The Waiting Game

"So I will wait for you like a lonely house
Till you see me again and live in me.
Till then my windows ache"
- Pablo Neruda

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A/N:  Hello dear friends,  its a short and sweet post from my writing world today as the parallel universe is tres crazy.  This weekend, I found Pablo Neruda's words pretty inspiring, some times its feels as though I'm waiting for my writing to finish itself but in reality, its all down to me.  I know, I know... deep sigh.  Inspiration, motivation - each day - you must to go out and find it for yourself.  Carpe diem, indeed.  I'll be writing furiously in snatches of time as I fly through this week.  How about you?  Talei xox


  1. the entire quest- from writing to getting published is just FULL of waiting waiting waiting in some way or another. I know how you feel! Good luck!

  2. You obviously arent celebrating Labor day today in the old country! There will be no flying through this week, or at least not this Monday. Just hanging and relaxing...and writing. :)

  3. Me too! I've been trying to slog through a transition and can't get it twist around. I know what I want so maybe today! Maybe I can channel a little Oscar Wilde today and least get a comma moved (talk about waiting)! lol! to writing! *clink, clink*

  4. I dislike waiting so much that my freelance writing days may be coming to an end. I love the thrill of sending off a job application, magazine submission or job proposal but really hate the wait afterwards! Many, most places do not answer unless it is a YES, so the wait is extremely dis-heartening!

  5. CQG - whoop! You are so right, its the entire quest...but I think its worth it. ;)

    Jessie - Nope, no Labor day this side of the pond, though I do hope you enjoyed yours! x

    Danette, * clink infinity * I hear ya! We must keep slogging. ;-)

    Brenda, I guess waiting is a test at times. Good luck with your freelance writing, I hope it doesn't end too soon.

  6. I've been writing furiously in the dark hours of the morning when my house is still asleep, but the afternoons is for less fun work. Like editing my query for the millionth time. (Of course coming to your blog was WAY more intriguing than that. Sigh. I best get back to it.) Best of luck with your furious writing!

  7. Say Talli r u joining the Insecure Writers Group? We're all talking like this! Denise

  8. Peggy * high five!* Thank you and I hope the querying process is fruitful!

    Denise - hahaha! Le sigh, perish the thought, darling. Is there a 'Writers who keep Vampire hours group'?

  9. I love the bit of poetry. I think we've all missed someone that badly. Hope you had a good week.

  10. Carol - absolutely, I'm sure we've all felt that. Have a lovely weekend! x


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