Blogfest: What I Did This Summer

"I KNOW what you did this summer" a sinister voice  trills down the phone line.  Horrified, my head automatically rears up, my eyes widen in horror.  ( Cue theme music from Psycho shower scene or Uma's deadly snow scene in Kill Bill)  I stare helplessly at the receiver "You know what I did?! you know that?" I gasp.   Oh, that's right - there are no secrets these days, what with all my twittering and online social networking.  Here's a flash-back of how my summer was spent - are you ready

My summer was spent in London- Milano-London-Norfolk-Paris-London.  It went something like this - Sweltering-Heating-Milano-Shopping-Sunshine-English-Countryside-Rain-Clay-Pigeon-Shooting-Spa-Rabbits-Ducks-Family-Sailing-Mother-Paris-Croissants-Lust-Hermes-Heaven-Sunshine-St-Pancras-Station-Home.   Deep sigh.  

I posted a few snaps on my earlier enchanted Paris post,  here - and as promised, below are a few more pictures from that trip, for your pleasure.  My Milano trip, I have blogged my pictures here, it was mostly for work in a parallel universe but I got to check out the famous designer shopping streets in the evenings and the old town when I caught with a dear friend who lives there. Lucky him!  I hope you had a wonderful Summer!

The Louvre

Beneath the Louvre's glass pyramid  

Hordes admiring one of the famous residents at the Louvre

The 'other' famous lady at the Louvre

The Grande Eiffel Tower!
Fabulous structure...

Magnificent views from the Tower

Musee D'Orsay

Notre Dame, view from the River
I recommend a cruise on The Seine!

Painters Market,

My favourite Artwork,

Notre Dame

Lovers Lockets with their carved initials,
Pont De Arts Bridge

St Germain des Pres

My favourite view...
Waking up in Paris

Photo courtesy via yours truly 
(I played around with a new lens which I think works well)

A/N:  I could rabbit on about Paris, its a beautiful city, perfect to walk around and after a day of trekking and shopping, my favourite thing to do was relax in my local hood early evenings, so many lively cafes to hang out in and of course, old friends to catch up with. You must go there! I am already pondering my next trip.

Thank you to the lovely Michael Di Gesu  for hosting this Super Summer blogfest, do check out the other entries!  Wishing you a lovely weekend!  Talei xox


  1. Jealousy! You have had a summer incroyable:)

  2. Mmmmm, Paris. These pictures made me so happy!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Lovely post! Cheers for the weekend! *clink, clink*

  4. Jessie, thanks! It was fab.

    Meredith, I'm addicted to Paris!

    Danette, thanks lovely! *clink clink*

    PS: Well, I've just realised, I left Milano out - I shall link it in now! x

  5. Beautiful. The top and bottom photos are my favorite...and La Tour Eiffel. What could be better than waking up in Paris? Mmmm, maybe living in London. ;)

  6. Oh, my GOODNESS those are fabulous, fabulous pictures! How fun!

  7. Nicki, merci beaucoup! London's pretty good, definitely. ;-)

    Golden Eagle, cheers! ;-)

    Peggy, thanks so much - I'm so glad you enjoyed them, photography (as an amateur) is a lot of fun. I'm still learning.

  8. What lovely pictures - thanks for sharing! It sounds like you had a wonderful summer. Mine was nice as well, but not nearly so much travel.

  9. What a wonderful summer you had! Color me jealous. ;)
    I just love Paris. My fave is waking up to a cafe crem and pastry. No one quite does it like the French.
    And I do believe Musee Do'Orsay is my fave museum in Paris.
    Thanks for sharing your great pics!

  10. Oh, Talei,

    I am so ready for a stroll down the Champs Elysees and to sit at a cafe with you for a lovely latte.

    Wouldn't this just be the perfect place to meet a blogger friend?

    Thanks so much for sharing Paris with us. Enjoy the weekend with a martini in one hand as the sun sets over London.

  11. Although christy got to do a semester of college in Paris, I'll probably never get a chance to go. So thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures (and sorry about the weird weather!).

  12. Susan, cheers! I shall have to check yours out!

    Elizabeth, you're very welcome - glad you enjoyed them!

    Pk, merci beaucoup! I love waking up on holiday in Paris and not rushing about - slow breakfasts and lazy strolls. Me please! x

    Michael, Paris would be the perfect place to rendezvous with a blogging buddy - DO let me know if you're ever in this neck of the woods, we shall have that latte on the Champs Elysees... and some champers! ;-)

    Erica & Christy, you're welcome! Hope you're enjoying the Fall where you are! ;-)

  13. What beautiful photographs. This blog post was a joy to look at.

  14. I ENVY you. Ever since I read Anna And The French Kiss I've been dying to get to Paris. Beautiful pictures!

  15. You're lucky to have spent your summer in Paris! The Louvre has always upheld its commitment to serve the people through magnificent art and history. Monalisa's enigmatic smile, after seeing it firsthand, can leave you quite stunned afterwards. Anyway, where is your next destination this summer? =)

    - Darius Cartmell


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