now I have to pay for everyone's snow days out of my own pocket! No, I still love the snow - how can you not? What do I enjoy the most? Walking in it when it is freshly fallen and hearing the soft crunch; watching the magic transformation before my very eyes and the blissful quiet that a carpet of snow brings to the town.

  11. Hi, I just came over to wish you a terrific Thanksgiving!

  12. Oh I am soooooo jealous. It's coming on for Summer here (in Oz) but even in Winter where I live it gets quite cold but little snow and I just know I would love it. So you have to enjoy your snow for two people (you and me).

    And I agree with everyone who has coveted your gingerbread man soaking in his tub of hot chocolate - yummy!!!

  13. Glad you like snow! I love that picture of the hot chocolate w/ the gingerbread cookie in it! What a great combo! :)

  14. Meredith, glad you enjoyed the pics. They do make me smile too. ;)

    Quinn, there is something about that Gingerbread man! Very cute.

    Terry, thank you! That makes me very happy!

    Golden Eagle, I love walking in the snow, its so...peaceful.

    Liz, I think the Gingerbread man is enjoying the hot chocolate bath? ;)
    Love your perfect snowy day too.

    Carol, that has to be one of the best sounds, falling snow. ;D Yup, shovelling...well isn't that what the guys do? LOL

    Dominic, soft crunching of snow underfoot. *bliss*

    Dellgirl, thank you! And to you! ;)

    Elissa, we're still waiting on the snow, its very cold though. And I did indulge in very chocolaty hot choc this afternoon beside the fire. ;)

    Lisa, the gingerbread man is a popular guy today! Definitely must have a cookie with the hot choc! ;)

  15. You've reminded me about all the great things to do when it snows! Thank you.


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