Enchanted Paris

My top five reasons for loving Paris:

View from the Eiffel tour, looking towards Montmartre
1.  Decadence - the opulent architecture, sweeping boulevards, stunning jardins and romantic bridges, - in some quarters of the city, its as though time has stood still.  I love to take a slow stroll along the river, or better still - a leisurely boat cruise. 

Hermes, Rue St Honore
(My favourite shade of orange)
2.  Style - It's that air of effortless chic amongst the Parisiens.  That je ne sais quoi.  Riding bikes in floral-print-bell-bottom-one-pieces with sky-high heels?  Quite normal.  Meeting friends for coffee? More sky-high heels and a matching purse.  I'm always impressed by the natural style of my french friends.  How do they do it?  *whispers*  head down Rue du St Honore...all will be revealed.

Laduree, St Germain des Pres
3.  Culinary Delights - Local delicacies, sweet smelling aromas to tantalise your taste buds.  Cafes, tea shops, bakeries. Pain Chocolat, fresh baquette, macaroons... don't get me started on oeuf mayonaise and escargot.  J'adore...  You'll be tempted at every turn, go on - give in, just once.

Wander through 15kms of art in The Louvre...
4.  Art -   There are so many galleries, museums, - where to start?  The Louvre,  The D'Orsay, The Painters Market in Montmartre... enjoy! 

My room with a view
5. Atmosphere -  Its compelling, its exciting, its those joyful moments when discovering a new city, one whose beautiful language will seduce you in a heartbeart.  You may feel sad when leaving but remember as Hemingway said  'Paris is a moveable feast.'  Tonight, when I close my eyes to sleep, I will be transported back to the little balcony of my hotel room, in that small street in St Germain des Pres.  Simply heavenly.

Photocredits via yours truly, these are taken off my iPhone.  I snapped a lot on my SLR but am yet to download them, I shall post more of those images at a later date. 

A/N:  A few days in the city of love and I'm under its spell. So, what's in your diary for this weekend?  Mine will be spent largely on writing projects, catching up with old friends, and if my energy levels are up on sunday - there's always the mayor's bike ride.  C'est la vie.  I hope you are all well, dear friends!  Have a lovely weekend wherever you are in this beautiful global village of ours.  Talei xox


  1. Paris is so amazing... when I went it was a whirlwing tour. I want to go back and just relax.

  2. Lovely, just lovely. Thanks for the blog tour! I am thinking R&R and some writing for the weekend. So glad you had a good time, my dear!

  3. Lovely -- thanks for posting these photos.

  4. A very beautiful city. I really want to travel :)

  5. Alexia - I'm with you on that one! Amazing, enchanting, fabulous. Need lots of time, it can't be rushed.

    Danette - you must go visit! Happy R&R this weekend, my friend x

    Agnes - hello sweet, you're very welcome.

    Javid - travel is like breathing, we all need to do it. Am sure you will too. ;-))

  6. Moi aussi, j'adore Paris...but it happens to be a world away from me now. I shall continue to live vicariously through you and your iphone for now:)

  7. oh how I love to go new places. Paris looks amazing, especially the architecture ...not that I wouldn't mind shopping a bit either or eating, or ...just watching!

  8. Thanks for the tour. Perhaps one day I'll get to visit in person. I'm sure I'd gain quite a number of pounds!

  9. Jessie - haha, well am sure you'll visit one day. ;-)

    MsHatch - people watching in Paris is always fun. I did that in a few cafes - its like a national sport.

    Bish - yup I can't disclose how many croissants and baguette I indulged in - just a few...

  10. Oh I love Paris, I am currently visiting family in England I go home to Malta tomorrow, can't wait love the sun fed up of the rain!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend.


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