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Oh Monday morning!  First day of a brand new spanking month, taking us closer to a new year.  It's also the start of NaNoWriMo and I am taking my hat off to everyone who is participating!  I will be cheering you all on!  Alas, I can't participate this year as I am determined to focus on my main WIP.  Ahem, which brings me nicely onto my own writerly progress.

How am I doing?  I constantly stray from the road, new characters 'pop up' on a daily basis, chase me at train stations, follow me through the parks, whisper in my ear in cafes; my Muse usually steps in to lead me away by the elbow, albeit notebook in hand.  Very important to write down new ideas while they are hot!  Methinks.  The good news is, I have finally finished my first proper draft which means I'm diving, triple somersault, backflip and half pipe twist, into the editing phase.  Oh the pleasure of revisions!  I am taking a leaf out of the Red Queen's book and slicing through unwanted rhetoric.  "Off with their heads!'  Indeed.

Pouty Red Queen keeps an watchful eye over my progress. 
How's your writerly progress?  
Have you managed to stay on piste?

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Ooh and of course - I didn't forget my new follower friends.  Hello! and welcome, please do pull up a chaise lounge or two.  Afternoon tea is served at 4:00pm sharp;  Cocktails trolley rolls by Friday 6:00pm, I look forward to chatting with you all.


  1. woo hoo good luck Talei now comes the jolly revisions stage or are you just going to be like me and write tons of first drafts till someone forces you to revise and edit?

  2. Congrats on finishing, that's always a great feeling.

  3. Oh congrats! I loved Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen. I think she up-stage Johnny Depp.

    As for my writing progress...trying to organize all my revision notes. Intend to spend November revising/rewriting.

  4. I'm making progress with my WIP - wrote 2,200 words the other night. Hurrah!

    I LOVE the revision stage...it's a chance to get down and dirty and scrub that manuscript until it shines!

    Congrats on getting that first draft DONE!

  5. Nothing like starting a new project on a Monday which also happens to be the first day of the month!

    Wishing you all the best in your 50,000 word quest! :)

  6. Good luck with editing! That's so exciting :) I'm sure it'll be a productive month for you, even though you're not doing NaNo!

  7. Congrats on finishing your first proper draft! Good luck on revisions.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I <3 The red queen - especially this version.

    I'm starting NaNo today... already have 6969 (I didn't sleep last night... now I'm at school and checking blogs to make sure I visit everyone at least once this week!)

  9. Joanna - thanks! LOL I'm definitely revising and editing - it's amazing how much I want to change it already. *must keep focussed* ;)

    Patti - thank you! ;)

    Bish - November's the month then! Seeing as your editing too, I shall check in on you. Good luck! And, I loved Alice in Wonderland, the Madhatter stole my heart and my mind for that matter. Deliciously mad. ;)

    Melissa, thanks so much. I'm getting down and dirty with my MS now! Excellent job on your 2200 words today dear lady!!

    Lisa, so true, first day of a fresh month, perfect time to start new projects. ;) Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Meredith, thank you! I certainly hope so too. ;-)

    Quinn, thank you. First proper draft down; onwards with the revisions. ;))

    Melissa, the Red Queen and my Muse have made an alliance. I could be in trouble! LOL ;))

    6969 words! - Wow, I'm taking my hat off and doing the madhatters futterwacken dance thinggie for you. Excellent work!!

  10. Well done for completing the first draft! That's brilliant! I know what you mean about revision though, I loathe it!! However, Ive just got my first proofs back for book 2, and now I realise why it's worth it. Good luck hun xx

  11. I'm with you Talei, editing is soooooo much better than writing it. Enjoy this time with your new born. Congrats!

  12. I was making very good progress until I was recently felled by a bug. I'll be glad when I reach the revision stage!

  13. You lucky thing! A first draft is a truly wonderful accomplishment - now you get to buff and polish. Best of luck :)

  14. I'm in the cheerleading section with you. Good luck on all your revisions - I'm there, too.

  15. Hi Talei! Thanks for finding me! Nice to meet you, too! And I'm honored to get on your To-Be-Read Pile! Wow! :-)

    Good luck to you! (btw--how do you pronounce your very awesome name?)

  16. Ha such a great feeling to finish the first draft. YAY! I am at the other end, figuring out a plot for a NEW WIP. Hmm. I told my teenagers about a couple of plot ideas and they gave me the "Are You Kidding Me?" look and suggested I try again. OH MY.

    Have fun with the revisions!

  17. I'm not quite committed to staying on piste, unless I'm dressed in all white and getting ready to fence. (Nice fencing reference, btw.)

    My characters come and go at will and my story is in their hands. Putting it mildly, this keeps me on my toes, since I can't go back and delete what has been written.

  18. Hi Talei! I love your name -- gorgeous! Thanks so much for finding and following my blog. I'm happy to meet you and have already followed back :))

    Congrats on moving from (dreaded)(<-- my opinion, since it's the phase I'm in) first draft to the editing phase. I'm jealous! I'm a much happier re-writer than writer :D However, that said, I have already 5600 new words this week -- and it's only Wednesday. Things are progressing nicely with my project. Best of luck with yours!

  19. Congrats, Talei! Great job. Oh the editing will be fun! Yes it will:)

  20. Karen, thanks sweet! Glad to hear book 2 is coming along! Good luck with the proofs. ;) I'm enjoying revisions as I now have something solid to work with. xx

    Cat - thank you! :-))

    Shellie, thanks - 'New born' - I love it, so true - we nurture it for so long, eventually it grows up...and we have to let it go into the big wild world.

    Mshatch, hope you're feeling better and writing happily again. ;)

    Elissa, buffing and polishing is SO on right now. ;) Hopefully something sparkly will come of it.

    Carol, Thanks! And Hurrah!! Lets get our pom pom's out! ;-)

    Kimberley, welcome - and thanks for following back. ;) My name has been pronounced so many ways now, I just say ' yes' if someone gets it vaguely right. LOL. The correct pronounciation is 'Tar-lay'. )Kinda of like 'Ole' )

    Margo, thanks. So many ideas, so little time to write them all. Good luck with your new WIP!! And I love how your kids are helping too, in their own way. ;)

    Misha, I love to 'free-fall' with my characters at times but often they lead me off the path. LOL. Happy writing!

    Nicole, hello! Lovely to meet you too. ;) I agree, my moods seem lighter with the rewrites. ;) Good luck with your project. 5600 new words is fantastic!

    Terry, hello dear lady! Thank you, I am strangely enjoying the editing or maybe I just chanting 'Off with their heads!" ;-)


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